Upcoming Events
Pre-PETS PE Training #1
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Oct 22, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Foundation, Membership & Int'l Service Seminar
Husson University
Nov 03, 2018 8:00 AM
PE Get Acquainted Social (PE Session #2)
Cumberland Club
Nov 27, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Finance Committee 6PM
Dec 10, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Midyear Dinner
Jan 28, 2019
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Pre-PETS PE Training #3
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Feb 09, 2019
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Finance Committee 6PM
Mar 25, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District Training Assembly
Portland area - venue to be confirmed
Apr 06, 2019
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
RI International Convention - Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Jun 01, 2019 – Jun 05, 2019
Finance Committee 6PM
Jun 10, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
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District Governor's Message - Oct. 2018
Rotarians are People of Action! 
I hope you and your club are embracing the new People of Action campaign.  Learn more and obtain free templates in the Brand Center, which you will find in My Rotary at
Please call on Past District Governor Marty Helman,, or District Public Image Chair Barbara Sutcliffe,, if you need help getting started on the campaign or have questions along the way.  They are experts in the People of Action campaign!  This campaign is just what we need to let others know of our work so they will want to join us.
As a person of action, there is an important action I am asking of you.  I need you to take action to bring in new members.  Not just anybody-- but those wonderful people who will enjoy working with you to do good.  We can't just stand by and leave "membership" to others.  Ask yourself, "What have I done lately to bring new members into the club?"  Then, take action: COME UP WITH A LIST OF PEOPLE YOU CAN ASK TO JOIN US.  Do you have friends who you'd like to see more frequently but can't find the time?  Ask them to join Rotary, where you'll be sure to see them at meetings, projects and events.
I hope clubs will hold brainstorming sessions in which members share names of people they believe should become members-- and then work together to come up with a plan to bring them in.  Perhaps other members know a person you have mentioned and would be enthusiastic about bringing him or her into the club.   Those members might work with you to bring in the new member.  We need to give the gift of Rotary to others, just as someone gave it to us. Who will be thanking you in the future for giving them the gift of Rotary? I have Frank Butterworth to thank for bringing me into Rotary.  Thank you Frank!
We can't be passive when it comes to membership.  Membership is a contact sport!  We will naturally lose members when they move away or pass away--those are passive losses we can't do much about.  Bringing in new members is not a passive activity-- we have to take action to recruit and retain members.    I need you to step out of your daily routine and take action to bring in new members. We all need you to identify and contact people who would make wonderful Rotarians.  Please start developing your list of prospects today!  We owe it to others to give them this gift!  We owe it to our communities and to the world community to grow this wonderful organization.
Every month is Membership Month!  Growing our membership is the best thing we can do to ensure the future of our wonderful organization and extend the reach of its good work.
An Important Reminder for this Month: October 24 is World Polio Day.
Visit to find or promote an event, or learn about the live stream that will be broadcast that day.  Consider holding a polio awareness event.  I hope each club will use social media and print media (through press releases) to explain to the community what Rotary is accomplishing and to ask others to join us.
Heads up for Next Month: 
We'll be holding a Special District Assembly on November 3 at Husson University in Westbrook, Maine. We will focus on membership, foundation goals and grants, and international service opportunities.  Come join friends from throughout the district to discuss these important topics.  
Our Recovery Initiative, headed by Chief Bob MacKenzie, expects to hold a one hour Opioid Overdose Recognition and Response Class through Portland Public Health at York County Community College.  November date to be determined.
More for this Month:  October is Economic and Community Development Month.
During October, we think about how we can develop our communities, both locally and internationally.  Our immediate past district governor, Dave Underhill, taught us the importance of building a Pyramid of Peace.  We help bring about a peaceful world by using Rotary's six areas of focus as the building blocks.  Economic and Community Development is one of the building blocks -- and this month's theme.
Whether it’s right here in New England or across the sea, every club is active in promoting economic and community development. At least half of the Foundation District grants awarded to our clubs for the current year were in the area of economic and community development. Two of them focused on improved recreational opportunities (park benches – Kennebunk Portside; beach wheelchair – Saco Bay), while another one focused on teens (providing computers to Teen Center – Brunswick) and yet another benefits workers in Kosovo who need prosthetic hands (Yarmouth). 
