International Service Committee Update
The International Service Committee is excited to announce the representatives of District 7780 for 2018’s Cultural Exchange to Kakamega, Kenya!
Steve Wight - Bethel Rotary Club (Team Leader)
Carol Madsen - Bridgton Lake Region Rotary Club
Joan Correll - Hampton Rotary Club
Tom Wilbur - Freeport Rotary Club
Catherine Wilbur - Freeport Rotary Club
Claudia Frost - Brunswick Rotary Club
Back row left to right:  Carol Madsen, Tom Wilbur, Claudia Frost & Joan Correll
Front Row left to right:  Steve Wight & Sukie Rice (not pictured: Catherine Wilbur)
The team will be traveling to Kakamega from March 28 through April 10, 2018. The purpose of this trip is to learn more about the work being done at the Kakamega Orphan Care Center and to explore the needs of the KOCC in terms of sustainability. The team will be living at the orphanage and will collaborate with local Rotary Clubs regarding additional support through Rotary.
Sukie Rice, Director of Friends of Kakamega, met with the service team to prepare them for the visit.  She spoke of the fifteen new children who will be housed at the KOCC and told of the need for funding of these new residents.  Any club or individual that is interested in finding out more about sponsorships can contact any of the team members or go to:
The Rotary Club of Freeport, Maine has funded a successful farm business training program for young women in Kakamega.  The District team will join in the classes and explore more ways for Rotary to help.
The team is in the process of putting together a list of items that have been requested by local Rotarians and orphanage workers.  Please support our District team with your donations.