November 2019 - ISSUE 5
Upcoming Events
NE PETS Comm Meeting
McLane Middleton Law Center
Dec 07, 2019
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Finance Committee 6 PM
Husson University Southern Maine Campus
Dec 09, 2019
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
DG Track Mtg
Dec 16, 2019
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
AG Zoom Mtg
Dec 18, 2019
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District International Service Committee Meeting
Dec 19, 2019
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
NEPETS Comm Mtg w/ Facilitators
Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center
Jan 04, 2020
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
DG Track Mtg
Jan 13, 2020
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
International Assembly
Jan 19, 2020 – Jan 25, 2020
AG In-Person Mtg
Portland area - venue to be confirmed
Jan 22, 2020
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Mid Year Dinner
Fireside Inn & Suites
Jan 27, 2020
5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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RotaryRocks! was a huge success; thank you!  We had 55 Community Showcase tables and 245 attendees.  We had a lot of connecting and a lot of sharing of ideas and information. What a wonderful, high energy event – wow!
November is Foundation month. Our Rotary Foundation transforms our gifts into projects that change lives, both close to home and around the world. Since the first donation of $26.50 in 1917, our Foundation has received contributions totaling more than $1 billion. Thank you for your generosity. Please help our newer Rotarians learn and understand why our Foundation is rated so highly and how it works.
World Interact Week is the 4th through the 10th. Did you know we sponsor 37 Interact Clubs in our District? Pat yourself on the back if your club sponsors an Interact club. We currently have almost 500,000 teens participating in 20,000+ Interact clubs in 159 countries around the world. That’s wonderful!  Please give your Interact Club recognition, support and love.
Veterans Day is the 11th. Thank you to all of you who have served. Thank you to our clubs that are running Veteran recognition programs, and that are hosting Veteran lunches and dinners.
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is conducting a session 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Saturday, the 16th, in Lewiston. RLI provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about Rotary, in an energetic, upbeat, discussion forum setting. Many clubs will pay your registration fee. More info and registration at:
Thanksgiving is coming. If I close my eyes, I can already smell turkey and pie. It’s a busy weekend for Rotarians – squeezing in time with family along with football games, Turkey Trots, and hosting Thanksgiving dinners. Some of our clubs’ Rotary dinners are focused on those with need; some are open to the general public. It’s truly a time of giving thanks for what we have, and for us to give to others.
Thank you for all the good you do!!  Andy
Andrew Glazier
District Governor, Rotary District 7780
Congratulations District 7780!
Because of the generosity of District 7780 Rotary Clubs and Rotarians, our district was recognized as 3rd of the 22 districts in our zone in per capita giving to the End Polio Now campaign and also 3rd in per capita giving to the Annual Fund. Good for all of you!
And we want to extend our special congratulations to the 18 clubs whose generous support of the Annual Fund and Polio Plus earned them Rotary Foundation Awards. All of these clubs will be recognized and receive banners or certificates at the Mid-Year Dinner in January. This is truly a job well done.
The three clubs with the highest per capita giving to the Annual Fund are:
Yarmouth (#1)
Sanford-Springvale (#2)
Oxford Hills (#3)
Five clubs will receive a "100% TRF Giving" award:
Durham Great Bay
Oxford Hills
Three Clubs will receive an "Every Rotarian Every Year" award:
Oxford Hills
Fourteen clubs will receive an End Polio Now Certificate of Achievement Award for contributing $1,500 to our number one Rotary project:
Bridgton Lake Region
Kennebunk Portside
Oxford Hills
Portland Sunrise
Sebago Lake Region
South Portland-Cape Elizabeth
If any club thinks it qualified but isn’t on the list, please let us know— as mistakes are sometimes made.
Lawrence Furbish, District Foundation Chair
John LoBosco, PDG
District 7780
Do you know a Club member who is leaving the area and, therefore, resigning from your club?  Or someone who left your club - or never joined your club - because your meeting times just didn't work with their lifestyle?
They are not alone.  And we've got an answer for that!
Introducing:  The Rotary Club in the "Cloud."
That's right:  District 7780 is debuting a Rotary e-Club that will allow members to feed their Rotary passion ... enjoy Rotary friends and fellowship ... get involved in service projects and grants ... and do it from the "cloud."
Members of the e-club of District 7780 will take advantage of international projects via Rotary Action Groups and local projects by working with traditional clubs in their area ... wherever that area happens to be.
And Rotary business will be conducted via a monthly conference call!
Traditional clubs will be the first to benefit ... because e-Club members will be available to lend a hand for club projects and fundraisers.
Know someone who might be interested in joining the e-club?  Spread the word! This is a way to retain/gain the involvement of people in your community and beyond who would be great Rotarians ... if it just wasn't for those pesky meetings.
Want to know more?  Join us for our first on-line organizational call:
Tuesday, Nov 6, 2019; 7:00 pm ET
To join online:

