March 2017 - ISSUE 9
Upcoming Events
PETS (President-elect training seminar)
Sheraton Hotel
Mar 09, 2017 – Mar 11, 2017
Mar 18, 2017
District Training Assembly @USM
University of Southern Maine
Apr 08, 2017
Four Way Test Contest Submission Deadline
Apr 15, 2017
12:01 AM – 11:59 PM
FYI: Maine school vac Apr 17-24
Apr 17, 2017
FYI: NH school vac Apr 24-28
Apr 24, 2017
District Conference
Samoset Resort
May 19, 2017 – May 21, 2017
District Foundation Committee
Cumberland Club
Jun 06, 2017
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District Grants Screening Committee
Jun 17, 2017
District Team Leaders Meeting
Jun 23, 2017
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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March Rotary celebrates Water and Sanitation

Nigeria, Tanzania, Phillipines, San Mateo, Guatemala, Cuba..What do these world wide areas have in common?  Rotarians supporting water and sanitation projects. Consider going to Rotary Showcase to identify some of the great work being done by Rotarians throughout the world.
On a personal note, I have been to Honduras, Guatemala and Cuba on behalf of Rotary working to bring something that I took for granted—Clean Water. My first trip to Honduras was in 2006.  We were working with the Peace Corp and local Rotarians to test the water systems that had been installed in a remote hillside village.  The devices were made of concrete and taken up the mountain by burro. Each unit was extremely heavy but over the years each generation of filtration systems have become more efficient and portable. The homes of the families who had these units, which they paid a nominal fee for, celebrated the unit with beautiful ethnic designs using corn cobs or clay paintings.  While there we visited a water hole that was the resource for this water—a murky, bug invested, disgusting pool used by animals, children and the women of the village for washing.  But put the water through the device and the results were visible. Not only did the water test 99% clean but the children were healthier and happier than those who did not have the systems in their homes. Children without had sores and extended bellies. Such a sad sight to a new Rotarian working to get a grasp on the global impact we were making.
There are other stories I could share but let’s hear from you. What projects have you had the opportunity to participate in? The House of Friendship at our District Conference May 19-21 at the Samoset could be just the venue to share with others the projects your club supports. Rotary Showcase is another resource you can use. Updating your club’s website is yet another resource. Tell the world what you are doing and how YOU are making a difference in the world. 
No Stories submitted!
Last Month’s and This Month’s District History Request
So what is your story?  How did your project come about?  Who was involved?  What kind of impact did it have on the recipients?  Was it worthwhile? 
There are all kinds of projects and events going on in our clubs all the time.  Please share them as it may work in another club’s community or give an idea for something different that could be done. 
PLEASE send your stories to me at along with your name and the name of your Rotary Club.  The names of all those who share “their stories” will be in next month’s newsletter and their “stories” will be posted to the District History on the appropriate page for everyone to read.  If you have any District History information, please share it with me so it can be posted to the District History page on District 7780’s Website.  Pictures are always welcome!
Marie A. Williams
District Historian
District 7780
May 19-21, 2016
Rockport, ME
This year’s District Conference setting at the beautiful Samoset Resort in Rockport, ME will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for all involved.  This 230 acre historic resort along the scenic rocky coast of Penobscott Bay will be host to a very informative and motivational conference with the focus being on a critical issue facing us in New England and across the United States: Heroin.  The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) calls it, “a crisis of historic proportions” as it is revealed that 44 people a DAY die in the United States from opioid overdose. 
We will have a multi-faceted panel discussion consisting of experts in the field of substance use disorders and recovery, law enforcement officials and Rotarians to speak on the current status of the crisis, available resources, and as to what clubs within our District are already working on as it relates to the prevention of substance use.  In addition we will hear what we as Rotarians can do and become a major proponent in the fight against heroin and substance use disorders.
Please Enter Our District Conference Reverse Raffle in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of The Rotary Foundation!
We have had a silent auction or raffle for years at our District Conference.  This year, District Governor Marge has suggested a reverse raffle instead. In honor of the 100th Anniversary of The Rotary Foundation, you will have one ticket entered into the raffle for each $100 you donate to either The Annual Fund or to PolioPlus when signing up for the District Conference. The conference registration form enables you to make contributions to The Annual Fund and PolioPlus at the time you register. You will receive full Foundation credit for the money you donate to The Annual Fund or PolioPlus in connection with the raffle.
