July 2017 - ISSUE 1
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Jul 26, 2017
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Jul 28, 2017
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Aug 05, 2017 9:00 AM
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Aug 08, 2017
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Assistant Governors' GoToMeeting 7:00 PM
Aug 23, 2017
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Sep 09, 2017 9:00 AM
Rotary At The Red Sox
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Sep 13, 2017
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Sep 18, 2017
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Assistant Governors' In-Person Meeting
Sep 27, 2017
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Oct 03, 2017
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Rotary: Making a Difference in Northern New England
July 1, 2017
Happy New Year! 
I know you’ll join with me in thanking DG Marge Barker for her outstanding year of leadership and Rotary service.  One of the best ways to thank Marge is to ramp up Rotary’s focus on a critical issue, which her team showcased in an outstanding series of talks at our District Conference in May.  
She’s had the whole Rotary world in her hands: District Governor Marge Barker is recognized and thanked for her year of dedicated service to Rotary District 7780 at the District Changeover Event held June 27, at RYLA Camp Hinds, Raymond, ME.
The programs included Biddeford-Saco’s Jim Godbout and the club’s Red Ribbon project, Kennebunk’s Past-President & Police Chief Bob MacKenzie, a physician and addiction specialist who has written a powerful novel set in Maine that tackles and unveils addiction issues, and two wonderful guest speakers in different stages of recovery.  The conference started many of us thinking about ways Rotary could help our communities address substance misuse and the opportunities for positive outcomes in recovery.
As a result, we are launching an effort called the Rotary Recovery Initiative.  Chief MacKenzie is chairing a new committee that will help clubs to develop action steps aimed at reducing the stigma of substance use disorder and reducing the negative effects of substance misuse on individuals and communities.  The team will engage many of our clubs and our district in helping those with substance use disorder to remain on the path of recovery. 
Kennebunk Rotarian and Police Chief Bob MacKenzie is the chair of the new Rotary Recovery Initiative.
Addressing opioid and substance misuse and recovery is clearly within Rotary’s Areas of Focus: substance use disorders are a disease.  They affect mothers and children severely.  Lack of stability among the addicted often leads to a spiral of economic and social woes.  Drugs even end up in our community water systems.   This problem touches every one of our forty communities in New Hampshire and Maine.
Rotarians are People of Action: we can help lead different outcomes by getting involved, becoming mentors, sharing best practices among our clubs, engaging with Interact/Rotaract and our other youth groups, and helping to fund recovery initiatives that can lead citizens who are addicted back onto a path of being community contributors rather than community problems. 
We won’t do it alone: success will come from building partnerships in our communities and finding the ways Rotary leaders can support them. 
This is not a “top down” effort: it’s up to your club to choose a role.  I hope you’ll be in touch with Bob and his team (email him at to add your energy and new ideas to this effort, and to share your own club’s engagement in the Rotary Recovery Initiative.  RI President Ian Riseley’s theme for this year is Rotary: Making a Difference.  That difference begins in your community, with your club. 
I am honored to launch our new Rotary year with this effort, and there’s so much more we’ll be talking about as I begin our club visits during July and through the summer.
While I’m writing: nearly fifty of us from District 7780 just returned from the inspiring Rotary International Convention in  Atlanta.  The highlight for me was the talk by Ambassador Andrew Young, but there were dozens of great moments including the momentous news about new funding for polio eradication.  You can see videos of the key presentations at this link: excerpts of these could be used in club meetings and programs.
I look forward to seeing you and engaging with you in dozens of ways this year, and I thank you for your commitment to Rotary Service. 
Dave Underhill
District Governor 2017-2018
New District Directory Available!
All Rotarians can now download the new 2017-2018 District Directory. You must log into Clubrunner for the download. If you don’t know how to do so, please contact your club secretary or the district secretary
You will find the Members Only link on the District website's homepage under District Communications in the left-hand column.  Click HERE to go to
District Changeover
Although the rain forced activities inside, no spirits were dampened at the District Changeover, which was held at Camp Hinds in Raymond, ME on June 27th.  After Incoming district and club officers were sworn in, and individuals were recognized and thanked, everyone was invited upstairs to the new dining hall to join the RYLA campers and the Boy Scouts (who were at the camp for leadership training) for a delicious BBQ chicken dinner!
Photo above left:  Changing of the Guard.  (L-R) Incoming District Governor Dave Underhill, Rotary International Polio Plus Committee Chair, Past RI Director and Trustee Mike McGovern, Outgoing District Governor Marge Barker, District Governor-Elect John LoBosco and District Governor-Designate Andy Glazier, at RYLA Camp Hinds in Raymond ME. June 27, 2017.
