Governor's Message - November 2021
November is Rotary Foundation Month on the Rotary International theme calendar.  Please take time during the month to learn more about the Rotary Foundation and the seven areas of focus.  There are two great sources of information and the Rotary learning Center which has (12) learning modules on the Rotary Foundation.  As mentioned during my club visits, I encourage everyone to consider regular contributions using Rotary Direct,
Rotary Clubs around the district have been remarkable even with Covid.  Almost every club has continued to provide service to the community.  Many clubs have modified what they do and how they do it, but still moved ahead.  Some clubs have changed service and fundraising dramatically, but still kept moving forward.
I hate Covid.  I hate the fact that so many are sick and so many have died. I hate what it has done to our society.  I hate what it has forced our clubs to do.  I miss all the in-person meetings, socials and fun.  Yes, we are making progress, and we are learning to conduct our lives in a hybrid fashion, but we are still missing many of our members who cannot join us for a variety of reasons.
I see vaccines as the only way out, and I think Rotary can help.  Maine and New Hampshire are working to control the spread of Covid, primarily with vaccines and common-sense personal responsibilities like mask wearing, hand washing and social separation.  Unfortunately, there are many who are uncomfortable with vaccination, for any number of reasons, which we must respect.
Pints for Polio - Update

Several clubs in the district participated in this event.  Although it was originally explained as getting $1.00 for every pint of beer consumed, it has morphed several times, so it now includes pints of ice cream, and a fire boot toll road.  It is all good because the whole intent was to educate Rotarians and non-Rotarians about polio immunization and collect money for Polio Plus.  So far, I have club reports of collecting $297, $300, $250, $500, $250, $325, $2600, $200, $214, and $500 which totals $5,436.  The most creative idea was the Tolls for Polio.  Oxford Hills held a Road Toll on October 17th and raised $2,219.84 in four hours of effort.

The money raised was great and getting together to talk about polio and all thing Rotary was even better.  We still have several clubs who are planning their events for November, December and the new year. 

Thanks to all.
Dick Hall
District Governor 7780 - 2021-2022


November is Foundation month -- a celebration of OUR Rotary Foundation
By:  Sarah MacGillivray, District 7780 Foundation Public Image Coordinator, Bath Sunrise’s Satellite Club: Pine Tree e-club,
November is Foundation month -- a celebration of OUR Rotary Foundation.  As you probably know, The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit organization supported solely by contributions from Rotary members and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world. This support makes it possible to fund projects, with Foundation grants, that bring sustainable improvement to communities in need around the world.
This year our district has already sent grant funds to fourteen Clubs for their projects.  In our last Rotary year, a total of 33 Clubs took part in a district or global grant-funded humanitarian project!
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle and Lincoln County News Collaborate:  Multiplying Community Gratitude

By: Lorraine Faherty, Damariscotta-Newcastle RC

As the end of the second year of Covid-19 Pandemic nears, many folks here in Lincoln County, Maine, as well as worldwide, are feeling the effects of Burn Out.  There have been many articles published on this topic recently, all with the same thoughts.           

“Burn Out” includes both physical and mental stress-induced exhaustion, cynicism about one’s work and self-blame for not coping better. Most folks are dealing with fear and anxiety as well as underlying anger and frustration.  Antidotes include breaks (from both place and pace) and restorative activities (physical and mental).

A Great Opportunity to Do Good in the World

By: Ann Lee Hussey, District 7780 PolioPlus Chair, Portland Sunrise RC 

As of October 20, 2021, only two cases of wild poliovirus have been reported - one in Afghanistan, one in Pakistan. It is a time for optimism but we cannot become complacent. 

The wild polio virus continues to struggle for survival. I cannot stress enough how important it is for Rotarians to continue their support for PolioPlus. We must build on the progress made to date and protect children everywhere from paralysis by the poliovirus. 

450 million children need to be immunized each year in 60 vulnerable countries, where, if the virus returned, it would spread like wildfire and settle again. All our gains would be wasted.  In 1985 we promised the children of the world that we would eradicate this devastating disease of Polio from the face of the earth. Rotarians are people of integrity and we keep our promises.