One particularly interesting and effective way of promoting economic and community development in poor communities is through the use of microcredit. The making of very small loans to women and others to start businesses without collateral or a lot of paperwork has been very effective in reducing poverty, especially for the “ultra-poor." The Strong Young Women program supported by the Friends of Kakamega (visited by our 2018 cultural exchange team) is an excellent example of a successful microfinance program that has changed lives.
Sue and I also saw the results of such a program on a trip to Cambodia some years ago. We visited a poor fishing village, where unexpectedly a young woman took my picture.  A short time later the woman's son sold me a fancy metal dish with my picture in the middle. It has become a prized memory of our trip.  And a reminder of the good that can be done for poor families loaned the capital needed to start small businesses.
If you are inspired to learn more about what Rotary is doing in the microfinance area, I suggest you check out the Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance & Community Development (RAGM). 
There are 26 Rotarian Action Groups, each with members throughout the world who have expertise or passion to help address a world health or other problem.  I hope you will consider joining one if you have expertise or passion to share.  The others are Addiction Prevention, Aids and Family Health, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Blindness Prevention, Blood Donation, Clubfoot, Diabetes, Disaster Assistance, Domestic Violence Prevention, Endangered Species, Environmental Sustainability, Food Plant Solutions, Health Education and Wellness, Hearing, Hepatitis, Literacy, Malaria, Mental Health, Multiple Sclerosis, Peace, Polio Survivors and Associates, Population Development, Preconception Care, Slavery, and Water and Sanitation.  Google "Rotarian Action Group" for more information. 
In this month of Economic and Community Development, let’s reach out to community leaders to discover what projects might be most useful to the community. And in reaching out to community leaders, it would be great to reach out to the emerging leaders in our immigrant communities – they are a source of good information about community needs, and they also might make great members!
Think about new ways not only to alleviate suffering, but also to bring joy to those around us.  Just think about the joy beach wheelchairs from the Ogunquit and Saco Bay clubs have brought to older folks and others who couldn't enjoy the beach because of limited mobility. 
Whether it’s through a Foundation grant or our own club projects, all of us want to improve our communities – and for most of us it’s why we joined Rotary in the first place!  Do what you can to develop our local and world communities, and have a great October!
An Invitation from District Governor John LoBosco
Join us at a Special District Assembly to discuss Foundation, Membership, and International Service Opportunities and Strategies!
WHO:  All Rotarians are welcome!  We are hoping, in particular, for a good turnout from club Foundation, Membership, and International Service chairs.
WHEN:  Saturday morning, November 3, 2018 from 8 a.m. until 12 noon.
WHERE:  Husson University, 340 County Road, Westbrook, Maine.
REGISTRATION:  We need you to register so we know how many to expect.  The venue can seat up to 135 people, so we will have a waiting list after we reach that number.  Please register ASAP at the link available on the District home page or here.
SPECIAL GUESTS:  Julia Phelps, former Rotary International Director and current Foundation Trustee will share insights into current happenings in Evanston regarding the Foundation.
Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, Greg Roche, also will join us to connect with you and explain how he can be a valuable resource for us.
8:00 - 8:30        Social (coffee and muffins)
8:30 - 9:00        Julia Phelps, "A Week in the Life of a Foundation Trustee"
9:00 - 10:30      Joint Session
10:30 - 10:45     Break
10:45 - 12:00     Breakouts
The first half of the morning will be a joint session with presentations on the Foundation and Membership. After a break, we will have three concurrent breakouts: Foundation, Membership, and International Service.
The International Service breakout will focus on opportunities for Rotarians to travel abroad to engage in hands-on service. On the Foundation side, we will be talking about District Grants, Global Grants, Polio Plus, the Peace Scholars Program, the Annual Fund, and Major Gifts. As for Membership, we’ll be discussing strategies to achieve our Governor’s challenge to increase membership throughout the district by at least 5% this year.
We will have plenty of time for questions and dialogue among the participants.This is a great opportunity to roll-up your sleeves and connect with your colleagues from around our district to learn and share.
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  For more information, contact the event chair, Lawrence Furbish at 207-490-6840,
District 7780
District 7780 is seeking applicants for our Rotary year 2021-2022 District Governor and candidates for the District Finance Committee.
