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June 2020
What a ride this year has been! It has raced by so quickly. To be clear, I just love that I had this opportunity to serve as your District Governor, as the steward of our District.  I love helping each of you with your “doing” your personal version of Rotary better; I love helping with individual and group (club) motivation – it is in my DNA.
Through Rotary, Pam and I have met so many people and had so many experiences we otherwise would not have experienced – we have LOVED every minute of this wonderful experience!
Pam’s and my highlights:
Club visits! Yes, yes, yes, we absolutely LOVED them!
October’s RotaryRocks! – everyone showcasing their club’s work – wow!

Helping so many of you, one on one, to improve/better your Rotary “game”!
One does not have a successful District Governor year without a LOT of help. So…
Big thanks to:
All of our District committee chairs – thank you very much!

All of our District committee members – thank you very much!

Our nine Assistant Governors – such a big help to all – thank you very much!

Our 41 Club Presidents – awesome job, all of you  – thank you very much!
And to each and everyone of you, for all the work and good you do!
Specific thanks to:
Phil Giordano, who does so much for so many, and who has had such a positive influence on so many Rotarians and high school students. Phil listened to my vision for RotaryRocks!, and “blew up” my idea into a blockbuster event.
My official mentor, PDG Marty Helman, who has spent countless hours over the past four years, getting me to focus on the Rotary issues that were/are the most important.
My unofficial mentor, PDG Dave Underhill, who has spent the past four years, effectively fine tuning my professional work and performance.
My self-appointed life coach, Pam Gray, who has spent the past thirty years, attempting to coach me and improve my performance in all areas of life. Pam is a non-stop Rotary creative idea machine.
Covid 19 Response: 
You have all done a fantastic job with your response to our once in a lifetime pandemic. We have all converted our in-person meetings to virtual online meetings. That has increased our club meeting attendance – we have pulled in snowbirds, members who could not attend in-person due to work and other obligations, and previous members who still want to stay in touch. Wow!
And your club response and individual response to our current situation are positively amazing! Big kudos to all of you! Wow! Thank you!
Next year:
Rotary has changed. This pandemic has instigated incredibly significant and substantial changes. Going forward, I see much less emphasis on in-person meetings (read as “blue felt Rotary” meetings, typically with a $$ meal) and I see more virtual meetings. I see increased focus on helping our local communities and world with service. This is good; this is the essence of why we are Rotarians.
As we transition to our new Rotary year, I am excited that Peggy and her team will soon be taking the lead. Peggy’s love of Rotary, coupled with her boundless energy and enthusiasm, bodes well for “Opening Doors” and leading us through our next Rotary year.
Thank you for all you do!
You are awesome!
Our world is a better place, because of you!
Pam and I love you all!!
DG Andy & Pam 😉 😉

District 7780 Foundation Committee Report


Lawrence Furbish, District Foundation Chair

Draft May 24, 2020


 Dollars Expended

District Grants. The District had $59,354 available for District Grants in 2019-20. It was apportioned as follows:

     $9,000 was set aside for the District International Outreach, this year in Columbia, SA

     $1,283 was set aside for administrative expenses

     $49,071 was available for District Grants initiated by clubs

Eleven clubs applied for District Grants, all were awarded. They were:

Bath - providing villagers in Cambodia with bio-sand filters to give them access to clean water ($8,300)

Boothbay Harbor - addressing food insecurity with a program of healthy eating, gardening, and creative play ($9,591)

Brunswick - building a bocce court for people with disabilities to promote physical activity and social interaction ($4,500)

Brunswick Coastal - renovate and equip a school-based food pantry as an alternative to the current backpack method of distributing food to students in need ($3,000)

Damariscotta-Newcastle - constructing an ADA-compliant walkway connecting the community green with a river nature walk ($5,350)

Kennebunk - purchasing backpacks to hold school supplies and clothing for children in need (part of a much larger program entitled, "Level the Playing Field") ($1,000)

Kennebunk Portside - working with town’s Parks & Recreation Department to purchase and install a community skating rink ($4,000)

Portland Sunrise - restore and renovate a much-used community center ($1,780)

Sanford-Springvale - upgrade a new trail by building bridges and boardwalks, adding educational interpretive nature signs, and printing maps and brochures ($2,000)

Westbrook-Gorham - build and install water filtration systems for a village in Guatemala devastated by a tsunami ($4,550)

Yarmouth - connect an upland trail section with bridges and boardwalk over a wetland ($5,000)

Brunswick Coastal was unable to carry out their grant proposal and returned the money. $2,500 of it was approved for a District Grant application from the New Voices Rotary Club for a tick education and prevention program in conjunction with RYLA and Camp Hinds.

