July 2018 - ISSUE 1
Upcoming Events
Portland Seadogs
Hadlock Field
Aug 19, 2018
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Rotary Zone Institute Montreal PQ
Sep 18, 2018 – Sep 22, 2018
Rotary Zone 24-32 Conference, Montreal
Montreal, PQ, Canada
Sep 20, 2018 – Sep 22, 2018
Finance Committee 6PM
Sep 24, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:09 PM
Pre-PETS PE Training #1
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Oct 22, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Pre-PETS PE Training #2
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Nov 27, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Finance Committee 6PM
Dec 10, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Midyear Dinner
Jan 28, 2019
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Pre-PETS PE Training #3
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Feb 09, 2019
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Finance Committee 6PM
Mar 25, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
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District Governor's Message
July 2018
Welcome to the new Rotary year!
RI President Barry Rassin has encouraged us to “Be the Inspiration.”
How can we be the inspiration?
The Rotarians in this district and our 1.2 million fellow Rotarians around the world already are the inspiration.  Your incredible work in your communities and around the world both inspires and humbles me.
That is not enough!  We need to inspire others.  When we inspire others, our good work is multiplied.
How can we inspire others? 
We can inspire others by letting them know of our good work and asking them to join us.  We should not keep what we do a secret.  As Rotarians, we have a habit of looking to the future--how can we help next?  We also need to celebrate our accomplishments!
We need to do more celebrating!  When we celebrate, others will want to celebrate with us.  We need to let them know what we have been doing and invite them in.
I hope you will embrace Rotary’s new public image campaign.  It is a wonderful campaign with templates your club can easily customize.  The templates ensure a professional look common across the Rotary world, yet customization allows the focus to be on your club and what it does to connect, inspire and transform.  This public image campaign is exactly what we need to let others know what we are doing, why it is important, and why they should join us and become people of action.
The Rotary Brand Center has "Create Your Own" templates for club specific "People of Action" print  ads and Facebook Posts. You can choose from several headlines and upload your club's photo of Rotarians in action. Find these new templates under the "Materials" and "Create Your Own" menu links at the Brand Center. 
Please call on our district experts, Public Image Chair Barbara Sutcliffe,, and Past Governor Marty Helman,, if you need help getting started on the campaign.
When we let others know what we do, they will be inspired to join us.  They, too, will want to make a difference with us.  Please find one or more people in your club to champion the People of Action campaign for your club.  Also, please let Barbara know if you are willing to be a public relations resource (in whatever media is your area of expertise) for other clubs in the district.
The People of Action campaign is a wonderful opportunity to grow our membership.  As we share our message and inspire others, our membership should naturally grow.
How can we measure if our message is getting through to others?
I believe membership growth can be an important metric in measuring whether our message is getting through to others--that is, in assessing whether we are inspiring them.  However, it is not enough to just hope for natural growth.  We need to set goals and to work toward those goals.
Rotarians from around the district participated in visioning meetings that led to the creation of our strategic plan.  You told us that you envisioned us as a district of 2000 Rotarians in 5 years.  We will reach that goal if each club  brings in at least 10% new members per year and commits to losing no more than 5%, for a net gain of 5%.  Please be sure your club has an effective membership committee and I hope you will embrace this goal.  As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats!
More members will lead to more hands to help on our projects.  These new members will bring new ideas for new ways to serve.  They also will bring more donations to the Foundation, helping us to eradicate polio, and increasing the funds we will receive for the district grants that have funded so many worthy club projects throughout the district--tangibly benefitting our communities.
Please reach out to committee chair Aileen Dugan,, if you would like to help us implement the strategic plan.  Also, reach out to committee chair Ann Schieber,, if you’d like to serve on the district’s membership committee or need advice or ideas for your club.
We are committed this year to putting the strategic plan you developed into action.  In addition to Public Image and Membership, the plan also focuses on Collaboration and on Leadership and Succession Planning.
Our 9 assistant governors are charged with driving collaboration throughout the district.  When we collaborate with each other, and with like organizations in our communities, we can make our clubs stronger and our communities stronger.  We need to support each other’s events! 
We have some collaborative events in the works too.  The AGs are arranging a picnic later this summer in the picnic area of Hadlock Field, the home of the Portland Sea Dogs.  It will be a great way to build relationships and foster collaborations while taking in a game.