One of the most important decisions we make as a District is choosing our future leaders; we are seeking the most qualified person for the position of District Governor for the Rotary Year 2021-2022. If you have a demonstrated history of leadership and collaboration as a Rotarian and are willing to share your passion and talents as our District Governor, please seriously consider this opportunity.  If you know a Rotarian with these qualities, please encourage them to consider serving in this important leadership position.
Proposals for governor-nominee-designate shall be accompanied by a photograph of the candidate and a biographical sketch of the candidate’s personal and Rotary background. Note that the applicant’s club must attest to and support the application.
In addition, the Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the District Finance Committee.  This is a three-year term, to serve from July 1 2019-June 30 2022.  Candidates will be selected from ‘Division A’ (D7780 clubs in New Hampshire).  Applications must include an endorsement resolution of the club, adopted at a regular club meeting and certified by the club secretary.
Applications for both positions are located on the District 7780 website under the tab:  Committees/Nominating/Links.  Applications may be submitted anytime before November 1, 2018. The Nominating Committee will hold an interview for each candidate in November.  Applications must be submitted by email to DG John LoBosco.
Please direct any questions to: D7780 District Governor Nominating Committee Chair, PDG Carolyn Johnson,  (207-232-4667) or to DG John LoBosco.
Polio Plus - October 2018
Fall is upon us and I hope all is well with everyone in District 7780.
Congratulations to our District for winning an award for donating 20% of DDF to End Polio Now from Rotary International.
I am attaching an update on how the world is doing regarding Polio outbreaks for 2018. Sadly, 5 countries have continued to have outbreaks this year. Afghanistan w/ 14, Pakistan w/ 4, Nigeria w/ 8, Somalia w/ 8, and after 18 years of being Polio free, Papua New Guinea has had 12. Totaling 46 worldwide, this is a travesty. We must continue to do our part and assist were we can in the eradication of this dreaded disease. Please remember, every $$ dollar donated gets matched 2 to 1 with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is tax deductible.
One Day. One Focus: Ending Polio
October 24, 2018
We're getting ready for the 6th annual World Polio Day event in Philadelphia, PA, USA. We will be streaming live from the College of Physicians, and aim to bring together more than 100,000 viewers around the world.
Thank you for all that you do.
Jeffrey Slaton
Polio Plus Coordinator, Rotary Club of Saco Bay District 7780 / 207.608.3131
World Polio Day is 24 October!
Now’s the time to start planning your World Polio Day event. Spread the word in your community about the ongoing fight to end polio. Together, we can — and will — make history by ending polio for good.
You can join our global celebration in many ways:
•   Hold a fundraiser. Consider making virtual reality a part of it so people can see what it’s like to vaccinate a child against polio.
•   Educate your neighbors. Talk with friends, family, and colleagues about Rotary’s work to end polio.
•   Hold a viewing party. Watch the livestream of Rotary’s World Polio Day event as a club or with another Rotary or Rotaract club.
•   Light up your city. Illuminate a local landmark with the End Polio Now logo.
No event is too big or too small. Whatever you’re planning for World Polio Day, be sure to tell us about it.
Find resources to help you plan or promote your event at
International Service

District 7780 Short Term Youth Exchange - Summer 2019


Do Not Miss this Exciting Opportunity for Your Family to be involved in Rotary Youth Exchange! 
The District is kicking off a Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange for the Summer of 2019.
This is a great opportunity for your family to send your high school student to France, Italy or another foreign country and host the foreign student from that country for 3-4 weeks here in New England. This is also a great opportunity for your club to get involved in exchange on a short term basis with little expense.
Short Term Youth Exchange involves two high school students, one from the US and one from another country, and their families pair up. The US student travels to and is hosted by the foreign family for 3-4 weeks. Then the two students travel together to the US where the foreign student is hosted for 3-4 weeks before returning home. The students/families pay all expenses for travel, visas, insurance and spending money. Host families provide room, food and activities. Should the families decide, the order of the visits can be reversed.
The Rotary Club reviews applications and helps select students, and hosts the students at meetings, service projects and club activities that occur during the exchange time. They also invite the local student to participate in Rotary and Interact activities before and after the exchange. The club provides support for the family and students.