Or, to dial in:
*1 646 558 8656 US
Meeting ID: 820 925 2012
Or, with iPhone One tap mobile:
+16465588656,,8209252012# US

For more information contact:
PDG Sheila Rollins
(who hates getting up for breakfast)


District Growth Chair Marty Helman
(who travels too frequently to be a good meeting-attender)
Thank you! Let's spread the word that Rotary is a philosophy, not a club meeting!
November is Rotary Foundation Month
When someone asks about the Rotary Foundation and why it is important, I start out by saying it is what really sets Rotary apart from all other public service organizations. I can think of six specific reasons why this is true (you may be able to think of even more).
First, programs and projects funded by the Foundation help countless people all over the world, improving their lives in many and varied ways.
Second, the magic of District Designated Fund (DDF) matching greatly magnifies what individual Rotarians and clubs can accomplish, expanding the scope and impact of their projects.
Third, It increases our visibility as an organization, so many more non-Rotarians see the powerful impact our Service Above Self.
Forth, it helps to bring in new members as people see what we are about and think to themselves, "Wow, I think I’d like to be part of this amazing group of people."
Fifth, it expands the horizons of our members. Rotarians, through our Foundation-funded projects, get to travel and experience other cultures and parts of the world we would otherwise be very unlikely to see.
Sixth, it encourages generosity of spirit in each and every one of us.
Last year, world wide, the Rotary Foundation supported 1,300 global grants with $395 million dollars. In our District, we gave $28,268 to eight of our clubs for District Grants and gave almost $100,000 in DDF to support ten Global Grants, initiated or supported by clubs in our District.
So, I hope all of you will think about and talk about the Rotary Foundation in your clubs this month - and frequently throughout the rest of the Rotary year.
Lawrence Furbish
District Foundation Chair
Wrap-A-Smile Rocks! Thank you to all who stopped by our table at RotaryRocks to learn more about our project of providing comfort quilts to children and others undergoing Rotary-related surgeries. Everyone seems to know a quilter, so this was a great opportunity for Rotarians to pick up information to take back to their clubs, friends, neighbors, and quilting guilds. Raffle tickets were sold for two quilts which were donated to us, to help with our overhead. Raffle tickets will continue to be sold at other District events throughout the year, with the winning tickets to be drawn at the Changeover event June 2020. 
Our amazing project has now shared almost 26,000 quilts worldwide, enough to cover 7 football fields if they were all laid out together. Thank you quilters and Rotarians!
By: Bryan Woolley
Part of what makes RYLA so incredible is the vastly different paths each of us take. Somehow these paths miraculously cross in the middle of the woods for four days at Camp Hinds. Looking back, heading into my first year of RYLA I was in a similar place as a lot of sophomores. I had no clue who I wanted to be and was convinced everyone else had it all figured out. My personal identity consisted of what sport I played and what classes in school I was good at. I didn’t expect this to change anytime soon, and I definitely didn’t expect it to change surrounded by 13 people I had never met before at a camp in Raymond, Maine. I went into RYLA with the expectation that it would be a cool experience and maybe I’d learn a thing or two. Two years later, RYLA would be the sole topic of my college essay, and four years later I can easily say that it has been one of the biggest factors in shaping who I am today.
My camper year began with an absolute downpour while we dropped off our luggage. Still, I began to warm up to my LEG through all of the trust exercises and get-to-know-you games. I started to open up in reflections, and, with this, started to grasp the lessons we were being introduced to. My introspective skills began to slowly improve, but they were still stuck at the surface level. I had incredible facilitators and some really great people in my LEG, but I didn’t come close to fully understanding what was going on around me. I recognized that I learned about the core values that RYLA teaches, but I didn’t feel any different. I was still a little lost, just this time I had the tools to find my way. These tools would later be the key in helping me solve a problem I wasn’t ready to face yet.