Two clubs (Brunswick and Portland Sunrise) had not been able to spend all of their District Grant money and pursuant to Rotary Foundation rules were allowed to repurpose these funds for Covid-19 related relief.

Nothing was spent from the administrative expense line.

In April, the Committee voted to use all of our left-over DDF cash ($1,782) to contribute to a project for Safe Passages in Guatemala City to provide food relief to the families and children living in the dump. Because of Covid-19 the dump and the Safe Passages school were closed so the families were in desperate need of food and supplies.

Global Grants. At the start of the year, the District had $131,689 available as DDF credit to match Global Grants. The following amounts of DDF were used to match club cash contributions from District 7780 clubs for the following Global Grants.

     $7,714 to upgrade a maternity ward in Bulgaria (Yarmouth)

     $2,000 for an eye service center in India (Portland)

     $5,716 for an irrigation and clean water check dam in India (Sanford-Springvale)

In addition, as of May 1st DDF has been set aside for the following Global Grant applications if they are approved in Evanston:

$2,000 for a solar-powered lab in Haiti (District 7210)

$16,250 for a Covid-19 response project in Zambia (South Berwick-Eliot)

$1,100 for a clean water project in Costa Rica (District 7170)

$1,000 for a check dam in India (District 7870)

$10,000 for manpower development and training in Jordan (Biddeford-Saco)

In March, the Foundation Committee voted to transfer $26,338 of our Global Grant DDF credit to the Polio Plus Fund. (The Rotary Foundation had asked Districts who were able to do so to transfer 20% of their DDF to fight Polio - we were able to meet this request.

In May the District applied for and received a $25,000 Rotary Disaster Response Grant to be used for food insecurity exacerbated by the Covid-19 virus. The money was divided equally among the district’s 41 clubs so each club could assess the most pressing need in its own community. Clubs are required to report on their efforts by June 15.