As you do not need to be present at the conference to win, contact raffle co-chair George Rice,, if you wish to make donations and be entered into the raffle, but will not be able to attend the conference.
In a reverse raffle, the first tickets drawn will not win anything, then, depending on the number of prizes we have, the remaining tickets will win prizes.  These drawings will take place several times during the District Conference, each time with the earlier tickets drawn not winning anything and the subsequent tickets winning prizes.  Our clubs donate most of the prizes.  Some of our sponsors and past, present and future governors will be donating prizes too.  (The number of winners will be determined by the number of prizes donated!)
While we hope you will attend the conference, our Assistant Governors will ensure that any prize you win is delivered to you if you are not present during the drawing.
Thank you for your support in honor of the 100th Anniversary of The Rotary Foundation!  Come join the fun at the Conference!
George Rice and John LoBosco, Raffle Co-Chairs
District Conference Trivia Quiz
1) The theme of this year’s District Conference will be “Show Me Rotary,” as a nod to our District Governor’s home state of
a.  Nevada
b.  Iowa
c.  Missouri
d.  Delaware
2)  Which of the following is NOT a location where District 7780 has held a District Conference?
a.  Sebasco Estates
b.  Harraseeket Inn
c.  Cliff House
d.  Verrillo’s
3)  The Samoset was named by one of its former owners Hiram Ricker, who is associated with what other well-known Maine product?
a.  Bean boots
b.  Poland Spring water
c.  Bass shoes
d.  Moxie
4)  How many times has District 7780 had a district conference in the fall?
a.  1
b.  2
c.  3
d.  4
5)  When was the last time we had a district conference at the Samoset and who was the District Governor?
a.  1998, Marie Williams
b.  2000, Marie Williams
c.  2007, Marie Williams
d.  2009, Brad Jett
6)  The Samoset that stands on the property now is not the original building because
a.  The original building was destroyed in a fire
b.  The original building was washed out to sea
c.  The original building was destroyed by termites
d.  The owner didn’t like the décor and tore it down to start over
7)  The Samoset is located in Rockport, which was the home of a famous seal named
a.  Sammy
b.  Slugger
c.  Andre
d.  Flipper
8)  Rockport separated from the town of Camden because
a.  The 2 towns disagreed over the cost of a bridge
b.  Each town wanted to have its own school system
c.  They disagreed over fishing rights
d.  They couldn’t understand each others’ accents
9)  The Samoset is known for its fine golf course which has been described as “the ____________ of the East”
a.  St. Andrews
b.  Pebble Beach
c.  Sable Oaks
d.  Muirfield Village
10) The District Conference will be our opportunity to celebrate the 100th anniversary of
 a.  The Portsmouth Rotary Club
 b.  Rotary International
 c.  Paul Harris’ birth
 d.  The Rotary Foundation
Click "Read more" for the Answers to the quiz!
District Training Assembly
Register now at:
Once each year we come together to share best practices and welcome new club board members and officers to their roles.  It’s coming up fast: April 8th between 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM at the University of Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth Street, Portland. 
Who should come? 
Everyone!  This event is open to all District 7780 Rotary members.  At only $25, it’s a bargain of fellowship and learning.  If you’re new to Rotary, or a veteran who wants to keep learning, join us!  A Club President, President-Elect, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Foundation Chair, Club Protection Officer, Webmaster, Communication Team member, Facebook Guru, or a loyal Rotarian – it’s for you!   Community service, international service, youth and all other areas of Rotary service will be showcased.
What will it be like?
Breakfast starts at 8:00 AM, meet and greet fellow Rotarians from our forty clubs.  The gavel is at 8:45 AM, and after the traditional club roll-call and a few surprises, we move into five different break-out sessions in each of three time blocks through the morning.  In all, fifteen different interactive sessions – so bring some of your club colleagues, you won’t be able to go to everything!  We will wrap by 12:30 PM and you can head home, or join friends for an optional “on your own” lunch down the street.
Fifteen sessions --What are they?
Look for the detailed agenda on the district website soon. We have President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer “best practices” sessions.  We have a Foundation meeting with our district team, to make sure you’re tuned up and ready to file for grants and support The Rotary Foundation in its 100th year.  Look for an “Ideabank” of International projects, fundraising and community project workshops.  There will be training for Club Protection Officers, a session on how to get better media coverage for your club – and much more.
More info?