TOGETHER we see a world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting CHANGE across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
By: Peggy Belanger, Kennebunk Portside RC and Lorraine Faherty, Damariscotta-Newcastle RC
District 7780 Membership Co-Directors
“EVERY ONE BRING ONE”, a poignant message from RI President Shekhar Mehta.  Lorraine and I would like to expand on this messaging by President Shekhar.
We ask each of us to think about “What could I do to support my Rotary Club, my Rotary District, Rotary Int’l”? One way is to consider members of your communities, people who are vibrant, philanthropic, who already do good work in their communities, who like to have fun.  We encourage all of us to take the opportunity, anytime we can, to explain how Rotary works, share Rotary stories and especially the projects you as a Rotarian or your club have done, doing, going to do!
Have you considered reaching out to your “alumni”, might they be ready to return?  If members from your club left because they were unhappy, felt unappreciated or overworked, then ask how to make it better for them.  Would they be interested in creating a new club?  Please let us not look at starting a new club as “competition”, but a wonderful opportunity to better serve our community both locally and internationally.
By:  Sam Klemarczyk and Emily Rumble, New Voices RC, RYLA Co-Directors
The RYLA Retreat we hosted this year was an absolute success! We called it “a RYLA Retreat”, instead of a regular camp week, and used it to invest in our staff and connect with RYLArians, past and present. It was a 2-day affair, complete with RYLA swag, leadership-development activities, a final campfire, and more! After a year of not being able to see one another, to connect and build community, this Retreat was vital to the success of our 2022 RYLA camp week. Staff was able to catch-up with one another and spend both days exploring their leadership strengths, honing their facilitating skills, and taking a close look at the RYLA curriculum to make sure we are catering to the modern-day camper.
November is Rotary Foundation Month | Rotary Club of New Westminster
Club News
Here is news about projects and fundraisers from around the district.
Clubs in this Month's News
Bridgton-Lake Region
Oxford Hills
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So. Portland/Cape Elizabeth

If we missed your club, please know that your work is appreciated and honored, and send your story next month to:

  In Memoriam
RC of Boothbay Harbor
District Updates
By:  DG Dick Hall, Portland RC
Dear District Committee Leaders, Club Presidents, Assistant Governors and members at large.

I invite you all to consider putting your name forward for the District Governor position.
In addition, please look at your club membership.
Is there someone in your club - or you - who would make an excellent District Governor or District Finance Committee member?
  • You can talk to them directly.
  • Or, if you would rather, suggest the name to me (  or Dave Underhill (, the chair of the Nominating committee.  We will contact the person directly and answer all of their questions.
The deadline to apply has been extended to November 8.
The District Governor who is selected this November will serve in the position for one year beginning July 1, 2024 through June 30, 2025.   The finance committee vacancy is for a three-year term beginning next July 1, 2022.
Everything needed to apply can be found on the District Nominating Committee page of our 7780 website
Thanks for all you are doing for Rotary
Dick Hall
District Governor 7780 - 2021-22
DISC Update
By: Emma Bodwell, Chair, District International Service Committee, Bridgton-Lake Region RC
Thank you everyone who has participated in DISC International Cafes, both as presenters and participants.  Our next Cafe is Saturday, December 4, 9:30 – 11:00 AM.  We continue to seek presenters of important and interesting projects. Please let us know as soon as possible.
An update on a recent Café presentation, the Human Milk Bank project in India has met its goal and is in the process of submitting a Global Grant application!  THANKS to everyone who has pledged funds!  
If you are interested in learning more about DISC and would like to be more involved, reach out to me at
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Nov 12, 2021
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
DEI Committee Zoom Meeting
Nov 15, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Nominating Committee interviews
Nov 21, 2021
10:30 AM – 4:00 PM
District Governor Track Meeting
Nov 22, 2021
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Assistant Governors Meeting
Dec 01, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
DISC Committee Meeting
Dec 02, 2021
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
NE PETS Committee Meeting
Dec 04, 2021
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
International Cafe
Dec 04, 2021
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