Photo above right:  RYLA Director Phil Giordano explains the program’s philosophy and success to over eighty Rotarians gathered at the Raymond ME camp for the District Changeover.

Photo above left:  Incoming District Governor Dave Underhill inducts some of our new Club Presidents at the District Changeover, June 27.

Photo above right: Incoming DG Dave gets ready for a Fred Flintstone, Water Buffalo winter in Rotary.  It gets cold Downeast in January!

WOW! Another Great Response!!
Carl “Chip” Griffin, III, Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor; Jamie DeStefano,
Rotary Club of Portsmouth; Christine Johnson, Rotary Club of Westbrook-Gorham;
Tressa Northrup Rotary Club of Exeter, NH
Last Month’s District History Request:
I have started adding some individual club history to the District Website.  We have started with the Club Presidents from day one of your club through 2017-2018 Rotary year.  Send me the list of all your club presidents’ names and the date they served.  We have 40 clubs and it would be great to have all 40 clubs and their past presidents listed before all that information is lost.  This could just be the start of developing the information about our clubs on the District website.  The Club Presidents’ names and dates of service for the club’s listed above will be posted on the District History pages by the time you read this.  Who will be the next club(s) to be added?
We now have FIFTEEN Rotary Club pages with their club presidents all listed with their dates of service from the start of the club, plus yours truly added any DGs from those clubs and their charter dates.  Out of these thirteen clubs that were chartered in 1915, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1939, 2 in 1960, 1969, 1974, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1996, 1998, and 2016, we have the oldest and the youngest clubs in the District who have responded!
Check them out – On the home page of the District Website CLICK on About Us; CLICK on District History; CLICK on Rotary Clubs of District 7780; CLICK on the Rotary Club name that is light blue and it will bring you to that club’s page and you can see the list of their club presidents.  THANK YOU to the fifteen clubs for providing their information!
This Month’s District History Request:
We are continuing to add some individual club history to the 2017-2018 Rotary year.  Send me the list of all your club presidents’ names and the date they served through the current Rotary year.  We have 40 clubs and 15 clubs have provided me with the information.  Who out of the remaining 25 clubs will be the next ones to have their own page under the District History page?  It would be great to have all 40 clubs with their past presidents listed before the end of this calendar year.  This could just be the start of developing the information on our clubs on the District website.  WILL YOUR CLUB BE THE NEXT ONE ADDED?  YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THE LAST CLUB ADDED!
PLEASE send your club presidents’ names and dates of service to me at along with your name and the name of your Rotary Club.  The names of all those who share “their Club presidents information” will be in next month’s newsletter and “the listing their club presidents and dates of service” will be posted to the District History on the appropriate club page for everyone to read.  If you have any District History information, please share it with me so it can be posted to the District History page on District 7780’s Website. 
Marie A. Williams
District Historian
New District Treasurer
As of July 1, 2017, Richard Donhauser, from the South Berwick/Eliot Rotary Club will be the new District Treasurer, replacing Ted Trainer from the Kennebunk Portside Rotary Club.
Richard’s contact information:
Cell: 603.502.1280
Mailing Address: 455 Goodwin Road - Eliot, Maine 03903
Requests for reimbursement or payment of invoices require submittal of a “reimbursement/payment request form” accompanied by supporting documents.  This form may be found on the District 7780 website – left hand column under Downloads.
Sarah Youngclaus Smith from the Portsmouth Club, will continue her duties as the District Bookkeeper.
Note: Pursuant to Finance Committee Bylaws and Policies & Procedures, all reimbursement or payment requests and all monies collected for District events must be submitted to the District Treasurer within Sixty (60) days of the event or expenditure.  At year end (June 30th) requests for reimbursement, payment of invoices and/or monies collected shall be sent/remitted on or before July 31st. 
Requests for reimbursement not turned in within 60 days of the expense or event shall be considered a “donation to the District”.
Polio Plus Event
On Monday night June 26, RYLA participants at Camp Hinds held a Purple Pinky event to benefit End Polio Now. Through the efforts of Saco Bay Rotarian Dru Laduke, a $200 donation from Northeast Credit Union funded the occasion. (Students are not allowed to bring cash to RYLA.) After a brief discussion in the dining hall about polio and Rotary’s campaign to eliminate it, the students trooped outside and pinkies were quickly anointed with purple nail polish. They were joined by all of the Boy Scouts in attendance who also wanted their pinkies painted. RYLA director Phil Giordano said that Tuesday morning there was still a buzz going on about the Purple Pinky happening.