I’m hopeful that every club in the district will commit to building and maintaining at least one Little Free Library in each of the communities we serve.  We may even have one or two work days in which we work together (collaboration!) to build some of them and we will publicize our efforts (public image!) and maybe even invite some friends (prospective members!) to help us.  Our Literacy Chair, Kerstin Kirchner,, will be chairing this effort.  Please contact Kerstin if you can help with some aspect of this project (supplies, construction expertise, books, book templates and bookmarks, public relations, etc.)
The AGs also will be helping with our major collaborative event of the year:  our FUN and FREE district conference amongst the lighthouses in the amazing parks of Cape Elizabeth and South Portland.  Save the Date:  June 8, 2019.  We’ll have activities for the whole family--everyone is invited.  More details to come as we receive final approvals and get the planning process going in earnest.  If you’ll be able to help with the planning, please reach out to our 2019 Conference Chair, Past Governor Lawrence Furbish, This is YOUR conference, so we want YOUR ideas on how to make it both FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY and INSPIRATIONAL too.
You will hear more about Leadership and Succession Planning as the year progresses.  Our district trainer, as well as our director of people, networking, and succession planning (she wears two hats!), Michele Bois-Gilbody,, is developing tools that will help the clubs with succession planning and also help the district do the same.  I hope you will raise your hand (and let Michele know) if you have expertise in these areas and want to help--also, let her know if your club has a perennial problem finding that next president or committee chair--she may have some ideas that can help.  Call on your AG too--your AG is a wonderful resource whose goal is to help your club become stronger.
Nancy Hawes has told me about a billboard that caught her eye on 495 in Massachusetts-- she reports that it had a picture of a child and the caption “You don’t have to be big to be an inspiration.” Nancy didn’t recall what the billboard was advertising, but the message is important.
We don’t have to be an RI President – or an RI Director - or a District Governor – or a Club President – or hold any other office in Rotary to be an inspiration. Each of us is an inspiration when we take action through Rotary to make the world a better place.  And when we invite our friends and family, including our children and grandchildren, to our Rotary events, we set a positive example that will inspire them-- and they will then go on to inspire others!
Thank you for all you do and for being my inspiration.
Here’s to a great year ahead!
DG John LoBosco and his wife, Sue with RI President Barry Rassin and his wife, Esther
A Final Note from DG Dave . . .
Club Presidents and other District 7780 leaders, greetings!
Many of us are just back from the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.   Four great days of inspiring speakers and a clear vision of Rotary’s future, which is bright and focused.  You can see videos and coverage of key speakers on
As I send this note, DGE John LoBosco is ready to grab the baton and sprint forward with our team as the new Rotary Year begins Sunday.  John is thoroughly ready to be the inspiration for our forty clubs in the new year, and you’ll greatly enjoy his style and his message.  Big thanks to him for his support of our work this year and his extensive preparation.
This note celebrates you – the forty club presidents and our supporting teams.  Your record-setting report of our goals and achievements through Rotary Club Central shows over a million dollars in local cash fundraising and another million dollars’ worth of in-kind donations.  Our projects were implemented by over five thousand volunteers (that’s over three times our membership, showing how many of us come back again and again to serve Rotary and successfully draw other community members into our work).
We logged over thirty-six thousand service hours (that’s equal to having eighteen full-time Rotarians hard at work every day).  The power of this team cannot be overstated.  In District 7780, we look far beyond our own borders with service projects, NIDs and hands-on energy.  Today I signed off on two more global grants from our district, and I won’t be surprised if more show up on my digital desktop by midnight Saturday (did I ever mention that we Rotarians sometimes procrastinate? :)
Those grants come from our gifts to the Rotary Foundation, and our district’s Foundation support has been exemplary.  Numbers are not final,  you still have time to make a contribution.  All forty of our clubs have supported the annual fund, and at least thirty-eight supported PolioPlus.  Thirty of our forty presidents have personally donated to the Foundation (and if you just read that line and said “oops”, please click here and make that number go up!).
I am grateful for the opportunity to join you on this journey, and my commitment to Rotary here in Southern Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire is steadfast.  I look forward to working with John, Andy, Peggy and their teams in the coming years, and I thank you one more time for Making a Difference this Rotary year. 
Have a marvelous summer!
Dave Underhill, Portsmouth Rotary Club, District 7780 Governor (2017-2018)
The Portland Sea Dogs
The Portland Sea Dogs are happy to host Rotary District 7780, as they take on the Altoona Curve, an AA Affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Sunday, August 19th, at 1:00 pm - (gates open at 11:30 am)
Tickets are $27.50 per person.
Tickets purchased through the link below are for the Coca-Cola Picnic Area in Right Field, and include a buffet that runs from 11:30 am until 2:00 pm, and consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ pulled chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, Coca-Cola products and Sea Dog Biscuits.  There is also a cash bar in the area for beer and wine.