Plan to learn something and share something: fellowship and fun with Rotarians from Boothbay Harbor to Fryeburg to Hampton and all points in between.  We hope all forty of our clubs will be represented – there’s no limit to the number who can attend.  Rotary assistant-governor Ann Schieber is our MC and chief of fun, fellowship and curriculum – throw her an email with any questions at We hope to see you there!  Please sign up now:
Dave Underhill, District Governor-Elect, Rotary Club of Portsmouth
The Rotary Leadership Institute

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)
Saturday, March 18, 2017
York County Community College
Wells, Maine
Last Call to Register!
Deadline to Register is March 8, 2017!!!!
If you haven’t signed up yet, do it now!  Registration closes for the Wells RLI classes in 8 days!  We need 8 people signed up for each Part (Part I, II and III) to hold the individual Part sessions and 6 for the Graduate class.  Let’s put each Part and the Graduate class way over the required minimums as well as exceed last year’s high numbers!  Many of the Clubs in District 7780 pay for their members to attend.  It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Rotary and gather ideas and helpful hints from other clubs in our District as well as from clubs in neighboring Districts. 
To register go to, go down the left hand side until you reach Wells, ME (7780), click on this and it takes you right to the registration page and just follow the instructions – really easy!
Any questions, please feel free to contact me at or call me at 207-439-3761.
See you there!
Marie A. Williams
District 7780 RLI Site Chair
Polio Update
As you know, we keep getting closer to ending polio: 359 cases in 2014, 74 cases in 2015, and 37 cases last year. The good news is that there are only three case so far this year; two in Afghanistan and one in Pakistan. Unfortunately, more cases occur during the warm months, so we will have to wait to see what the summer brings.
Last weekend, I heard Rotary General Secretary John Hewko speak, and the first item on his agenda was ending polio and how is not the time to slacken our efforts. In fact, it is the time to redouble them. The Gates match is still there, two dollars for every dollar donated by a Rotarian. But right now there is a one billion dollar funding gap in terms of what is needed, so please make a donation to Polio Plus and if you have already done so, consider giving again.
It was also announced recently that Bill Gates will be a featured speaker at the Atlanta Rotary Convention in June. If you are sitting on the fence as to whether or not to register, that's another good reason to do so. Help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.
Finally, you may remember that the Portland Sunrise Rotary Club sponsored a road race last fall in conjunction with World Polio Day. The results are in and the club raised $600 for End Polio Now. They plan on doing it again next year and hopefully it will be bigger and better. Congratulations to all involved.
Rotary Grants
The 2017-18 Grants Management Training modules can now be accessed on Learning Center.
Interested in getting involved in a District or Global Grant?  As in previous years, club qualification requires two members of your club to successfully take all three modules this spring before you can participate in Foundation grant-making.  (Why not use this as a learning opportunity and ask members who have not previously taken the course to get involved?) Each of the modules is about 20 minutes in length and the deadline for completing all three is April 30.
The good news:  Your club members can access the modules anywhere 24/7 and at absolutely no cost. This shouldn't be difficult! Unlike previous years, the modules will ONLY be available online.  No time commitment required for a "terra" seminar this year!
The even better news:  The first person in your club to successfully complete the modules will receive (via snail-mail) the newly updated 2017-18 Grants Folder with all pertinent information for applying for a District or Global Grant. 
To access the modules:  Go to, and log into "my rotary," then scroll down to the Learning Center, click on "Rotary Grants," and then on "District 7780 Annual Grants Training."  You will note that there are three modules, and three short quizzes.  You can take them all at once, or spread them out over separate trainings.
Either way, the point is to learn more about the expectations and possibilities of Rotary Foundation grants before you apply.  And if your club decides to go out for a District Foundation grant -- and I hope you do -- deadline to apply will be June 1.


Rotary Uganda Cancer Center - Medical Equipment Arrives!

Led by York Rotarians and six additional D7780 Clubs, involvement with the Rotary Uganda Cancer Center continues.  Last summer, a team of eight medical professionals from this area participated in a Vocational Training Team to provide training for staff at St Francis Nsambya Hospital in Kampala.  Another component of the grant involved shipping two containers of medical equipment to enable the cancer center to open for patients.  That equipment (estimated value of nearly $500,000) was secured through Partners for World Health, a Portland agency who collects gently used equipment and new medical supplies for health facilities in developing countries.