Polio Plus Update for July
Polio cases thus far this year are still down, but with one new case since my last report: year-to-date, four cases in Afghanistan and two cases in Pakistan. That is compared to 17 at this time last year. There have also been 15 new cases of vaccine-derived (VDPV) polio in Syria. This is a rare occurrence when the virus in oral vaccine reverts to virulence. It does not mean that the wild polio virus is present. It is the reason health authorities are in the process of switching from the oral to the injectable vaccine, which does not cause VDPV.
As a District, we had a goal this year of raising $44,060 and as of June 26 we have raised $64,350 with still a week to go. When you add in the $17,616 of our Foundation District Designated Funds that have been donated we, as a district, have donated $81,967. If you discount a year when there was a special bequest of $100,000 for Polio Plus, this is largest amount donated by our district. And, perhaps even more importantly, every club donated to Polio Plus this year. Again, I think this is the first time ever.
I’m sure you have heard the news coming out of the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta about the increased support for the Polio End Game from Rotary, the Gates Foundation, and many other countries from around the world. At the convention, pledges were received totaling $1.2 billion toward the estimated $1.6 billion needed to finish off polio forever. At a special session, an "End Polio Now: Countdown to History Campaign" was announced including plans for how we will proceed over the next few years. You will be hearing more about this in the coming months.
Meanwhile, thanks so much to every single individual and club that made a donation this year.
Rotary Foundation Update
I write this as the year winds to a close, and before the final numbers are in.  Already, however, it is clear that Rotarians across our District 7780 marked the Centennial Foundation year with increased giving. Hurrah for us!
It’s our Rotary Foundation that makes possible the humanitarian work that Rotarians do around the world.  And our Foundation is excellent in terms of its operation as well as its mission:  Most recently, it showed up on the list of 10 best Foundations in the United States.
So supporting The Rotary Foundation is a great way to pay it forward.  And that is what District 7780 Rotarians are doing.  Please see attached for the 2016-17 District report on our Rotary Foundation activities.  This report will be updated when the final numbers are in in July, and posted on the website.
Even without final numbers, it is clear that congratulations are due to every District 7780 Rotarian for a marvelous year of giving.  I can think of no better way to celebrate the Centennial!
--Marty Helman, District Foundation Chair
New Rotarians - WELCOME!
The Rotary Club of Wells recently inducted a new member – Wells Fire Chief Wayne Vetre. 
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle Membership Chair, Wilt Jones and President Bob Topper welcomed newest Rotarian Chris Frost.  Inducted June 20th, Chris, living with his wife Anne in Round Pond, retired as Head of Upper School at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, CT.  With an extensive background as an educator and school administrator, he was recently elected Chair of the Board of Coastal Senior College.
The Rotary Club of Bath Sunrise
Every year the incoming Rotary International President identifies a motto to focus on for the Rotary Year, July 1 to June 30. This year, John Germ from Chattanooga, Tennessee chose “Rotary Serving Humanity”.
Dr. Al Mesrobian receiving a Paul Harris +2 from Marty Helman, PDG & Foundation Chair for Rotary District 7780 (Gwyyneth Arrison in the  foreground)
The Sunrise Club started the year at 13 members. We are a service-oriented club. This has attracted others to join, increasing our membership to 17. During this past year, the club decided to track the humanitarian work of its members for the community.
The results are impressive, and the year is not over yet. Our members have been quietly involved in a myriad of service activities benefiting the community. At the recently held District Conference, the club received the Governor’s Literacy Award for our efforts this past year. We have supplied books, read to children, helped our middle schoolers interested in robotics, and acknowledge the achievements of our Morse students.
In addition to our work at the Bath Area Food Pantry and our literacy efforts, a number of our members have focused on providing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) opportunities for RSU1 students. Last year, we purchased LEGO Robotics kits and continue to work with middle schoolers on Wednesdays at the Patten Free Library. This year, we are helping the STEAM Coordinator at Morse HS set up and organize a robotics program for the high school students. We have a Rotary District grant pending for the purchase of VEX Robotics equipment and supplies to have a Robotics Club up and running when the students return in September.
The Rotary Club of Brunswick
Current Brunswick Rotary President Dave Taft
The 23rd annual Brunswick Bicycle Rodeo and Family Safety Day was held in the parking lot of the Brunswick Walmart on Saturday, May 20th. The event, organized by the Brunswick Rotary, Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department, Merrymeeting Wheelers, Mid Coast Hospital, Center Street Cycle, Brunswick Police Department, and Walmart, brought 176 young bicycle enthusiasts to enjoy a day filled with sunshine, fun, and learning. This family event is a combination of static safety displays, a rodeo course to practice bicycle skills, and bicycle safety checks.