District 7780 maintains its Essex membership ( ), provides support for the district committee, and hosts students to a district sponsored activity if it occurs during the exchange time. The District makes an effort to involve past exchange students in planning and organizing future exchanges, as well as inviting them to participate in Rotary and Interact activities. 
Our deadline is January 1, 2019, for applications. There are exchanges available for many northern hemisphere countries and a few southern hemisphere countries.
The Essex website contains information on the Short Term Exchange, Information for interested clubs (Prospective Rotary Clubs link), as well as the Short Term Application. 
The program is open to both Rotary and non-Rotary students/families.  Clubs can sponsor students outside their own geographic boundaries, if the local club chooses not to participate. Clubs can sponsor more than one student/family.
More info will come, or feel free to contact any of the committee members.
Dick Hall   (207) 749-9186
Megan Peabody  (207) 542-7829
Kathi Perkins  (207) 253-1778
Jan Chapman, (207) 408-5802
Kevin Raymond (207) 450-5082
 If you are interested in working on the committee, or want to receive email updates on the committee’s work, please contact any of the committee members.
We need representatives outside the Portland Westbrook area!
People of Action Contest
For the rest of this Rotary year, we would like to run a People of Action Contest. Here are the rules:
  • create your club's People of Action campaign ad (any format will be considered, print ad, FB, Instagram, radio, video)
  • send it in to Deb Marsolais, newsletter editor, or Barbara Sutcliffe, District PR chair for review
  • monthly winning entry will be highlighted in the District Newsletter, District website AND on the rotating GIF on the District homepage.
Let's see what your clubs are all about using People of Action. Go to the Brand Center on and get started!
Wrap-A-Smile, our district project managed out of Boothbay Harbor, is now online!  Check the new blog: for updates about this very successful program of providing comfort quilts for individuals undergoing cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries. 
Director of Wrap-A-Smile Ann Demeranville was recently featured at the Rotary Club of Westford MA (D7910). She was totally surprised to be given 40 quilts which had been made by quilters from the Westford Senior Center, and from quilting guilds in the area.  Westford Rotary has pledged to be an ongoing partner in this project, extending publicity and being a gathering point for additional quilts.  Thank you to Westford and D7910.
Wrap-A-Smile is continuing to look for opportunities to speak about the project.  Please contact Ann at for more information.
PDG Dave Underhill Presented with Thank-you Gift!
Past District Governor Dave Underhill was recently presented with a custom Adirondack chair at his Portsmouth Rotary Club’s meeting on Thursday, September 27th.
The chair was a gift from his 2017/18 AG team. Speaking for the team – Larry Marsolais thanked Dave for his amazing leadership and a great Rotary year!
On hand to help with the presentation were Christine Johnson, Dan Hussey, and DGE Andy Glazier.
District History for October
CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan Stypinski
from the Brunswick Coastal!
He emailed me on September 1st at 7:41PM with the correct answer!
September History Question
Can you tell me how many clubs were chartered between 1905 and 1929 and the names of these clubs?  If you check out the District History pages, you will find the answer! 
The Rotary clubs chartered between 1905 and 1929 were 13, 11 which are still in our District.  They are as follows:
1915 Portland
1919 Bath
1920 Biddeford-Saco
1923 Portsmouth
1923 Sanford-Springvale
1924 Dover
1924 Damariscotta-Newcastle
1925 Brunswick
1925 Kennebunk
1925 River Valley
1926 Westbrook-Gorham
Jonathan even included two former clubs in our district – Newburyport 1923, which moved to District 7930 in 2012 and South Berwick 1928, which turned in their charter in 2008.
New History Question
Now for the newer clubs, can you tell me how many clubs were chartered between 2000 and 2018 and the names of these clubs?  If you check out the District History pages, you may find the answer!
Send your answers to me at with your name and your club’s name.  The answer will be in the November newsletter.
Marie A. Williams, PDG
District 7780 Historian
The Rotary Club of Kittery
On September 18, the Rotary Club of Kittery was proud to induct two new members, Brian Gruhn and Dave Fazzina. Club member Pauli represented the 3 members who originally "'talked Rotary" to Brian, while Club Membership Chair Sue stood in for Dave's sponsor, Pam Gray, who was off to Canada with DGE Andy.