The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle welcomed new member Tim Keene in February.  Tim joined The First National Bank as the Training and Education manager and was promoted to Branch Manager Damariscotta in January. Tim grew up in Edgecomb, went to Wiscasset High School, served in the US Navy for 4 years on the USS Abraham Lincoln, including two deployments during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and is completing his degree in Financial Services at UM. His sponsor, PP Gary Stone is a Vice President and Portfolio Manager with The First Advisors.
PP Gary Stone welcoming newest Damariscotta-Newcastle Rotarian Tim Keene.
The Rotary Club of Bath
On February 4, the Saturday prior to the Super Bowl, the Bath Rotary Club, in conjunction with the Bath Sunrise Rotary and the Morse Interact Club held a Stuff-A-Bus event at Shaw’s Supermarket in Bath to benefit the Bath Area Food Bank. 1,840 lbs. of food was collected and $375 was raised.
Bath Rotarians outside Shaw’s in Bath help to Stuff-A-Bus for the Bath Area Food Bank.
Bath Sunrise President Bob Reed organizes donated food items on the bus.
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
Bill Shuman listens to  Larry Townley narrate "This is Your Life, Bill"
The Damariscotta-Newcastle Rotary Club made long-time member Bill Shuman an honorary member at Tuesday morning’s meeting. Bill has been a most active member of the local club for 30 years, having joined in 1987 after moving to Maine. The presentation of the honorary membership was made by President Bob Topper, after Bill’s life of achievements was presented to the club by several members, using the format of the radio/TV show “This is Your Life, Bill Shuman”.
Bill was raised in southern New Jersey, graduated from MIT, served in the US Navy in World War II and spent much of his career as a manufacturer’s Rep. based in New Hampshire. Bill and wife Elaine reared four children during that period. Bill became an avid skier and continued the ski hobby until age 90. In Maine, he kept a large motorboat in Round Pond Harbor and did annual trips along the Maine coast with other club members. He is now 92 years of age and going strong. For many years, he helped younger persons enter the world of business by volunteering as a SCORE advisor.
As a Rotarian, Bill engaged in all activities the club offered. He was a volunteer on all club projects and wanted the club to offer more work projects. He was awarded a Paul Harris fellowship. The club sells citrus fruit and nuts each December and year in/year out Bill was the top sales person in the club.
Nowadays, Bill engages in candlepin bowling, attends jazz concerts and invites community members to come to his home for a friendly game of pool. At age 92, Bill has opted to be an honorary member henceforth but promises to attend future meetings and probably will work on projects during the year.
The Rotary Club of Hampton
As of Tuesday - March 7th, the Hampton Rotary Club will be meeting back at THE OLD SALT RESTAURANT for their weekly club meetings.  The "Old Salt" is located in downtown Hampton, NH at 490 Lafayette Road.  The club's meeting begins at 7:30 AM, so please arrive by 7:15 AM and enjoy the buffet breakfast.
The Rotary Club of Kennebunk Portside
Kennebunk Portside Rotary affirms close relationship with Community Outreach Services, the local food pantry.
Kennebunk Portside Rotary welcomed Beth Jones, Executive Director of COS as a speaker at their meeting on February 7. The club has long focused fundraising efforts on meeting the needs of the hungry in the community. In December, club members hosted a holiday breakfast for clients of the food pantry with most members on hand to cook, serve and share breakfast with the guests, many of whom were alone for the holidays.
Jones spoke to the Rotary club about the origins of the food pantry and its growth over the past 24 years. It has grown from serving 30 people a week to now serving several hundred each week in its programs, which include programs for food, fuel assistance and special needs.
Jones thanked the club for the special breakfast stating that it was “the best party we have ever had at the Produce Pantry.” The event underscored both Rotary and the Pantry’s philosophy of reaching out to clients to be supportive and caring friends and treating everyone with respect and kindness in all interactions.
Kennebunk Portside Rotary Cont'd
Last fall, Kennebunkport Emergency Medical Service (KEMS) provided CPR training to members of the Kennebunk Portside Rotary Club. While teaching the use of the AED to diagnose and treat emergency cardiac events, CPR instructor Dean Auriemma mentioned that the town did not have an AED available in the meeting room on North Street where the training occurred. This room is the site of many town meetings, including board of selectman meetings and is also where voters cast their ballots in most elections. The club acknowledged the need and decided to hold a special fundraiser, a holiday raffle, to raise money to purchase an AED for the town.
Town Manager, Laurie Smith, attended a recent Rotary Club meeting where the club presented the AED. It now hangs on the wall just inside the North Street meeting room.
Kennebunk Portside Rotary members with AED presented to the town of Kennebunkport.