Polio Corner
The Covid-19 will interrupt delivery of the polio vaccine, as a result many children are at risk. Much planning is ongoing by Rotary and our partners to ensure that polio campaigns will be ready and ramped up to go as soon as it is safe to do so. 
Your contributions and those from your club are needed now more than ever. Every club is asked to contribute a minimum of $1500 and to create awareness in your communities of what Rotary is doing. You and your clubs are the best public image voice for Rotary. To be a part of making history donate now at
Thank you for your continued support.
Ann Lee Hussey, PDG
District 7780 Polio Chair
Fundraising Goes Virtual
by Marty Peak Helman, District Growth Chair
District 7780 Rotarians met recently (by Zoom, naturally!) to talk about fundraising options in the age of COVID.  Generally speaking, the group agreed that:
  • Any fundraising project can be done virtually or with social distancing – it just takes creativity and maybe some downsizing. 
  • Good givers will continue to give, even in the tough times.
  • A club should think about its traditional sponsors.  If they are a restaurant or other establishment hard-hit by COVID, this is not the time to approach them.  If they are an insurance agency or utility or other organization that has not been hard-hit, by all means reach out to them.
  • It’s critical to advertise, advertise, advertise events and activities on social media and wherever possible.  People are feeling cooped up and are looking for fun things to do.
Clubs in District 7780 are currently planning exciting fundraisers:
The Bath Sunrise club is selling $10 (some higher) gift certificates from local businesses that have supported the club in the past.  The gift certificates also include “fun” things such as toilet paper.  The club has acquired a raffle wheel, and they hope to sell 200 gift certificates, with the plan to pull winners at the local farmer’s market through the summer. In addition to raising money for the club, by keeping the certificates at the $10 level, they know there’s a good chance that whoever wins the certificate will probably spend more when they redeem it, offering income to the local business that has been good to the club in the past. FMI:  Bob Reed,
Saco Bay Rotary is planning a virtual road race.  There will be an entry fee, and participants will be tracked via a GPS app.  They will have a certain number of days to complete the race.  Swag bags can be picked up at a pre-determined location.  FMI:  Jason Webber, who says that “it’s all there – except the excitement of race day.”
Raffles are still very possible, with ticket sales online rather than at community events.  Zoom bingo and Zoom trivia are also great options.
The Bridgton-Lake Region club has held a highly successful drive-by community kettle.  Club member and caterer Nicholas Orgo served barbecue – pulled pork, chicken, coleslaw/beans.  The meals were served in individual boxes and delivered to the cars in a parking lot.  Social distancing guidelines were strictly observed.   The club served 125 meals -- twice as many as they typically do at the community’s open lunch, but even so, they ran out of food! They had a suggested donation of $10 and people gave that or more – the club raised about $950, of which about $550 was profit.  FMI: Carol Madsen,
It’s possible to hold a “non-event.”  This is when invitations go out for a fancy dinner and donations asked for what would have been spent to go to the event – only you promise the donor that in this case, they don’t have to dress up and actually go! FMI: Lorraine Faherty, Damariscotta-Newcastle,  A COVID-related version of the above is to have all the speeches and charge accordingly– but do it all on Zoom without banquet or venue expenses.
Duck races are a perennial favorite.  Clubs can sell the ducks online, and do the race as always, but run it on Facebook live.  Alternatively, it’s possible to video the race and make it available afterward on the club’s media pages.
And at virtual meetings, don’t forget to:
  • Ask Rotarians to donate funds saved from meals not eaten and send to The Rotary Foundation or the local food pantry.
  • Create a VENMO or PayPal account for “happy dollars.” Alternatively, ask the sergeant to keep a running total of everyone’s happy dollars with payment to come either when return to physical meetings or as current donations to the local food bank or polio eradication.
The next Zoom meeting of the District Growth team will be Saturday, June 20 at 10:00 a.m. All are invited to share ideas/best practices/concerns in this new meeting environment.
New! Rotary Affinity Groups
We are setting up "affinity groups" for Rotarians who have common interests or hobbies.  So far, we have the groups listed below.  Let us know if you want to join one (or more) of them, or if you have an idea for a new group, by sending us a message at "Contact Us" on the district home page.
  • JAG Officers
  • Peace Corps Alumni
  • Rotary History/Technology
  • Diplomats, Foreign Service and Others Who Have Lived Abroad (including Missionaries, Teachers, Business people)
  • Paddling (SUP, Canoe, Kayak)
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Sports Cars
  • (Local) Traveling Rotarians (to support fundraisers and events at other district clubs)
  • International Traveling Rotarians (interested in visiting clubs in other countries)
  • Healthcare Workers (doctors, nurses, etc.)
District History for June 2020
No Responses for May
There were no responses to my history requests for May. 