Pictured left to right:  Pauli, Brian, Club President Dave G, Dave F. and Sue, listening to the Club Members read the "Welcome to Rotary"
The Rotary Club of Bethel
Two new members, Jean Benedict and Glenn Harding, were inducted into the Bethel Rotary Club in September
Pictured left to right: President Mike Steven, proposer Lucy Abbott, Jean Benedict, Glenn Harding and proposer Bruce Powell
The Rotary Club of Bethel
Pictured above left:  Rachel Brower, one of our scholarship recipients, looks on as Rotarian Ellie Andrews draws the winner of our lobster raffle. Our own “Friend of Rotary” Dave Brunett was the lucky winner!
Pictured above right:  One of our newest members, Scott Lane, gave his classification talk. What an interesting and multi-talented guy!

Pictured above left:  District Governor John LoBosco and his lovely wife visited our club. Pictured here with them is President Mike Steven

Pictured above right:  One of our newest members, Glenn Harding, shared his life story with our club in his Classification talk.
The Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor
From left to right:  PP Gloria Walters, PP Bob Walters, Pres Alice Mutch, Rotarians Daren Graves (First Responder) and Debbie Graves welcome hometown heroes at the celebration
First responders John Potter, Ryann Trask and Erin Potter are honored
A sell-out crowd of more than 120 gathered at Spruce Point Inn on Sept. 13th, for the Rotary’s 16th Hometown Heroes dinner. It was the largest crowd ever to attend the event. Conceived by Rotarian Past Presidents Bob and Gloria Walters as a way to honor first responders after the World Trade Center was destroyed, Hometown Heroes honored all 14 local departments of first responders. The funds raised buys equipment for first responders, which includes AEDs, vests, training and water pumps. At the meeting, Rotary emphasized the first responders’ belief  in “service above self” and what projects that 9-11 survivors have initiated, both locally and globally, to contribute to a better world.  Guest speaker Lynn Tierney, former Deputy Fire Commissioner for the New York City Fire Department, was in the building during 9-11. She said that this celebration of first responders should be held in all communities. To quote a volunteer and wife of a 9/11 first responder: “Together we can make beauty from ashes.”
One Rotarian, one idea, a PTA program at our club, grant writing, financial help from our District, and many hours of Rotarians at hands-on work resulted in the thrill of kids’ play. The Boothbay Region Elementary School playground became official on Sept. 24. Both the school and our club inspired others. The synergy among many made this a big success. The local PTO Vice President said, "It’s what community is all about. We had a vision and here’s the beginning of it.”   The new playground is designed for students from pre-Kindergarten through second grade, so “Phase Two” will focus on the equipment and needs of students from third through eighth grade. The VP said she has already written and applied for grants to see the entire vision through. “The hope is that these facilities will not only support the social and play needs of our kids, but also their physical and health needs as well. And we appreciate the generosity of time and resources that many have already given. Just seeing the smiling faces of our children and hearing their high-pitched shrieks and giggles as they climb the structure, twirl on the ten-spin and swing on the new swing set is priceless.”
The Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle
It’s always fascinating to learn about the backgrounds of our fellow Rotarians. This month Laird Yock and Meegan Burbank shared their stories.
Laird grew up on a 160 acre farm in northern Minnesota. He and his wife met in the fourth grade, attended the same college in Iowa and now the entire family, including children and grandchildren have all migrated to Maine. He was a Marine, sold real estate, sold hog feed in Illinois and then landed a fund-raising job at the Mayo Clinic (where he met and worked with D-N Rotarian David Lawrence). He focused on developing relationships that brought significant gifts to Mayo, and now he and Betty live in Wiscasset. Welcome to our newest member!
Meegan Burbank is a born and bred Mainer.  She is a single mom with two children, living on her farm in Jefferson and practicing law from her office in Boothbay Harbor. She plays several musical instruments, owns five horses, rides and teaches riding. She is a graduate of William and Mary Law School and her practice now focuses on civil law and criminal defense. Meegan is in love with Maine, thinking this is the ultimate place to live. Her enthusiasm for our nature and for life bubbled over during her presentation.