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
Past Presidents Lorraine Townsend Faherty and Carol Ransom represented Damariscotta-Newcastle at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta!
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle 2017 scholarship recipients are Amy Beckett, Liudamyla Nichols, Kaden Pendleton, Ashley Budd, Brie Wajer, and Evan Eckel, seen here with Rotary District 7780 Assistant District Governor Claudia Frost.  Four of the six are just entering the world of higher education, and two are continuing their education to enhance their current career paths.
Bill Vaughan and Hugh Riddleburger got the Damariscotta-Newcastle Rotarians movin' and groovin' to the sounds of The Beach Boys at 0730....ready to sell raffle tickets in downtown Damariscotta on weekends for 3 weeks. The winner gets a paddle board and paddle, while Damariscotta-Newcastle Rotary continues to combat food insecurity in Lincoln County Maine.
The Rotary Club of Kittery After Hours

As part of a comprehensive Kittery Reads project funded through a grant from the Rotary Foundation, the Kittery Rotary After Hours Club worked with staff from Horace Mitchell School in Kittery to present a Book Exchange for students.
During May, parents and families donated new and gently used books to the school. Working with school staff, the books were sorted by reading level and set up for the book exchange. Rotarians placed a “Gift from Rotary” sticker inside the books. On June 9th, students visited the Book Exchange to “shop” for books to kick off their summer reading. Almost all of Mitchell School’s 400+ students participated. Books were provided free of charge and every student took home at least three books of their very own. Members of the Kittery Rotary After Hours Club were on hand during the book exchange to help students make their selections and to hand out book marks emblazoned with the Kittery Reads logo and the Rotary 4-Way Test on the back.
Response from students and school staff was overwhelmingly positive and the club hopes to present the program again next spring.
The Rotary Club of Ogunquit
I’m here to inspire and encourage you to join the Ogunquit Rotary Club.  And if you think you can’t commit, wait a second.  Take the next two minutes to finish reading this and learn more about the Ogunquit Rotary Club.  Here are three common misconceptions:
1.   Attendance is taken and you must commit a certain percentage of your life to Rotary.  FALSE.  While weekly attendance is encouraged, it is not mandatory to attend.  And if you’re seasonal to Ogunquit, that’s ok too.  I think you’ll quickly realize that you walk away after Friday morning Rotary breakfasts feeling invigorated and ready to tackle your day.  This a special group of people who you will look forward to catching up with on a regular basis.  Meetings are weekly, Friday mornings at 8am at the Beachmere Inn, $8 for breakfast and coffee!
2.   Rotary Club = you must be 50+ to fit in.  FALSE.  While Rotary was formerly considered an old men’s club, this has changed completely.  Everyone, all ages, are welcome.  We have members ranging in all ages and backgrounds.  There is a deep sense of camaraderie that makes this group an extension of your family. 
The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills
Pat Cook, 2016 Rotarian of the Year with Chris Summers 2017 Rotarian of the Year
Chris Summers, owner of Chris’ Electric, joined The Oxford Hills Rotary Club 4 years ago for the purpose of networking. He quickly learned that Rotary was far more than a place to build his business, but rather a kind of fellowship. 
Summers jumped in head first by taking a leadership role with various service projects, including becoming Club President from 2015-2016. He said that following the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in Framingham, MA, he felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to guide the 35 person club. His fears were quickly quelled as, “Rotary takes care of it’s own through member’s heart and drive."
Recently, at a special evening meeting held at the Norway Country Club, Chris Summers was awarded the 2016-2017 Rotarian of the Year Award. He was nominated by members of the club, and was chosen by a committee of the club’s last 3 years' Rotarians of the Year. Summers said the award was, “a huge surprise” and that he was honored to be recognized by his peers.
In addition to his local club duties, Summers will take over as one of 9 Assistant District Governors for Rotary District 7780 on July 1. He is also in his second year as South Paris Selectmen of which he says, “I’m determined to do the best I can for the town I represent."
What is Rotary? In short, according to Chris, “Rotary is a good bunch of people trying to do good in the community."
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth
Our club continues to welcome new members at an impressive pace. We signed up four during the month—a tribute to Portsmouth Rotary’s vitality and energy.
This is the time of year that the club hosts its annual golf tournament and presents Vocational Service Awards. The tournament, directed for the first time by Peter Grace, was well sponsored but experienced inclement weather. We are still awaiting final fundraising tallies.