Still, I recognized that something special was going on and I wanted to dive a little deeper. So I applied to come back as a staff member and was lucky enough to be accepted. With a group of 16 other incoming new staff, I arrived at camp for my second year. I was a LEG support, which allowed me to try to soak up as much about RYLA as I could. I was placed with some amazing facilitators who worked  to show me what the other side of RYLA was really about. They satisfied both the curious part of me and the excited part of me. Even outside of working with the LEGs, I got exposed to a community of wonderful people. Within this community, I started to feel stronger and happier. My identity within this group had nothing to do with what sport I played or what classes I was good at. Instead, my role was about my personality. The RYLA community didn’t care about the things that made me feel insecure, but they did care about the things that made me feel strong. With this feeling came a newfound happiness that I was grasping at understanding. I didn’t know how to explain it, but I liked the person I was at RYLA a whole lot more than the person I was in other aspects of my life.
New! Rotary Affinity Groups
We are setting up "affinity groups" for Rotarians who have common interests or hobbies.  So far, we have the groups listed below.  Let us know if you want to join one (or more) of them, or if you have an idea for a new group, by sending us a message at "Contact Us" on the district home page.
  • JAG Officers
  • Peace Corps Alumni
  • Rotary History/Technology
  • Diplomats, Foreign Service and Others Who Have Lived Abroad (including Missionaries, Teachers, Business people)
  • Paddling (SUP, Canoe, Kayak)
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Sports Cars
  • (Local) Traveling Rotarians (to support fundraisers and events at other district clubs)
  • International Traveling Rotarians (interested in visiting clubs in other countries)
  • Healthcare Workers (doctors, nurses, etc.)
District History for November 2019
No replies to October’s History Questions
For October - Please share with me and the District something you learned or heard about at any District Conference that you or your club got involved in or a project that you took on as a result of attending a District Conference. 
Unfortunately, there were no replies for October.  I know that many projects and/or ideas have been put into place as a result of something seen or heard about at a District Conference over the years.  For example here are a few things, Camp Sunshine, Friends Forever, RYLA, Youth Exchange, 3rd Grade Dictionary Project, Shelter Box, NID trips, Water projects, Literacy Projects, Building a school in a 3rd world country, Crutches for Africa, Sanitation projects, Assisting the Elderly, End 68 Hours of Hunger (backpack program), building a playground, making a walking path or bicycle path, holding a dinner for the elderly or a concert in the park, etc.  
I want to try this question one more time since we just had our District Conference in October this year so things should be very fresh in your mind.  What did you/your club want to be involved in as a result of attending any District Conference including our most recent one on October 5th, Rotary Rocks. 
Sharing of ideas is what makes Rotary so great and so successful!  Please share an idea or program that inspired your club, it may inspire someone else!
PLEASE send me your answers and along with your name and your club’s name to .  It will appear in the next newsletter.  You will become part of District 7780’s History that will live on and may inspire someone else to share or take on your project in their club/community!
Marie A. Williams, PDG
District 7780 Historian
The Rotary Club of Bethel
At a recent Rotary Club of Bethel meeting, we not only recognized the four September Students of the Month, but also the parents who have been the encouraging force behind these wonderful young people!
Student from Telestar High School recently helped Rotarians cut up firewood for needy families.
The Rotary Club of Damaricotta-Newcastle
Past Presidents Rick Hagen and Bob Topper (at the Pumpkin Derby) were among the many members of the Damariscotta-Newcastle Club who volunteered at the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta.  As number 5 of the 4-Way Test questions:  Is It Fun???? YES!
We welcomed our newest member, Tom Junkert, a retired pastor now living in Wiscasset.  Pictured are his sponsors Paul Tenan and Wilt Jones. Tom visited one Tuesday and the next Tuesday he was working with us at 5 am, feeding hungry BikeMaine folks.  And he's already given his classification talk as well as been the Greeter!!! He's an engaged and involved member right from the start.  Welcome Tom.
The Rotary Club of Dover
Have you been downtown Dover this weekend?  If not, be sure to check out the fabulous work that our Rotarians did to the Rotary Gardens in preparation for next weekend’s Apple Harvest Day. We love our community and making it beautiful for everyone to enjoy. 