Dirk and Linda Brunner, hosts of our annual lobster bake
Members and family once again enjoyed our annual lobster bake at Clark’s Cove, Walpole. Hosted by PP Linda and Dirk Brunner, this is always a highlight of our year. Dirk steams lobsters, potatoes, corn, clams, onions and eggs in a traditional pit in the stones at the edge of the water. He layers with seaweed right from the Damariscotta River and when the eggs are hard boiled, the feast is served. A Maine tradition!
The Rotary Club of Dover
Congratulations to everyone who came out to run/walk with the Rotary Club of Dover at the Seacoast Cancer 5K. I was grateful to have my little sister, Kristen and her twin, Jessica and little James walk with us. A big thank you to our Rotarians that donated $400.00 to support the WDH Cancer Center. 
As a Rotarian and part of the Strafford County Board of Realtors, I had the opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting on Wednesday, at Riverside Rest Home as they held their grand opening for their new gazebo. The gazebo was installed this summer near the main entrance, and made possible with the donations from the Board of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors and the Rotary Club of Dover. The gazebo features a fully handicap accessible ramp, electrical hook ups and bench seating. What a great way to be able to be a part of our community and assist our residents, the staff, their families and the volunteers at Riverside Rest Home as they now get to use and enjoy this fabulous gazebo. #riversideresthome #communitycomingtogether ~ Melissa Lesniak
The Rotary Club of Exeter
The Exeter Rotary Club awarded a combined $15,000 in grants Monday to seven local nonprofits and charities to honor the contributions they make to the region.
The recipient organizations included the American Independence Museum, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire, the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce's Children's Fund, Northeast Passage, Arts In Reach, The Carriage Barn, and the New Hampshire chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. They were all honored by the Rotary Club in a ceremony held at the Blue Moon Evolution restaurant.
The Apple Sale by Exeter Rotary was held on Friday, September 21 to support Exeter Adult Education.   It was a lot of fun and we were sold out by 1:00 PM. 
Picture on left:  Gary Gletow, Candace Dietz, and Committee Chair Steve Geiger. Picture on right: Anne Schieber and Rachel Ela.
The Rotary Club of Hampton
Members of Hampton Rotary joined Chucky Rosa of Chucky's Fight to go the distance... straight into the Atlantic Ocean in the early morning hours of Sept 27th, to support him in his effort to prevent substance abuse. Chuck is a former Hampton Rotary Distinguished Citizen of the Year recipient, and continues to be an advocate for youth in the battle against drug and alcohol abuse. After the plunge, Chucky was presented with a check for $750 from the Hampton Rotary Club in support of Chucky's Fight.

Pictured left to right:  Hampton Rotarians Caren Ferris, JP Pontrbiand and John Ferris, Chucky Rosa (center), Ron Abisi, Club President Donna Abisi, and Immediate PP Rich Gibadlo.



With over 25 years of service to BSA Troop 177 of Hampton, former Scoutmaster Doug Aykroyd gave a talk about girls in scouts at our Tuesday morning meeting on Sept. 25. He then went on to be presented with a Paul Harris Fellow from Larry Marsolais and Jim Waddell. Congratulation Doug!

Pictured left to right:  Jim Waddell, Doug Aykroyd, and Larry Marsolais

DID YOU KNOW? James West, the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America and Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary International, were very good friends? 

Doug can boast he is a James West Fellow and a Paul Harris Fellow!

The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills
At our recent Lobster & Steak Fest Fundraiser, Governor John, sporting his new OH Club T-shirt, lent a ‘lobster’ hand!  Governor John  also got some lessons from President George Rice, who explained the cooking process. 
Lastly, Past Club President Chris Weston presented a check to the Progress Center Special Olympians, from money raised at the Ray Brown Memorial Special Olympics Dance.
