December 2018 - ISSUE 6
Upcoming Events
International Assembly
Jan 13, 2019 – Jan 18, 2019
International Committee Meeting
Sable Oaks Marriott
Jan 17, 2019
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Midyear Dinner
Fireside Inn & Suites
Jan 28, 2019
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
PE Training #4
Feb 09, 2019
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
International Committee Meeting
Sable Oaks Marriott
Feb 28, 2019
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Interact Conference
Mar 23, 2019
Finance Committee 6PM
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Mar 25, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District Training Assembly
York County Community College
Apr 06, 2019
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
International Committee Meeting
Sable Oaks Marriott
Apr 11, 2019
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
International Committee Meeting
Sable Oaks Marriott
May 23, 2019
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
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District Governor's Message - December 2018
Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
December is a busy month for Rotarians in our District - you are selling fruit and cheese, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, holding auctions, gathering toys for children in need, hosting holiday events for your communities, selling Christmas trees and so much more!

Rotarians also recognize December as Disease Prevention & Treatment Month. There are billions of people in the world who do not have access to the excellent healthcare we experience in this country. But hundreds of millions of people are healthier, thanks to Rotary. Of course, the most obvious example is polio eradication. Each year 450 million children are immunized against polio, as well as several other diseases. And the healthcare system infrastructure implemented to deliver polio vaccine in Africa has mitigated the spread of Ebola.
At home, we are fighting the scourge from opioids- losing more than a person a day in New Hampshire and another each day in Maine.  I am so incredibly proud of the work our Recovery Committee is doing to educate about opioids.  They have taught us that opioid addiction is a disease and needs to be recognized as such.  Let's remove the word "junkie" from our lexicon and substitute "someone's loved one."  I am especially proud of our police, especially Rotarian Bob MacKenzie, Chief of the Kennebunk Police Department and chair of our committee. 
We also learned why so many of our loved ones are dying from overdoses.  As it turns out, there is virtually no heroin on the streets anymore--it has been replaced by the far more powerful synthetic drug, fentanyl.  See the photo comparing a lethal dose of heroin and a lethal dose of fentanyl. 
Given the way the drugs are cut and sold, a user who is used to a certain amount of heroin has no idea of the effect the fentanyl laced product will have. 
The empathy that Bob and so many others in law enforcement have for those who have been afflicted with this disease is truly inspiring.  More than 90 Rotarians and friends attended the training session sponsored by Rotary and Portland Public Health on November 15, 2018 at York County Community College.  We all received the miracle drug, Naloxone, to carry with us-- and learned we are stronger as a community if we have as many people as possible carry it with them. 
We will offer the training again at our district conference, "RotaryFest," on June 22, 2019, in Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Save the Date!  As I mentioned during my club visits, we'll have kite-flying and other activities for the kids and grand-kids.  It will be a big picnic.  We'll have a fun day together in a beautiful location.  Here is a picture of Portland Head Light, which is in the park. You'll be able to tour the park and take beautiful pictures of your family and your fellow club members from various key vantage points around the lighthouse.

We'll also have an opportunity at the conference to hear about some of the many projects our clubs are pursuing in Rotary's six areas of focus.  
As an example of a project under this month's theme, we are fighting cancer in Africa through a global grant providing equipment and staff training at a cancer care center in Uganda (initiated by the York club).  We also have a similar project in Ethiopia that will be initiated by the Portsmouth club.

Many clubs in our district also have participated in global grants initiated in other districts that are providing medical equipment in Tanzania, and basic healthcare education for children in Zambia (Healthy Kids/Brighter Future). 
Thank you to all who attended our Special Assembly on November 3, 2018 at Husson University.  The Assembly focused on the Foundation and on Membership. I hope it encouraged you to seek more district and global grants and to help increase our membership by giving the gift of Rotary to others. Who will you ask to join us this month?  

I’ll write more in a future newsletter about the many water and sanitation projects our clubs support, which play a significant role in disease prevention. 
Many of our clubs also support ShelterBox, which recognizes that each disaster is different and provides what is needed for food and shelter, as well as to prevent the spread of disease. ShelterBox recognizes that, after disaster strikes, the spread of disease can be a major concern.  For example, in appropriate circumstances, it will provide mosquito nets, which provide protection against insects and the diseases they may carry, such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, zika virus and the West Nile virus. ShelterBox is a wonderful organization. If you have not supported ShelterBox in the past, I hope you will consider doing so in the future!
As you consider your holiday giving, please remember The Rotary Foundation, its exemplary ratings, and all the good it does both locally and throughout the world. I hope you will visit My Rotary to make a donation.  At the site, Rotary answers the question, "What impact can one donation make?" with the answer, "It can save a life." A donation as small as 60 cents can protect a child from polio. 