Above left: The Rotary Club of Dover recently donated $500.00 to Safe Haven Ballet as they raise money that will allow them to offer free trauma sensitive classes for survivors of sexual violence, and uplifting ballet performances to help our community.

Above right: The Rotary Club of Dover had the opportunity to make a $500.00 donation to the Woodman Museum as part of our Community Giving Program where our Club helps out those in our community that are looking for assistance of their organization as we want to help them with their projects and needs.
The Woodman Museum was founded in 1916, as a traditional early 20th-century style natural science, history, and art museum with exhibits for all ages. The campus is home to four buildings, which include the Woodman House (1818), the Hale House (1813), the William Damm Garrison (1675) and the Keefe House (1825). The museum’s collection includes hundreds of colonial artifacts, a comprehensive mineral and fossil collection, mounted animal specimens, fine art and furniture, an extensive collection of military history items, local history objects, and much more. The Woodman is open seasonally to the public (from early April to mid-December) Wednesday through Sunday, 10am-5pm.
The Rotary Club of Hampton
Hampton Rotarian Geoff Youngclaus, Club President David Longo, Service Director Dave Reid, PE Larry Marsolais, and Service Director Jim Waddell led the way to the links at the Hampton Rotary Club's 20th Annual Golf Tournament held at the Portsmouth Country Club on October 7th. This year's proceeds will benefit the club's Winnacunnet High School Scholarship Program.
The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills
In honor of World Polio Day, the Oxford Hills Rotary Club held a Road Toll on Sunday, 10/20, to raise funds to End Polio Now. Over $1,000 was raised in the 4-hour toll. Pictured here are Beth Abbott, Patty Rice, Bob Schott and President Pat Cook. Photo taken by Lynne Schott, President-elect.
Oxford Hills Rotary is on the move!  Trying something new, the Club will hold an evening meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at Daddy O’s Diner, 1570 Main Street, Oxford, ME. This will be held in lieu of their morning meeting that week. The price and meeting structure will remain the same, and is being held to encourage potential members that can’t come to the morning meeting to try out the evening meeting.  FMI go to their FB page or club website.
The Rotary Club of Portland
Pictured left to right: Brian Olson Norah Tafuri, President Amy Chipman, Isaha L'Heureux, and Rotarian John Thompson
Portland Rotary President Amy Chipman presented an Interact Charter Certificate on October 4, 2019, to Brian Olson, Educational Specialist at the Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, who introduced the student leaders Norah Tafuri and Isaha L'Heureux.
District Governor Nominee and Portland Rotarian Dick Hall (left) welcomed Rotary guests Kamal Kumar from the Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity, India and Patty Byers from Rotary Club of Farmington, Maine, to the October 18, 2019, weekly meeting in Portland. From India, Rotarian Kamal Kumar spoke about the humanitarian medical care projects supported by the Rotary Club of Coimbatore Texcity and he exchanged friendship flags with Portland Rotary President Amy Chipman.
The Rotary Club of Portsmouth
Pictured above:  Joanie Dickinson with Interact club 
The club happily supported Friends Forever’s fundraiser “Pints for Peace” held at Ri Ra’s pub in downtown Portsmouth…Joanie Dickinson’s Interact Club at Portsmouth High School is booming. Some 60 students have joined…We have two new Portsmouth Rotary members, Don Chick and Keith Wilson, on Seven-Day Notice.
Pictured above left:  Aileen Dugan presenting at Rotary Rocks District Conference, and right: Co-chairs Donna LeWallen and Jen Craig, along with Leo Gagnon for Operation Warm
We sent a representative contingent to Rotary Rocks. Dennis Moulton and Aileen Dugan showcased our various service projects. One of those is an on-going effort with Cross Roads House, a local homeless shelter. The club’s involvement now in its second year under the leadership of Tiffany McKenna, consists of sending servers and cooks several times a month to help prepare the evening meals.
Another initiative is Operation Warm, which brings winter coats to those in need. Donna Lewallen and Jen Craig are co-chairs for the project which recently was granted $3,000 dollars by the Club’s Board of Directors.
Pictured above: Brian Fox presents to the club about Christmas Trees
It’s hard to believe that we’ve been selling Christmas Trees since 1972. Accordingly, we were please to welcome Brian Fox, who owns the Christmas Tree farm that has supplied the club’s product for all those 47-years. Brian presented a good-natured talk about how his trees are grown in New Brunswick, Canada.
The River Valley Rotary Club
The River Valley Rotary Club is sponsoring their 11th annual“Rotary Senior Winterization Project.” The Rotary Club volunteer weatherization teams will spread out across the towns of Rumford, Mexico, Dixfield and Peru in a one-day blitz to perform energy saving measures on the homes of their elderly neighbors.  