All the clubs in the District received the $600+ check to help out those in need in the District that are struggling because of Covid-19.  If you sent an article and/or pictures to the District newsletter about how you used your grant money, PLEASE send it to me as well for the District History.  This has been a trying time for all of us but with this grant, hopefully we have made life a little less stressful for others.  I sincerely hope this worldwide pandemic is a once in a lifetime event and that we will never experience or see anything like it ever again. STAY SAFE!
To check out the District History pages, go to then click on ABOUT US, then on District History in the drop down.  Then click on anything that is light blue and it will bring up the page.  If you click on Rotary Clubs of District 7780, the list of all 41 clubs in the district will appear.  Just click on the club name you want to look at and see what information there is about that club.
I know there is a lot more information/history out there about our District clubs – PLEASE SHARE something with me so I can share it with everyone one in the District!
Send me what you want to SHARE along with your name and your club’s name to .  It will appear in the next newsletter.  You will become part of District 7780’s History that will live on and may inspire someone else to share or take on a project in their community or around the world!  It, also, gives the “human touch” to Rotary!
Everyone, stay safe!
Marie A. Williams, PDG
District 7780 Historian
The Rotary Club of Bethel
A group of seven Rotarians met to cut and split 6-8 cords of firewood to deliver to four families in need. Thanks to Lucy Abbott, Steve Smith, Steve Wight, Scott Hynek, Bruce Powell, Craig Harris and John Poole.
Our club has been having productive meetings each Tuesday morning, 7:45-8:45 by Zoom!
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
Pictured Above:  Bill Vaughan, Community Service Co-Chairperson and VP 2020-2021 safely handing support check to Karen Kleinkopf of Farms at the Y.
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle has donated $6,000 in April to various local groups to help in the on-going fight against food insecurity in our county. Adopted as the mission of the club’s community service committee several years ago, the need has grown exponentially since the Coronavirus pandemic.
$1,500 was given to the FARMS at the Y program which works with youth and adults to educate and promote good nutrition, facilitates increased household consumption of locally-grown produce and offers hands-on experiences for people of all ages to develop expertise in cooking and gardening and a passion for healthier living, as well as provide a place where local farmers, chefs, medical practitioners, and other community members can share their own knowledge and expertise.
$1,500 was donated to the Twin Villages Foodbank Farm. Established in 2016, Twin Villages Foodbank Farm grows vegetables using organic growing practices on three acres of land, located at Coastal Rivers’ Salt Bay Farm. ALL of the food they grow is donated to food pantries and youth programs in Lincoln County.
Healthy Lincoln County received $2,000 to support thriving, healthy communities in Lincoln County by working with local partners to improve the health and well-being of residents- from the youngest members of our communities to our seniors. HLC is a local community health non-profit agency serving all of Lincoln County, Maine.
$1,000 was donated to the Ecumenical Food Pantry. Their distribution has increased since the Coronavirus pandemic. They have adapted their Tuesday morning distribution practices for safety-they now bring the bags out to recipients’ cars instead of having them come inside the Second Congregational Church social hall.
Charted 95 years ago, the Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle has always served our communities by donations of time, treasure and talents. Our motto is “Service Above Self.”
The Dover Rotary Club
Rotarians of Dover Rotary assist Liberty Mutual with food pick up and delivery to CAP - Community Action Partnership of Strafford County.
The Rotary Foundation, one of the highest rated and most respected Foundations in the world has responded to the Covid-19 crisis. Through its Disaster Relief Fund, over 4 million US dollars were distributed to over 170 Rotary Districts worldwide.
Rotary District 7780 which covers Eastern New Hampshire and Southern Maine received $25,000 to be divided among clubs in the district to be used to alleviate hunger and food insecurity during these uncertain times.
At this week's meeting, the Rotary Club of Dover, NH was able to share those monies to support the Summer Meals Program of the Community Action Partnership of Strafford County. Combined with a generous donation from the club, this allowed us to provide $3,610.00 to provide meals to Dover and Strafford County children.
We are grateful to the support of Rotary in our community.
Many stopped and others honked as they drove by, while our Rotary Club of Dover, NH was in downtown at our annual Rotary Gardens Planting Day. Every Fall, we take out the old flowers and plants, and know that the gardens will look fabulous again in the Spring. Thank you to our Rotarians who joined us as we planted and mulched the gardens so those that live, work and play in Dover can enjoy this year. It is a project that our club looks forward to and cannot wait to see the gardens as they begin to grow. We hope that you will love the gardens as much as we do! #plantingwhilephysicaldistancing  #rotarygardens  #fabulous  #lovettegardens  #serviceaboveself
The Hampton Rotary Club
To show them how much they are appreciated for taking care of some of our community's most vulnerable residents, Hampton Rotary Club members created and delivered posters of inspiration to the staff at Genesis HealthCare in Hampton.