Whatever activities you undertake during this holiday season, I encourage you to take time to take care of your own health. 
California Wildfires - How Can We Help?
Claudia Frost, President of The Rotary Club of Brunswick, Maine, has learned from her son Jon Eberly how we can help.  Jon is the President of The Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise, California. 
Jon reports:  
"It was a really devastating disaster and the worst fire in CA history. The beautiful little town of Paradise (about the size of Brunswick) was wiped off the map. The air here in San Francisco was the worst in the world (“code Purple”) all last week, which is considered hazardous to breathe  – equivalent to smoking a half-pack of cigarettes a day.... 
Thankfully, the rain has come and the fire is contained. However, over 50,000 people are displaced, and tragically almost 500 are still missing.
PDG Pam Grey and Brian live in Paradise. Brian is the current President of the Paradise Rotary Club.
They will be accepting donations to be used to assist folks in the short and long term via the “The Paradise Rotary Foundation”.  Since they are pretty sure that the Paradise Post Office is gone, they have asked that they be mailed c/o Scheer Memorial Chapel, 2410 Foothill Blvd, Oroville, Ca 95966.
There is also a GoFundMe set up by Paradise Rotary at   for online donations."
District 7780
Our Nominating Committee has selected Dick Hall of The Rotary Club of Portland to lead District 7780 in 2021-22.  Dick will work closely over the coming years with Governor John LoBosco and incoming governors Andy Glazier (Kittery, 2019-20) and Peggy Belanger (Kennebunk Portside, 2020-21.)
Dick has become very familiar with many of our clubs through our Visioning program.  He has served as a Visioning facilitator since the inception of the program in 2010, including leading the committee.  Dick advocated for our district to develop a vision too and helped develop the district's strategic plan.  Dick has served as our district's webmaster and as an Assistant Governor.  He currently chairs our Youth Exchange Committee, while also serving as his club's Foundation chair.  Dick's involvement with Rotary began at a young age-- his father is a past district governor in Massachusetts.  Dick has been a Rotarian since 1984 (Worcester, MA), and has also been a member of the Lewiston/Auburn club.  He served as president of the Portland Rotary Club in 2006-2007.  Dick has been named a Paul Harris fellow many times and he is a member of The Rotary Foundation's bequest society.
Dick holds an MBA from Boston University and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine.  He has extensive experience as a project manager with SGC Engineering, where he focuses on alternative energy and power projects.
In other activity, Dick has served as Boy Scout Commissioner, coached Little League and girls high school hockey, served on the environmental subcommittee of the Maine State Chamber, and been active with the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club and the Centerboard Yacht Club.
On behalf of the district, our governor wishes to thank the entire Nominating Committee for its service, including especially Carolyn Johnson, who chaired the committee.  While we do not expect challenges to Dick's nomination, DG John has announced, in accordance with our bylaws, that any challenge must be filed with him on or before December 14.  The challenge must be submitted by club resolution naming the challenging candidate.
Bob Smith to join Finance Committee in 2019-20
The Nominating Committee has selected Bob Smith of The Rotary Club of Portsmouth to join the Finance Committee for a three year term beginning July 1, 2019.  Bob will serve as the representative from Division A (the New Hampshire clubs).  He will fill the seat currently occupied by Mike Asselin, whose term is expiring.
Bob has worked in the financial services industry for the past 35 years, and is currently a financial advisor with Edward Jones.  He holds a BS from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire.