What a great way to share an afternoon with fellow Rotarians in the District, and also prospective members!

If you have any questions you can contact, District AG from the Kennebunk Portside Rotary Club.

Or, if you would like to order 10 or more tickets, please contact Alan Barker in the Sea Dogs ticket office at 207-879-9500 or by email at
Polio Plus - July 2018
Greeting’s fellow Rotarians, my name is Jeff Slaton and I am a member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Saco Bay.  I have been appointed as your District 7780 Polio Plus Chair by John Lobosco, District Governor and PDG Lawrence Furbish our new Foundation Chair and past Polio Chair.  Michael McGovern, International Polio Plus Chair and a member of our District has “BIG” expectations for this position and I am geared to make him proud.
So I begin with an article I came across regarding the start of the Purple Pinkie Project, as it relates to a project I had the pleasure of working on this past week at Camp Hines. These future leaders with the assistance of Phil Giordano of the Scarborough Rotary Club raised $250.00 which quickly became $750.00 with the match from the Gates Foundation.  Bravo…
Polio Plus Chair Jeff Slaton and RYLA Director Phil Giordano received their Purple Pinkies at Camp Hines
World Polio Day
Safe Passage
Dear Friends of Safe Passage,
Thank you for your inquiries and concerns about the recent and ongoing volcanic activity about 50 km to the west of Guatemala City.  Fortunately, the children, families, and staff living and working in Guatemala City at Safe Passage and the surrounding communities are not in harm's way, although everyone has been busy cleaning up from a film of volcanic dust that coated the city.
Our hearts are heavy with the knowledge of hundreds of families who suffered a direct impact from Volcano Fuego, losing family members, homes, livelihoods. Some of our staff who live in Antigua and the surrounding towns have lost friends. Volcano Fuego continues to be volatile and unpredictable, and the heavy seasonal rains have caused problems for relief efforts. The outpouring of love and material supports from Guatemalans across the country has been truly heartening, and foreigners living or visiting here have jumped right in to help in every way.
While there continues to be instability in the region, we are not experiencing an interruption in our daily classes and work at Safe Passage.  Please check the Safe Passage Facebook page for any important notices.
Thank you and sincerely,
Susanna Place, Board President
Tania de Zedan, Board Vice President
District History for July
Still working cleaning out old files! So for the next few months, there will be a quote out of some old club newsletters that I came across where I did a make-up.  So here we go down memory lane! 
The quotes below were in the June District Newsletter that I had taken from two different clubs newsletters where I had done a makeup.
August 10, 1988 Newsletter -  2ȼ Sale Treasurer Len Strait reported that gross sales were $9,806.13 – expenses were $1,955.22 leaving a net of $7850.91 – the most we have ever netted in the 14 years we have had the sale.
September 22, 1988 – “Our speaker last week was President Rick Merschdorf sharing his experience at the Rotary International Convention this spring.  Helen and Milt Chauner, who live in Wayne, Pennsylvania, near to Philadelphia, “took me in tow giving Rick an overview of Philadelphia and environs.”
No one came through with an answer this month for either one.
The August 10, 1988 Newsletter - I was surprised no one got this one.  The Ogunquit Rotary club is famous for their 2ȼ sales.  I guess no one from Ogunquit read June’s District newsletter.
The September 22, 1988 was a lot more difficult.  However, I told you they were newsletters from where I have made up.  This quote was from the “Kona Coffee Blossom” in Hawaii!  Now why didn’t anyone guess this one!
Here are the quotes for July from two more newsletters from my past – these are easy!  This time both clubs are in York County and they should be a snap! 
October 2, 1989 Newsletter -  “With just two weeks to go before the annual Rotary Walkathon, members should be receiving an assignment sheet at today’s breakfast meeting….and making space on their calendars to meet necessary commitments.”  MEALS ON WHEELS: October 3: Bibber/Margosian.
February 6, 1992 Newsletter – “Everybody welcomed President Craig back who started the meeting by asking Ginny McLaughlin to introduce visiting Rotarians and guests. …”
Send your answers to me at with your name and your club’s name.  The answers will be in the August newsletter.
Marie A. Williams, PDG
District 7780 Historian
The Rotary Club of Bethel
Bethel Rotarians recently gathered at Dave Freiday's home for a spring wood splitting event on Saturday, June 2nd.  After splitting the firewood, the club donated and delivered it to families in the Bethel area. 