The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills
Members of the Oxford Hills Rotary Club recently went shopping at Hannaford in Oxford to supply 3 local food pantries with food items for their shelves.  Money raised from the Rotary Club’s fundraisers, including their Annual Auction as well as their Lobster & Steak Fest, supported by the OH Community, helped fund the shopping event, so this is their way of giving back to the OH Community. 
Shown from left to right: Steve Colley, Chris Weston, George Rice, Val Weston, Pat Cook, Chris Summers, John Griffith and Beth Abbott.  Photo taken by Patty Rice. 
The Rotary Club of Portland
The Rotary Club of Portland, Maine, will lead a one-week humanitarian trip to the Dominican Republic in early May, not only giving the gift of hearing but also:
·      Installing filters to provide clean water to sugar cane workers and their families
·      Providing solar lights to a village with no electricity
·      Fitting prosthetic hands made from 3-D printers
“It feels good to give back, and it takes so little effort to change a life,” says organizer and Portland Rotarian audiologist Dr. Roger Fagan, who will be joined on the trip by wife Liz, a speech-pathology doctor; hearing-care colleagues from a practice in Alaska; and fellow Rotary members from three clubs. 
An estimated 360 million youth and adults — more than 5 percent of people worldwide — have disabling hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization, with prevalence greatest in low- and middle-income countries.
Through 19 previous trips to the Dominican Republic, Fagan and partners have helped give the gift of hearing to thousands of patients, provided clean water resulting in better health for thousands, and fitted hundreds of prosthetic hands restoring some measure of dignity to those rejected by their disability.
“We often see 12- to 14-year-old kids who have never had the opportunity to go to school because of hearing loss,” says Fagan. “Once you watch their faces light up when they hear the sound of their parents’ voices, you just want to keep doing this for as long as you can.”
Fagan credits Portland, Palm Beach, and Brunswick Rotary Clubs for generously donating the bulk of needed supplies and hearing devices for the May mission but hopes to round up more clubs and members willing to expand this effort.
If your club is interested in joining this project please contact Dr. Roger Fagan at
Portland Rotary Cont'd
On March 30, representatives of both the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and of the Alzheimer’s Dementia Rotarian Action Group [ADRAG] will be here in Portland, Maine to make presentations on their efforts to support Alzheimer’s research. MemoryWorks of Portland is hosting it’s all day Aging and Memory Conference “The Costs of Growing Old in Maine” at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland. In addition to the Rotary, a JAX researcher will describe her research; two economists will discuss the impact of the Silver Tsunami on your business; and you can get a refresher on age and disability discrimination.
Information and registration can be found at 
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and Rotary joined forces this fall to fund research into why women are more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease than men. The two organizations granted a total of $375,000 to the lab of Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., at Massachusetts General Hospital. Tanzi, who serves as the Research Consortium chair for Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, will analyze existing databases of Alzheimer’s family genomes to identify gene variants that impact risk differently for women than for men.
While this is the first time Rotary and Cure Alzheimer’s Fund have co-funded a research grant, the two organizations have ties going back several years. The initiative started with a chance meeting between Jeff Morby, co-chairman and co-founder of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, and Dick Pratt, a member of the Martha’s Vineyard Rotary Club. Members of that club joined others in New England and ultimately from around the world to champion more attention and resources to combat the global scourge of Alzheimer’s disease.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth
Ramona Dow, Basic Needs Committee Chair, seems to be setting new participation records for her Peanut Butter Drive. The initiative aims to put a dent in the protein needs of seacoast residents who can’t otherwise afford to feed themselves adequately. The committee has designated an additional $500 dollars each to six local charities who will also benefit from peanut butter donations.
The club will give away more than $56,000 dollars in scholarship programs. Some $1,000 dollars is also slated for library books to teach English as a second language to the people of Kolkata, India. Closer to home, $600 dollars will be going to the Portsmouth Girls Softball Association.
President James recognized Rotarian Tom Decker who donated $5,000 dollars of his own money for hospital equipment in Tanzania. Tom’s birthday this month marked 39 years in Rotary.