Bob assures us he "has an eye for detail" and is known for accuracy "to the penny."  We look forward to having Bob join the committee in July, though we will truly miss Mike and thank him for his service.
President Elect Training Schedule
Session One – October 22, 2018
Focus: Presidential Responsibility  (Husson University 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM  Dinner) 
Session Two – November 27, 2018
Focus: Rotary 101 Plus- Social Networking  (Cumberland Club 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM)
Session Three – January 28, 2019 – Mid Year Leadership Dinner
Focus: What is your status? (Fireside Inn- Portland 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM)
Session Four – February 9, 2019
Focus: Goal Setting (Freeport Community Center, 8 AM - 12:00 PM Breakfast)
Sessions Five and Six – March 6 – 8, 2019 – NEPETS
Focus: Inspiration & Leadership (Framingham, MA)
Session Seven – April 6, 2019 – District Training Assembly
Focus: Mandatory Topics  (YCCC-Wells 8:00 AM -12:00 PM)
Polio Plus - December 2018
Here are the latest updates on the war against Polio in Afghanistan:
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — At just 2 years old, Madina had been vaccinated seven times. It was not enough: When she fell ill this fall, a trip to the doctor in Kandahar City confirmed that she was among the latest Afghan toddlers to contract polio.
Almost a million children in Kandahar Province alone, like Madina, need at least one dose of oral vaccine a month to head off the disease, health workers say. But many of them also live in the most violent and socially disrupted parts of southern Afghanistan, where the Taliban control large areas and do not want government health workers going door to door.
These realities make a sustained vaccination campaign brutally difficult for health workers here. And Afghanistan, one of three countries where polio is still endemic, is losing ground. Officials have registered 19 cases of polio so far this year, up from 13 each of the previous two years, according to World Health Organization figures.
In August, I followed a polio vaccination crew in Kandahar and saw how, even in areas where health workers have been able to function; many things stand in their way: security fears and drought, deep poverty and stifling tradition, widespread illiteracy and superstition. Still, starting just after dawn each day, the vaccination teams are at it, hoping to reach just a few more children.
A medical worker administers a polio vaccine to a child in Kandahar. By Fahim Abed Mawlawi Abdul Rashid of Kandahar City, a religious scholar and member of one team, said most of the residents were poor and desperately worried about what their children would have to eat each night. Drought adds to the daily burden, with families in many neighborhoods having to buy water from tankers after wells dry up.
Quilters from 3 different quilting guilds, plus several Rotarians, met at the Boothbay Harbor Rotary clubhouse in early November for an all-day Quiltathon to support Wrap-A-Smile.  It was a fun day of joyful camaraderie and shared purpose.  With the day’s efforts, and counting the 15 quilts sewn at the Boothbay Community Center, Wrap-A-Smile has now surpassed 25,000 quilts shared around the world. As a visual, that number of quilts would cover 7 football fields, or if placed end-to-end would stretch for 20 miles!
The Director of Wrap-A-Smile, Dr. Ann Demeranville, thanks Terry Hodskins of the Wells Rotary Club for initiating this wonderful project - an example of “one Rotarian with one good idea” truly making a difference in the world.
The fundraising for Wrap-A-Smile is ongoing to support the shipping costs of the quilts. If you can contribute to help get the quilts to the children undergoing cleft lip and cleft palate repair, or to arrange a speaking opportunity with your club, please contact Ann at