Vocation Service Awards, coordinated by Leo Gagnon, were very well received. This year’s impressive honorees included long-time Portsmouth police detective Michael Ronchi (Public Service), Dondero Elementary School Counselor Lisa Chapman (Education), Kelly Doherty, Cornerstone VNA (Health and Human Services) and Tony White, Infinite Imaging (General)
The club gave away $2,000 to fund summer camp for under privileged teenage girls. Also some $2,640 went to the Child Advocacy Center and another $500 for international healthcare initiatives. The Gordon Allen Humanitarian Fund will be helped by $4,000 from the President’s project line item.
In a study of contrasts, President James honored former WHEB Manager and 1973-74 President Cliff Taylor for his remarkable 51 years of Rotary membership.
Pictured to left:  Past President Cliff Taylor
Pictured above:  Andy Chase (center) and family.
And one of our younger members, Andy Chace, became the club’s newest Paul Harris Award recipient. Andy helped raise more than $80,000 during his three-year tenure as Golf Tournament Chair.
The River Valley Rotary Club
Seen in the photo (left to right) are Tim Placey - fellow Rotarian and Past District Governor, Chris Summers - incoming ADG, Cathy Sullivan - outgoing ADG, Marge Barker - District Governor 7780, and Dave Duguay - Club President.
At the River Valley Rotary Club Fellowship luncheon held Monday, June 5, 2017, our special guest speakers were outgoing Assistant District Governor Cathy Sullivan from the Bridgton Rotary Club, incoming ADG Chris Summers from the Oxford Hills Rotary Club, and our current District Governor Marge Barker.  (Marge came as a surprise to the Assistant District Governors, to give a gift of appreciation to Cathy Sullivan for her service this past year!)
River Valley Rotary cont'd
The River Valley Rotary Club held another successful fund raising event on June 12, 2017, by providing lobster or chicken salad lunches throughout the communities!

Pictured left to right:  Rich Allen, Paul Jones, Charlie LaDuc, Patty Duguay, Izzie Radford-Nash, Greg Trundy, Paul Doroghazi, Linda French, Dave Duguay, Tim Placey, and Ed Paterson.
River Valley Rotary cont'd
On June 19, 2017, the RVRC held its Presidential Transition Annual Dinner, where the Club President changes.  During all the pomp and circumstance, Dave Duguay, 2016-2017 RVRC Club President, passed the gavel to Randy Therrien, RVRC Club President 2017-2018.
Pictured above:  Randy Therrien, RVRC Club President 2017-2018 and Dave Duguay, 2016-2017 RVRC Club President
RVRC Board Members for 2017-2018.

Pictured left to right:  Dick Livejoy, Charlie LeDuc, Paul Doraghazi, Randy Therrien, Dave Duguay, Izzy Radford-Nas, Tim Placey, Paul Jones, Jerry Cohen, Catherine Johnson, and Roger Whitehouse! Missing are Joe Sirois and Rich Allen.
The Rotary Club of Sebago Lake
Elementary school children read the Rotarian Magazine to learn about Rotarians and volunteerism around the world.
The Sebago Lake Rotary Club recently rewarded the students at Windham Elementary and Raymond Elementary schools with checks for $500 for achieving their goal of reading for 500 hours.
The students were challenged by the Rotary club earlier this year, as part of its focus on literacy, to read 500 hours. If they achieved this goal, the club would then donate $500 to each class to purchase animals for third world countries through Heifer International.
Heifer International is a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities. The students chose to purchase a llama, bees, ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits and even a water buffalo. 
The children particularly enjoyed the Flashlight Fridays, where they got to read by flashlight in a darkened room, and also outdoor reading time.
To left:  Liliana enjoys reading by flashlight.
The Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth
Tony Inhorn, Arsen Scheindel and Kelsey Kennedy, members of the Cape Elizabeth High School PeaceJam, presented to the SP-CE Rotary this week.  A handmade bag, made by refugees in Yula, Nigeria, was auctioned at the presentation and $675 was raised. 100% of the money was donated to Cape Elizabeth High School PeaceJam to support their projects. 
Photo (left to right):  Arsen Scheindel, Tony Wagner, Laurenz Schmidt, Kelsey Kennedy, Tony Inhorn
South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary cont'd
The SPCE held its annual luncheons to thank the municipal crews and staffs from the city of South Portland and the town of Cape Elizabeth, who work over the winter to keep our roads and sidewalks safe. Also, the South Portland crew is instrumental in setting up the tree lot in Mill Creek Park, and supports and orchestrates numerous events for WinterFest South Portland.
South Portland Appreciation Luncheon
Cape Elizabeth Appreciation Luncheon
The Rotary Club of Wells
The Rotary of Wells recently held its 3rd Annual Mini Golf Tournament which was a great success! 
Pictured above:  “Team Coyne” 
The Rotary Club of York
For more information or to purchase tickets visit our website at:
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