We are now half way through the calendar year and the report on new polio cases, while not as good as we might hope, is encouraging. So far we have 5 cases in Afghanistan and 3 in Pakistan for a total of 8. Given the difficulties encountered by polio workers in Pakistan, this represents real progress. Last year at this time, there were 19 polio cases and 13 of them were in Pakistan.In the July Polio Update, we did not have final Polio Plus giving figures for the 2016-17 Rotary year. They are in and are terrific. Every club donated to Polio Plus with a total club giving figure of $70,462. Combined with our District Designated Fund (DDF) contribution of $17,613, we had a total of $88,078 in contributions.

For the upcoming Rotary year every club but three entered a Polio Plus giving goal and the total for these club giving goals is $49,472. I’m not one to often make predictions, but I am very confident that our clubs will exceed that goal. Also, our District Foundation Committee has voted to send $20,720 in DDF money to the Foundation and it is already showing on the Polio Plus Report. 

Finally, remember that one of the requirements for your club to qualify for a Rotary Citation from the RI President is to complete a Polio Plus fundraising or awareness event. Now is the time to start planning. And remember, World Polio Day is October 24.