Sorry to relate that we had a new case of Polio appear in Pakistan and we are now up to 11 cases total this year: 6 in Afghanistan and 5 in Pakistan. The bright side is that we are still down from last year when we had 25 cases in September 2016 and a total of 37 for the year. We are definitely making progress but the numbers remind us that we have to keep up our efforts. Polio will never be eradicated without the work and financial support of each and every one of us.
Donations are rolling in this year - thanks very much to all of you. So far in Rotary year 2017-18 clubs and individual Rotarians have donated $13,491. And we know that many clubs and individuals make their donations toward the end of the Rotary year. Speaking of donations, the drawing for the trip to Seattle for World Polio Day later this month will be held on October 5 and the winner will be promptly notified. I write this before the end of September so the final figures are not yet in but next month I hope to have a report on how many Rotarians contributed at least $25 to Polio Plus and thus were eligible for the drawing.
Finally, several people have asked about whether it makes a difference where they make their polio donation on the Foundation website. Donors have a choice in making their donation:
The PolioPlus Fund, or The Sam F. Owori Memorial to Polio
It makes no difference. Donations to either go to fight polio and the donor receives credit toward a Paul Harris Fellowship.