Members of Bethel Rotary worked at RYLA’s Camp Hinds Clean Up Service Project on June 9th led by President-Elect Mike Steven.

The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
Rick Hagen, President of Rotary of Damariscotta-Newcastle Maine 2017-18, was honored by the Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce at their annual dinner.  Rick and his wife Lisa Sproul Hagen have dedicated countless hours to our communities, including Light up the Villages, Rotary, Chamber, Twin Village Business Forum, Rotary/Lions Golf Tournament and Auction, Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta, etc.  Thanks to Rick and Lisa for enriching our lives and adding fun to everything!
Once again our collection of mobility devices garnered 124 sets or 248 individuals, 25 Walkers, 45 Walking Canes, New Orthopedic Medical Supplies: 10 boxes of unused/new cam walkers, wrist splints, shoulder immobilizers, casting material, knee braces, etc. as well as a few miscellaneous items: foot boot, leg and knee braces. Plus one happy lady from Woolwich who picked a new wheel chair courtesy of PE Jane Gravel.
The Rotary Club of Dover
The Rotary Club of Dover, NH reacently visited the Dover Police Department to learn more about the role of the Mounted Patrol in the Dover community.
A group of volunteers from the Rotary Club of Dover, NH, spent a recent Saturday morning planting flowers in the Rotary Garden at Henry Law Park. In support of the City of Dover, Dover Rotarians have wielded shovels, rakes and a good dose of enthusiasm to create a beautiful vista for all visitors to Dover’s summer attraction.  
According to President Michael Rennebu, monies from a variety of fundraisers are dedicated in the Rotary budget every year to continue this project.  A hands-on committee of the Rotary Club, chaired by Jessica Cobb, maintains the garden from spring through fall. 
Cobb said, “Henry Law Park is such a wonderful resource for the Dover Community.  It is nice to see people enjoying the space as they attend concerts or visit the new Adventure playground.  Our Club is honored to play a part in continuing the park’s success.”
The Rotary Club of Durham-Great Bay
The Rotary Club of Durham-Great Bay is hosting an Independence Day Celebration at the UNH Wildcat Stadium in Durham, NH on Tuesday, July 3, at 6 pm. This time honored event represents a great come-back story for the surrounding towns to have a local venue to celebrate our nation and the community; as it has not been done in a number of years. Event goers can enjoy a variety of delicious bites from various Food Trucks and/or purchase a ticket for a BBQ Buffet in the Premium Seating area. General entrance to the event is free with free parking. For more information, visit

UNH Wildcat Stadium

Gates Open 6pm Fireworks 9pm

Free Admission | Food | Premium Seating | Children's Events | Free Parking

On Thursday, June 28, the Rotary Club of Durham-Great Bay will enjoy its annual change-over dinner where the torch is passed from the current president to the next.  We celebrate the ending of one great presidency under Andrew Corrow as we look forward to the next year with Tom Boisvert as our new club president.
The Rotary Club of Exeter
The Rotary Club of Exeter enjoyed feeding over 500 NH Special Olympics participants and their families on June 1st, at UNH.  The Olympics drew athletes from all over the state, where they participated in a variety of different events on Friday and Saturday including a triathlon, bocce, powerlifting, running, powerwalking, swimming and equestrian competitions.
The Rotary Club of Hampton
Pictured left to right:  Club President Bill McGowan, Treasurer Rich Gibadlo, PR Director Barb Lizotte, PDG Brad Jett, and PE Donna Abisi
On June 2nd, several members of Hampton Rotary gathered early at Hampton Beach to serve as volunteer course marshals for the Blue Ocean Society’s 5th Annual 5K race. This non-profit organization formally began in 2001, achieved non-profit status in 2002, and exists to provide educational experiences and information regarding marine life and the marine environment. They regularly conduct school and group educational programs and beach cleanups, in addition to manning the Blue Ocean Discovery Center at Hampton Beach during the summer season.