On Sunday, May 3rd, the Hampton Rotary Club distributed free masks to help protect our community. As cars drove through the parking lot, they were handed as many masks as they needed for themselves, family, friends and even some businesses. Many recipients gave donations to Rotary as a way to show their appreciation. Stay safe!
The Kennebunk Portside Rotary Club
The week of May 18th, the Kennebunk Portsaide Rotary Club made a donation of more than 150 hand-packed snack packs that were delivered to Southern Maine Health Care Hospitals in Sanford and Biddeford. The packages were given in support of the overnight shifts at the hospitals. The effort was spearheaded by Marguerite Belanger and supported by many members of the club, packing the bags at home. Members were thrilled to find a way to come together while social distancing while showing support for local heroes on the front line.
The Kittery Rotary After Hours Club
Each spring the members of the Kittery Rotary After Hours Club works with Hillside Flowers & Gifts LLC ( to design, assemble and deliver May Day baskets to our community. Recipients include residents of our senior communities, as well as local shut-ins. Recipients love receiving the flower baskets, and we love the smiles the baskets bring.
This year posed significant challenges as we were not able to gather to make the baskets, could not deliver them to the residences, and local supply sources were shut down. So, what’s a club to do? With so many of our projects being forced into postponement or all together cancellation, we weren’t willing to let this one go!!
We decided that a special greeting card could go a long way to let residents know that we were thinking of them, that we wanted to say hello, and that we hoped to see them soon. Club members got to work and designed a card that could be delivered in place of the flower baskets. We delivered 80 cards to the local senior communities, following physical distancing guidelines and no contact drop off.
We received a wonderful thank you card, letting us know how much residents enjoyed the club’s gesture. Members are looking forward to working on flower baskets again next year!
The Oxford Hills Rotary Club
Rotary Club of Oxford Hills continues to meet weekly via Zoom meetings and recently had a guest speaker, Rosie DiBella, Deputy Director of Development for Safe Passage in Guatemala.  Rosie shared her passion for the project with a short video presentation, and answered several questions from the attendees.  We presented her a check for $500 to support their mission.
The Club received a COVID 19 Disaster Response Grant from The Rotary Foundation in the amount of $609.76 and donated it to Daddy O’s Acts of Kindness Foundation to support their ongoing efforts of food insecurities in the Oxford Hills. Many thanks to our District Foundation committee for applying and sharing these grant monies!
Our Club Scholarship Committee met recently to review 27 applications and awarded 7-$1,000 scholarships to 2020 graduating seniors from Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School. Plans are being formulated to have the recipients join us for a club meeting, once social distancing guidelines have been relaxed.  The Club thanks Committee Chair, Dan Hart for coordinating the process!
And we have wrapped up our 2019-2020 year of honoring Students of the Month for this school year.  We recognize 4 students each month, November-May using different themes and ask the faculty at OHCHS to make nominations of worthy students from grades 9-12.  Many thanks to Club member and Interact Advisor, Tina Fox, for her assistance coordinating this program, especially since the students have had to do ‘distance learning’ for the last 2 months.
The Portland Rotary Club
Good news from Megan Peabody. She is her family's third generation Rotarian and the Chair of the Portland Rotary's Youth Services Committee. Thank you Megan, for expanding your horizons as a Spanish language educator while keeping connections with our weekly Portland Rotary ZOOM meetings, led by President Amy. "While I am sheltering at home, Rotary, for me, has been teaching Spanish online to my middle schoolers. Also, I graduated from the University of Southern Maine’s ETEP program with my certification for K-12 Spanish. As the Youth Services chair, I worked to continue the Lyseth School reading program with having Rotarians record themselves reading a story and share it with the school. To keep the reading theme going, I was contacted by Carolyn Johnson from the Yarmouth club to read a story and share it on Facebook. Save the Children and Rotary International partnered to create reading opportunities for children at home. I chose my favorite story and read it in Spanish and shared it on my personal Facebook page I will attach the website about the reading program:…/us-pr…/us-education/rotary"  Congratulations to Megan!
The Portsmouth Rotary Club
The Club has met by Zoom since March 19. About 50 Rotarians participate in each session. President Leo even added a new Monday morning Zoom meeting “Quarantine and Coffee.” That virtual gathering is for Rotarians who just want to discuss how things are going on a more personal basis.
Pictured above: Polly Dominguez, a member of the Nuevo Medellin Rotary Club
Zoom enabled us to hold a truly international meeting May 14 with two guests speaking to us live from Medellin, Colombia. Leo traveled there in February to take part in “Colombia International Outreach 2020.” The event showcased more than 60 Rotary service projects that seek funding from international sources. Polly Dominguez, a member of the Nuevo Medellin Rotary Club and Maria Jose Uribe joined us from Medellin. Maine Rotarians Jeremy Gould and Emma Bodwell, who accompanied Leo to Colombia, were also on-line guests.