The Rotary Club of Portland
Pictured above:  Portland Rotary Club President John Currand and Community Service Chair Gracie Johnson
Portland Rotary Community Service chair Gracie Johnson organizes the club's volunteer service to the Preble Street Soup Kitchen located on Oxford Street.  Rotarian volunteers are essential to providing the growing need for meal services made available to hundreds of people at the Preble Street Resource Center. "The need for volunteers continues to grow," she said.  In fact, the Resource Center is extending the services for all three meals, served each day.  Portland Rotary volunteers serve at the kitchen during the dinner shift, from 3:30-6:30, on the last Wednesday of the month.  Every day, Preble Street serves 1,000 meals. There are 350 people served at each meal. Over the past six years, the Portland Rotary has provided 1,500 hours of volunteer help. Volunteers are requested to sign up and confirm their schedule at the link  Portland Rotarians also volunteer at Thanksgiving at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen on Congress Street in Portland . Volunteer Rotarians prepare the meal and serve the clients a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with all the trimmings, on the Wednesday before the holiday  This community service allows the St. Vincent de Paul staff to be with their families during the holiday and weekend.  President John Curran leads the Portland Rotarians in sending Gracie a heartfelt "Thank You!" for her dedicated community service leadership.
The Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth 
Last summer, Ian H.S. Riseley challenged every Rotarian to plant a tree by Earth Day 2018. We trace Rotary’s love of trees from its founder, Paul Harris, to the trees Rotarians are planting today, including the heritage apple tree that members in Germany are cultivating. Here in Maine, the South Portland Cape Elizabeth club reviewed trees and planted around our Cape Elizabeth high school. It was a tricky situation in selecting the trees, since we are having a tree moth infestation and had to make selections carefully. The outcome was worthwhile. We are delighted to be able to honor President Riseley’s thoughts on the primal power of trees.
The Rotary Club of Sebago Lake
In true Rotarian fashion....
When the Sebago Lake club decided to reschedule their 35th Anniversary for Nov. 3rd, they also made it a fundraiser for their local Veteran's Center once they found out that the center was in need of some much needed repairs and had no money to do so. 
Sooooo…...Please join us as we celebrate and help us to raise the needed funds for these repairs.  
If you are unable to attend but would like to donate, please send your donation to: SLRotary Club PO Box 1941, Windham Maine 04062
Or if you'd like to help, contact Cyndy Bell 577-6654  
The Rotary Club of York
The Rotary Club of Bath Sunrise
This month the order went in to Van Engelen for our annual Flower Bulb Sale.  Each Saturday morning in October you can find us at the Bath Farmers Market at Waterfront Park and in front of Brackett’s Market.  When the order comes in at the end of September we will be busy repackaging and labeling for your gardening delight. We included yellow tulips in our order again for another Hope Garden to be planted at one of the school’s in RSU1.  Last year’s garden at Morse was beautiful when 300 tulips burst through the ground in 3 waves of bloom. We will also be working with the Yarmouth Rotary as they have their first BulbFest this year. At our bulb tables, you can also pre-order your holiday wreaths.
Have Something You'd Like to Share with Us?
Updates and short articles with images or videos, and the names of new members and those who have passed, may be submitted to our Newsletter Editor, Deb Marsolais, at to be included in our Monthly Newsletter. The District Newsletter is a means of communicating to other clubs in our district; items of interest, upcoming events, fundraisers, opportunities of service, or member news.
Due to vacation in October, the deadline for November Newsletter Submissions: ASAP
As a precaution, unless you have obtained a written consent from a parent/guardian, every child’s face which appears in a picture submitted for the newsletter or website, will be edited so that it is blurred out in the picture.  Since there may be situations involving abuse, neglect, custody dispute, etc., and parents wouldn't want their child's picture to appear in public, this is being done for the child's privacy and protection.
If you have a submission for the newsletter or website, and would like to have us post a picture with a child (children) in it, please let us know if you have received a consent, otherwise we will edit it accordingly.
Thank you for your cooperation. … or follow us on Facebook!
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Have you done the easy ClubRunner download yet?
How would you like to have not only your own Rotary Club members contact information but also the entire District at your fingertips? You can and so much more by downloading the new and improved ClubRunner Mobile App. You can also access club and district leadership, stories and events all with just a few clicks. Connecting to them is as easy as clicking on the phone number or email address.
You can download it on the AppStore or GooglePlay and be on your way in minutes. Now would also be a good time to make sure that your profile is current, and if you do not have a picture saved, or your birthday listed, considering updating your information now!
Reach out and collaborate with other like minded Rotarians from around our district and be the People of Action that your are!

- Click to: Download on iTunes App Store (free)

- Click to: Download on Android App Store (free)