This past Thursday evening, under the tent at Grill 28 at Pease, the Hampton Rotary Club celebrated the close and beginning of a new Rotary year. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards by outgoing President Bill McGowan to three well-deserving Rotarians.

The first presentation of Paul Harris Fellows was to Stephanie Santos and Ray Tweedie, who have done an outstanding job as our Service Project Directors this past year.


The second presentation, Rotarian of the Year, was awarded to Barbara Lizotte, who is a Past President and current PR Director of our club. Barbara's dedication to the club is evident, as Bill pointed out her involvement in most (if not all) Hampton Rotary events this past year.

Congratulations to three well-deserving Rotarians - Barbara, Stephanie and Ray from the Hampton Rotary Club!


The Rotary Club of Kennebunk Portside
Pictured from left to right:  5th Grade Essay Contest winners - Chris, Avery and Emilia.
On Tuesday morning, June 5th, the Consolidated School hosted the winners of the Annual Fifth Grade Essay Contest for the reading of their essays. This year’s format was adjusted a bit, and KPR pledged to honor a winner from each participating school (Consolidated, Sea Road, and Mildred L. Day.)  Students were challenged to identify a charity worthy of receiving a $200 donation and to justify their choice. Nearly two hundred 5th graders from the three schools wrote essays, with their teachers selecting the top few from each school.  Rotarians then read the finalists' essays and selected the top one from each school.   
The students were invited to read their essays at the Tuesday meeting in front of Kennebunk Portside Rotarians, family, their teachers and principals who came to celebrate.  
Winner were: Chris Smith from MLD on behalf of US Vets Program that helps US Vets to get their lives reestablished;  Avery Rossics from Consolidated School on behalf of the ASPCA; and Emilia Ilyas from Sea Road on behalf of the United Way Books Program,
Congratulations to all the winners for their great work. The students and teachers were given checks to the various charities, wrote letters and sent the checks to the charities.
The Rotary Club of Ogunquit
A picture perfect June evening at the Beachmere Inn formed the backdrop for a delightful evening. 
We were pleased to be joined by 2018-19 Governor John Lobosco and his wife Sue.  Other District dignitaries in attendance were Liz Cullen (and Bernie), Larry Marsolais and Elias Thomas (and Jane.)  John presented incoming presidents Bob Cruickshank and Erin Haye with the new Rotary theme banner that reads, "Be the Inspiration."
Outgoing Co-Presidents Kerry Ellen Enright, Tracy Smith and Bob Cruickshank honored Mary and Richard Littlefield for their lengthy service to Rotary and to Ogunquit. They also gave awards to Carol Brennan, Mariah Erikson and Pete Woodbury.
George Wilson was at his creative and directorial best in presenting the evening's TV Quiz Show. While Erin Haye distracted the audience with cue card training, including the singing of the “Reny's, a Maine Adventure”, George and John Clancy were donning their TV attire. It was all downhill from there!
Kudos to all who planned the evening, thank you to the outgoing Three Musketeers and congratulations to Bob and Erin as they begin their tenures as presidents.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth
As we went to press, the Club had just completed its annual Golf Tournament.  We’ll have a complete report on who won, plus the financial numbers from the tournament next month.
The day before, we handed out four Vocational Awards in an emotional and enlightening program.
Vocational Award Winners
A large contingent was expected to brave inclement weather to attend Rotary Day at the New Hampshire Fisher Cats on June 24th. Justin Finn was looking forward to leading the crowd at the all-you-can-eat buffet table. More to come on that, too.
President Ben was happy to announce that a huge deficit in our $19,000 general fund has been erased. It was just another example of the Club stepping up in a time of need. We also gave $1000 dollars to Craig Taylor to help meet his Pan Mass Challenge pledge.
Another $1000 dollars went to the Cape Town, South Africa, Rotary Club. Yvonne Legge will personally present the check when Portsmouth’s “Voices from the Heart” sings there next month. The group’s concerts will benefit underprivileged children. Cape Town Rotary is helping put up singers.
The River Valley Rotary Club
On Monday, June 18th, at the River Valley Rotary Club Fellowship Luncheon held at HOPE Association the guest speaker was Tom Judge, executive director of Life Flight of Maine.   Maine was the last state in the get Life Flight, and in 2008, was voted for having the best Life Flight system in North America.