District 7780 Short Term Youth Exchange - Summer 2019

Do Not Miss this Exciting Opportunity for Your Family to be involved in Rotary Youth Exchange! 
The District is kicking off a Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange for the Summer of 2019.
This is a great opportunity for your family to send your high school student to France, Italy or another foreign country and host the foreign student from that country for 3-4 weeks here in New England. This is also a great opportunity for your club to get involved in exchange on a short term basis with little expense.
International Service
Deadline Extended to December 1st!
Our committee is in the process of reviewing submissions for this year’s selection of the District’s Cultural Exchange. We have decided to extend the final deadline to December 1st.
So PLEASE - if your club would like to submit a suggestion for us to review, please return it to me no later than Saturday, December 1, 2018 at 5pm.  Please send them via email to me -
Please click the link below to download the request form that needs to be completed. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!
In Rotary,
Emma Bodwell
Chair, District 7780 International Service Committee
Rotaract Service Project
Hello Rotarians, Claudia Frost and I returned last week from our fact finding mission to Puerto Rico. We traveled the entire island to see firsthand the scale of the disaster. I am sad to report that there is still an incredible amount of rebuilding to be done and many families are traumatized and lack proper resources to prepare for the next hurricane season. Among other things, many of the homes we saw lack roofs or have only temporary plastic coverings. Now, in another repercussion, Puerto Rico plans to close 265 schools following this calamitous natural disaster that exacerbated the island’s financial woes.
The good news is that in our travels we met with many Rotarians and Rotaractors about the upcoming Rotaract mission. Everything is moving forward with the Rotaract project except for the date. Due to Puerto Rico’s extended Christmas holiday that runs through the middle of January, the next available opportunity will be spring break in March.  I will be personally returning to Puerto Rico in January to follow up and finalize the Rotaract arrangements.  
As a result, the deadline to contribute has been extended to January 15, 2019.  If you would like to make a donation, you can use either the “GoFundMe” page or donate directly. If you want to donate directly please call Sheila Rollins, 207-956-3786 or
The Rotaractors are grateful for all those who have already donated to this important mission. We have raised over $3000.00. We still have a long way to go to make this mission a reality. We estimate that when all is said and done, their airfare and lodging will total approximately $10,000.00.
Please ask your club to consider making a donation to ensure that this project will become a reality and to honor the sincere efforts of these young Rotaractors. The Rotaractors are anxious to share their vision of this project with your club. Please contact me directly to schedule a presentation.
The reality is that destruction in Puerto Rico remains and families are still recovering from devastating effects of hurricane Maria.
Can you help make this project a reality? Here’s the link
Yours in Rotary,
Sheila Rollins
Rotary District Governor 2015-16
District 7780 Rotaract Chair 2016-2019
207-956-3786 Cell
207-583-6074 Home
District History for December
No one got the answer for this one!
November History Question
Which clubs were chartered between 1930 and 1979?  Two clues in the 1940s there were none and in the other 4 decades there were only 9 chartered and one club terminated its charter in 2011!  We only have two decades left after this!
The answer is as follows:
Nine clubs joined Rotary between 1939 and 1979 that are part of District 7780
1939 Boothbay Harbor
1959 Exeter
1960 Rochester
1960 Scarborough
1962 South Portland/Cape Elizabeth
1969 Hampton
1972 Ogunquit
1974 Bethel
1974 Somersworth which turned in their charter in 2011
New History Question for December
Okay, we are down to the last two decades 1980 – 1999.  Which clubs were chartered during this time?  Which decade had the most new clubs?  Think about Rotary’s history when you answer this last question for this timeframe. Which club was the first one in the district to charter with women?
Send your answers to me at with your name and your club’s name.  The answers will be in the January newsletter.
Marie A. Williams, PDG
District 7780 Historian
Kennebunk Portside Rotary inducted two new members at a recent meeting.  Laura Andrews is employed by Northeast Credit Union/Sr Collections, and has oined the the club as it’s first Service Member.  Katie Orlando is employed by Seashore Trolley Museum/Executive Director.
Pictured left to right:  Bob Wester (Sponsor), Laura Andrews (new Service Member),  Don Curry (Sponsor), Katie Orlando (new member), Cornelia Stockman (President) and Rand Gesing (Membership Chair)
Bethel Rotary Club welcomed new member, Alison Aloisio.
Pictured left to right: President Mike Steven, Alison Aloisio, and Past President Michele Cole.
The Rotary Club of Bethel
Above left:  Rotarian Paul Motts presents a $5,000 check to Gabe Perkins, the Executive Director of Mahoosuc Pathways, our local trails organization, specifically to be used to build walking/biking trails to connect our local elementary school (Crescent Park School) to Bethel Village Trails.  The check commemorates the life of deceased Rotarian Jim Monahan.
Above right:  Community volunteer Susan Parker, of the Bethel Library Board of Directors provided our club insights into their strategic planning process.
Above left:  Our club made a donation to the Telstar High School Spirit Challenge (raising funds and food for The Good Shepherd Food Bank) and attended a celebration at the school that was covered by WGME.  Pictured in the middle are Rotarians Michele Cole and Ellie Andrews.
Above right:  We welcomed Telstar High School’s October Students of the Month and their parents. L-r: President Mike Steven, Kelly Fraser (mom), Emily Fraser, Shanta Hoff (mom) May Hoff (sister), EB Hoff, Dylan Duclos and her parents Becca and Greg Duclos

Above left:  New member Jean Benedict, gives her classification talk on her career in the American Foreign Service.

Above right:  Guy Lopez (left) and Mike Peterson, from the White Mountain Club in Berlin, NH, visited our club recently to “pitch” an idea for a collaborative project/fundraiser in 2019.