The Board of Directors authorized $1,5000 grant to the South Berwick/Elliot Club’s “Healthy Learner’s Program.” That grant will keep our international outreach going, paying for ventilators in Zambia.
Pictured above:  Martha Stone, Crossroad Executive Director
We focused much of our attention on Crossroads House, a local homeless shelter. Rotarian Jessica Parker, Crossroads development director, spoke as did Martha Stone, Crossroads executive director. Direct involvement with cooking and serving meals is temporarily suspended. Instead, a new city hotel has stepped up, which also keeps the hotel’s culinary staff active. 
Pictured above:  Deb Anthony, Executive Director of Project Gather
Later, Deb Anthony, executive director of Project Gather, told us about their crusade to end hunger. At the height of the quarantine, Gather was looking at a 700-person per week uptick in people seeking food.
The club receives direct weekly City of Portsmouth updates from Karen Conrad, new Portsmouth City Manager. She is also a new member.
Of course, many of our initiatives are being postponed. June’s Golf Tournament has been moved to October 16, under Chairperson Marie Brownell’s guidance.  But the virus couldn’t stop us from holding our annual Joke Day meeting, coordinated by Neal Ouellett or David Holden’s Poetry Hoot. Both are long-standing traditions.
Another tradition, the Annual Vocational Awards, is seeking nominations under the direction committee chair Caitlyn Hassett.
We followed the news of Club Secretary Lindsey Hery and her social distanced wedding with a surprise family reception.
Bill Hurley and Leonard Seagren filled two truckloads of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches—all bound for Africa. The devices were donated by Edgewood Center, a senior living home, thanks to Past President Trish Cummings, who works there. Later, Trish was our guest speaker May 21, giving a riveting talk on life inside Edgewood in the era of Covide.
Pictured above: Tina Sawtelle, Executive Director of the Portsmouth Music Hall
We also heard from Cornerstone Consultant Group Megan Marini about the elements of strong leadership in a time of crisis…. Scott Linscott spoke on the power of being an organ donor. Scott’s son donated part of his own liver to save Mr. Linscott’s life…. Finally, Tina Sawtelle was another Zoom visitor. She is the new executive director of the Music Hall in Portsmouth.  
On a sad note, long-time friend of Rotary and husband of Rotarian Nancy Clayburgh, Dr. James Clayburgh, passed away of Parkinson’s disease.  A fund in his name is being administered by Rotary.
The River Valley Rotary Club
The River Valley Rotary Club has not sat quietly during the Covid-19 self quarantine policies these past couple of months.
Most recently, local Rotarian Sharon Gilsleider, made some 60+ masks for the club to distribute on April 28th, at the Rumford Library and the Muskie Building. Rotarians started giving them away at approximately 8:45am and they were all gone by 9:15am!
Seen above in the photo are Fellow Rotarians who helped distribute masks to the general public; Dave Duguay, Dick Lovejoy, Catherine Johnson, Joe Sirois, Jerry Cohen (current Club President) and a customer Mary Anne Fournier, at the library and the Muskie Building.
The club wants to remind everyone to be kind and considerate to stay safe, wear masks, gloves, practice social distancing and stay home except for venturing out for necessities.This too shall pass!
Fellow Rotarian, Bonnie Marien delivered a Rotary check in the amount of $609.76 to Karen Eastman of Servant’s Heart Food Pantry in Peru, ME on May 11, 2020.  This is another of our Rotary club's commitment to help out the local community, especially during these tough times dealing with the Coronavirus, and folks being out of work needing food.
Pictured above: Karen Eastman and, my name is "Bonnie Marien" not "Marien Bonnie" as I have been identified in other places.
The Sebago Lake Rotary Club
1.  We donated to the Raymond Elementary school supply need. Books and supplies distributed every Tuesday for school children to pick up. 
2.  We donated to the Back Pack Meal Program for both Windham and Raymond. Healthy items for families to prepare meals for their children, who are now spending all 3 meals and snacks at home. Over 150 families are now being served. 
3.  Donation to the Windham Food Pantry for canned goods that are now in high demand due to families out of work and children home for every meal. 
4.  Purchased face masks and delivered to several organizations needing them: day care, Dr.'s offices, law enforcement to share with the public, food pantries, Riding to the Top for their handicapped patrons, and others. 
5.  Supported the IF&W with major projects on fish management for Sebago Lake. 
6.  Donated to the Veterans Center to help keep the lights on. 
7.  Supported local efforts to help with stress in these uncertain times, and helped to promote resources for those handling addiction and or having mental health issues. 
The South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club
POPCORN! – At a May Zoom meeting, it was suggested that we contact the South Portland Nursing Home to see how we could help them. President-Elect Mike Geneseo's wife Becca works there so she was able to relay to us that the top of their wish list was a popcorn machine. During this time of isolation, they are trying their hardest to brighten the days of the residents and popcorn, along with the emotional memories attached to the smell, goes a long way toward doing just that. The board approved the purchase of a popcorn machine and it was scheduled to be delivered yesterday, just in time for “drive-in movie night” this weekend.
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