There are 8 mechanics who check out the helicopters daily, and the helicopter team comprises of a pilot, nurse and paramedics.  Maine’s Life Flight system has served 2400 patience this year.  It only takes 11 minutes from Lewiston to Rumford, and 80-90minutes from Bangor to the most Northern portion of Maine.  An astonishing 26,100 patients a year call 911!

At the end of the presentation , the River Valley Rotary Club donated $400 to the organization.
It was a great night at 49 Franklin Street, Rumford, Maine, on Monday, June 25, 2018, where the River Valley Rotary Club held it’s annual Presidential Transition dinner.  Randy Therrien passed the gavel on to Dr. Paul Doroghazi as the new 2018- 2019 River Valley Rotary Club President.

Pictured above: Randy Therrien with Dr. Paul Doroghazi
Randy was, also, given a Spirit of America Award from Town Manager Linda J Briggs, for his many involvements in various organizations to help improve the lives of Rumford residents.

Above:  Randy Therrien receiving the Award from the Linda J Briggs,Rumford’s Town Manager
The Rotary Club of Sebago Lake
Representing their fellow students are: Lily Edmond and Josh Arbour with Windham Elementary Principle Dr. Kyle Rhoads. John McGinnis is from the Sebago Lake Rotary Club President Elect.
The students at the Windham Elementary School, 2nd grade class, took the challenge presented by the Sebago Lake Rotary Club to read 500 hours in exchange for contributions to Heifer International.
Heifer International is an organization that provides livestock to villages in third world countries to raise for food, and to exchange with others in their communities that will provide a local economy of barter or trade.
The 62 children who participated have been reading since they returned from Christmas break and met the challenge. The animals they choose were pigs, lambs, chickens, and a gardening basket which provides seeds and other items to create a garden.
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
Look for our club members to be selling $5 raffle tickets the weekends of June 29th and July 7th, as well as the 4th of July in front of Sherman’s MidCoast Books and & Café.  Includes paddle.
The Rotary Club of Ogunquit
The Rotary Club of Ogunquit will host its 44th Annual 2 Cent Sale at the Dunaway Center on Thursday, July 19 at 6:00 pm!
This exciting event features hundreds of raffle ticket drawings, a silent auction, gift basket drawings and a grand prize raffle.
The main attraction of the evening is a series of five tables, each bearing 50 items donated by local businesses. Focusing on one table at a time, attendees buy from one to dozens of raffle tickets for $1 per ticket. Each ticket puts the holder in the running for each and every one of the 50 items on the table. Get it?
As the evening progresses, several gift basket drawings are held and the baskets are awarded. At the end of the evening, the silent auction winners are announced and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners in the grand prize raffle are announced.
In total about 300 prizes are awarded!
Rotarians sell hot dogs, popcorn and soft drinks to keep the customers well sated.
This annual event provides the bulk of the funds the club distributes during the course of each Rotary year in the form of scholarships, donations and the like.
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Updates and short articles with images or videos, and the names of new members and those who have passed, may be submitted to our Newsletter Editor, Deb Marsolais, at to be included in our Monthly Newsletter. The District Newsletter is a means of communicating to other clubs in our district; items of interest, upcoming events, fundraisers, opportunities of service, or member news.
Deadline for August Newsletter Submissions:  July 23rd
As a precaution, unless you have obtained a written consent from a parent/guardian, every child’s face which appears in a picture submitted for the newsletter or website, will be edited so that it is blurred out in the picture.  Since there may be situations involving abuse, neglect, custody dispute, etc., and parents wouldn't want their child's picture to appear in public, this is being done for the child's privacy and protection.
If you have a submission for the newsletter or website, and would like to have us post a picture with a child (children) in it, please let us know if you have received a consent, otherwise we will edit it accordingly.
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