Above left:  Ramona Dow, Basic Needs Committee Chair, and Above right: Rotarian Tom Decker
The River Valley Rotary Club
At the River Valley Rotary Club Fellowship luncheon held at HOPE Association on December 19th, Past Club President, Roger Whitehouse, presented fellow Rotarian, Jane Bubar, with the 2016 Rotarian of the Year award!  Jane was selected because of her involvement in so many club projects such as; the annual Winterization Project which she usually heads up, the Lobster Fundraising events which she volunteers for and is always in the kitchen with a take charge attitude helping make and packaging lobsters sandwiches to be delivered throughout the communities, the October Fest sale of Books for Tots, and for her many years as being in charge of the volunteers who donate time to work at the local Rumford Community Hospital, as well as assisting and volunteering with the American Red Cross Blood Drive.  Congratulations, Jane!
Left to right:  Roger Whitehouse, Jane Bubar and current President Dave Duguay
River Valley Rotary Cont'd
Barb Radmore from Western Foothill Kids Association (WFKA) was the guest speaker at our Rotary meeting on Monday, February 6th. 
Left to right: President Elect Randy Therrien, Barbara Radmore and President Dave Duguay.
WFKA provides after school programs for multiple schools within RSU #10 and also offers summer learning and enrichment programs. The group also offers the Future of Maine Scholarship Program- a college essay contest for 3-6th graders. Lead by Bob Stuart of Maine College Circle the contest begins with a workshop at every 3-6th grade classroom in RSU 10. Students write essays on what they would like to do, where they could go to college for this and what courses would they have to take. Chosen essayists receive a $100 scholarship. 
The Scholarship program started a few years ago with about a dozen kids each awarded $100 scholarships for college. Last year, scholarships were awarded to 56 students in the area. 
All Scholarship Program applicants receive a special T-shirt. Winners are celebrated at a large ceremony with friends and family. This years' ceremony announcing winners is March 10 at Mountain Valley High School.
The River Valley Area has financially supported WFKA in the past and is proud do so again this year.
The Rotary Club of Rochester
Waste Management (NYSE: WM) recently presented a donation of $25,000 to the Rotary Club of Rochester in support of their mission to assist local nonprofit organizations, scholarships, youth and senior groups.
“The Rotary Club of Rochester provides vital assistance to groups throughout our community and Waste Management is proud to support their efforts,” said Steve Poggi, area director – disposal operations, Waste Management.
“We sincerely appreciate Waste Management’s generous contribution to the Rotary Club,” said Michelle Mears, president, Rotary Club of Rochester. “This $25,000 donation will help us provide critical assistance to various non-profit organizations and programs that benefit the Rochester community.”
(L-R) Steve Poggi, area director-disposal operations, Waste Management, Michelle Mears, president, Rotary Club of Rochester, and Bob Magnusson, senior district manager–disposal, Waste Management.
The Rotary Club of Sanford-Springvale
Sanford-Springvale Rotarians celebrated Rotary’s 112th on February 23rd at their morning meeting with speaker Mike McGovern and special blue and yellow (blueberry and lemon curd frosting) birthday cupcakes. 
The Rotary Club of Bethel
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
The Rotary Club of Kittery After-Hours
Come enjoy our delicious corned beef dinner, presented in partnership with the Kittery Fire Association.  Proceeds benefit the Kittery Fire Association and local chariites supported by our club.  Sponsored by J.S. Pelkey Funeral Home, 125 Post Road, Kittery, ME
Sunday, March 12, 2017: 3-6 pm
Kittery Fire Station, 3 Gorges Road, Kittery, ME
Price: $10 – kids under 10 free.
Menu:  Corned beef &  cabbage, roasted vegetables, bread & butter, coffee & soft drinks, homemade desserts.
Advance tickets at Hillside Flowers and Gifts
151 State Rd (Route 1), Kittery, ME 03904
Have Something You'd Like to Share with Us?
Updates and short articles with images or videos, and the names of new members and those who have passed, may be submitted to our Newsletter Editor, Deb Marsolais, at to be included in our Monthly Newsletter. The District Newsletter is a means of communicating  to other clubs in our district; items of interest, upcoming events, fundraisers, opportunities of service, or member news.
Deadline for APRIL Newsletter Submissions:  March 24th
As a precaution, unless you have obtained a written consent from a parent/guardian, every child’s face which appears in a picture submitted for the newsletter or website, will be edited so that it is blurred out in the picture.  Since there may be situations involving abuse, neglect, custody dispute, etc., and parents wouldn't want their child's picture to appear in public, this is being done for the child's privacy and protection.
If you have a submission for the newsletter or website, and would like to have us post a picture with a child (children) in it, please let us know if you have received a consent, otherwise we will edit it accordingly.
Thank you for your cooperation. … or friend us on Facebook!