The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
The Damariscotta-Newcastle Rotary and Lions Clubs decorated the bridge over the river joining the Twin Villages, in preparation for the annual Villages of Light festivities. Rotarians Rick Hagen, Chris Frost, David Lawrence worked together with Lions Joe Cirigliano, Ann McFarland, Alden McFarland and others in frigid weather. Many hands made quick work.
Club Membership and Administration Chair, PP Wilton Jones, presented a special service award to long-time Rotarian Doug Tigert at a lunch overlooking the Damariscotta River. PPP Karen Filler, PP Lorraine Faherty, Foundation Chair Marianne Pinkham, and MaryJane Tigert enjoyed reminiscing with him. Doug was a consultant, living in and traveling to many countries worldwide. He always attended a local Rotary meeting or two, bringing back ideas for service projects and fund-raising. Through his ideas, our club has assisted projects in Thailand, Haiti, and South Africa. He is an example of living our motto "Service Above Self."
Pictured on left:  The Annual Nut Sale at The Y annual Craft Fair, led by Nancy Stoltz and Tracy Hunter, was a great opportunity to raise funds, be part of a community effort, and HAVE FUN.  
Pictured on right:  Fund-Raising Is Family Fun. Rotarians Billy Claflin, Wilt Jones and Majed Awamleh were joined by the Awamleh children, in preparing nut orders for distribution. Special Thanks to PP Bob Duke for use of his warehouse.
The Rotary Club of Dover
Past District Governor, David Underhill visited the Rotary Club of Dover and presented the club with the Presidential Citation award, for reaching goals that were set by the Rotary International President. The focus was on achieving goals that strengthens Rotary and our clubs, which include club membership, developing sustainable service projects, giving to the Rotary Foundation, and building awareness of Rotary in our community. #congratulationstoourclub #presidentialcitation #serviceaboveself
Congratulations to Marion Cheney as she announced, and our club accepts, her nomination for District Governor of District 7780. #serviceaboveself
At yesterday’s club meeting, a $1,500 donation was made from the Rotary Club of Dover to the District for the Rotary Foundation, to help in the fight to End Polio in our communities of the world. #serviceaboveself
The Rotary Club of Hampton
On December 8, 2018, Ute Pineo was named as the Hampton Rotary Club's Distinguished Citizen of the Year.
Pictured left to right:  Committee Chair Ray Tweedie, DCOY Recipient Ute Pineo, and Club President Donna Abisi
This year, Ute was nominated for this award because of her selfless giving of time and money to those in need. Toiletries, paper products, food and other necessities are purchased with her own money at a mind-boggling reduced cost thanks to her organized collection of coupons, which she then delivers to those in need, whether it be a local food pantry, a church, a senior home, or individuals struggling through a tough time. She buys clothing and winter coats for underprivileged children in the community. She also has a deal with a local Walmart, that when items are about to be turned over or removed from shelves, she will receive a call from the store, so she can then go buy them at a reduced rate and provide them to the disadvantaged.
In addition to be presented with a plaque from the Hampton Rotary Club, we will also be donating $1000 to a charity of Ute's choosing.
Congratulations Ute, from the Hampton Rotary Club!
The Rotary Club of Portland
Over 200 of Maine's veterans were guests of the Portland Rotary's Veterans Recognition Lunch on Nov. 9th. The response to the program was heartwarming, with over 300 people attending. The purpose of the program was to honor the veterans who were guests of the Rotary Club's fourth annual recognition lunch. Each year, the Rotarians have received generous sponsorships from businesses and community leaders to support this tribute luncheon and the program.  Guests included veterans from all services and they represented nearly all ranks and rates, including two Generals who attended.  An impressive Marine Honor Guard opened the program accompanied by singing the Star Spangled Banner. Colonel Andrew Gibson gave an inspirational invocation. This year's speakers were Major General John W. Libby, Ret. and Military Historian Captain Jonathan D. Bratten. A special ceremonial seat is reserved at the annual lunch to observe the memory of active duty and veterans who were missing because they gave their lives in military service.  At the program's conclusion, the Honor Guard lowered the American flag during the solemn playing of "Taps" on trumpet, which is a traditional observance at the closing of veterans memorials. Rotarians were honored to reach out to as many veterans as possible with invitations. In fact, the intention, in subsequent years, is to continue the Rotary Community Service veterans' recognition program. Moreover, in addition to recognizing veterans, the invited guests included the leaders of several veterans' charities. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, sponsored and attended the memorable annual veterans tribute.
Rotary Club of Portland volunteers served a sit down Thanksgiving lunch, including turkey with all the trimmings, at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen on Wednesday, November 21st. District Governor Nominee Elect Dick Hall (left) and Portland Rotarian Ben Lowry served the patrons, along with the volunteer Rotarians. This is an annual community service supported by the Rotary Club of Portland. Gracie Johnston is the Rotary Community Service chair.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth
The club was mobilizing for the second major fundraising event of 2018: Annual Christmas Tree Sales. Vice President Jon Flagg is the lucky director. Each Portsmouth Rotarian is expected to pull three, 3-hour shifts to make it happen. Janice Cassidy has produced this year’s Christmas Tree Ornament, a depiction of the Prescott Park flower gardens.
Before all that, much of the club was slated to help produce our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. More than 100 meals were to be delivered to shut-ins, while at least another 100 were expected to be served at a gala sit-down meal.  Already numerous volunteers have been cooking turkeys and pies. Betsy Scott is the new director of this much-anticipated endeavor. We will recap next month.
Some members of the club attended an art exhibit at the Discover Portsmouth Center. The artist involved was Rose Labrie, a talented proponent of the primitive mode, very much like Grandma Moses. Her grandson, Mike Labrie, gave us a brief history.
We added another new member, Pat Novello, a nurse at Portsmouth Hospital.
Pictured on left:  Tom Kaufhold, Executive Director of the Seacoast LGBT History Project.  Pictured on right:  Joe Wiegand as Teddy Roosevelt
The month’s programs included Tom Kaufhold, executive director of the Seacoast LGBT History Project, Chief Master Sgt. Bo Smith (USN), a retired Navy Seal, and Joe Wiegand, an uncannily accurate Teddy Roosevelt impersonator. It seemed liked the 26th and youngest-ever president was actually quite alive and well.
The Rotary Club of Sanford-Springvale
Sanford-Springvale Rotarian Elias Thomas was recently chosen to receive the National Association of Realtors "Good Neighbor Award" which is a program that honors realtors who make an extraordinary impact though volunteer work.  Elias is one of five realtors chosen from hundreds of nominations throughout the U.S. As a winner, the NAR will donate $10,000 to the charity of Elias' choice which will, of course, be Rotary International.  These monies will be used to fund future global grants - building catchment dams in water-starved sections of Rajasthan, India.  Elias has organized and led global grant projects in India annually since 2001. To see his "Good Neighbor" story and video, please visit  REALTOR Magazine.
The Rotary Club of Sebago Lake
Earlier this month, the Sebago Lake Club celebrated its 35th Anniversary in combination with a fundraiser for the Windham Veterans Center.  Over 100 folks were served by Rotarians and the St. Joe's College Rotaract Club. Money was raised to assist in unexpected needed repairs at the Veterans Center. A partnership with Modern Woodman of American, local agent Tim Graham, did a matching grant where over $1,000 was raised as part of the event. 
The club also presented a Paul Harris Fellow to Beth Bubier of Windham, who had been the past Interact Club leader for over 10 years. 
DG John Lobosco presented George Bartlett, who was the MC for the evening, with a certificate for the 35th Celebration as well. 
Past DG and current Chair for Polio Plus worldwide, Mike McGovern, presented Cyndy Bell who was President of the club during 2017-18, with a certificate of appreciation for the club's participation in the Polio Plus campaign.
The Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth

Our fearless leader tried to keep a low profile at his club's meeting on Halloween.  Didn't work John!
At his November 28th club meeting, club member and current District Governor John LoBosco was presented his PHF+5 pin by Club President Fran Bagdasarian and Mike McGovern.

The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills
The Oxford Hills Rotary Club is selling Rotary Cheese Wheels. They are 2 pound wheels of Vermont Sharp Cheddar cheese and are delicious! Each wheel comes packaged in a decorative box and are $18.00 each. Orders are being taken now with a deadline of December 5th, and delivery date of December 12th, in time for Christmas. If you'd like to order one or more, please contact Patty Rice @ or 207-890-2332 or George Rice @ or 207-890-3122.  Makes a great gift! Order yours today!
The Rotary Club of Exeter
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Deadline for January Newsletter Submissions: December 23rd
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If you have a submission for the newsletter or website, and would like to have us post a picture with a child (children) in it, please let us know if you have received a consent, otherwise we will edit it accordingly.
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