The goal of this event is to provide area homes with simple winterization measures such as caulking, weather-stripping, window plastic, door sweeps and other draft reducing techniques. The club has provided winterization services to over 125 local homes in the area. The project aims to “keep the weather outside” for the targeted homes, reduce their home energy consumption, save them money on their winter heating bills and provide educational materials on how to lower their home energy costs, along with other resources.

If you or someone you know is 60 or older and owns their own home, please contact the Riverside Realty at (207)369-0100 Ext 103 to obtain an application. Applications must be received before November 1, 2019 to allow the Rotary Club to conduct a winterization assessment of each home in advance to determine what measures are needed and to develop a list of needed supplies and materials.

This is a great opportunity to lend a helping hand for service clubs, civic and fraternal groups, church groups, neighborhood associations, businesses, employee groups and other organizations.  All community groups are invited to participate and to recruit one or more 4 - 6 person teams to help with this worthwhile and much-needed project.  Organizations can signup to participate and report their team leaders by calling Roger Whitehouse at  (207)357-2820. All teams are asked to be registered by November 1, 2019.

The success of this project will depend on the number of volunteer teams that signup to participate.

Cash donations are being accepted to provide for the great amount of supplies and materials that will be needed. Checks should be made payable to River Valley Rotary Club and mailed to River Valley Rotary Club, P.O. Box 192, Mexico, ME 04257.

In-kind donations of weatherization supplies and materials are also needed and appreciated.  For more information, call Roger Whitehouse (206)357-2820.
Our featured speaker at the RiverValley Rotary Club Fellowship Luncheon Monday - October 21, 2019 was Michel Cole a Fellow Rotarian from the Bethel Rotary Club who spoke about the importance of contributing the Polio Foundation and she invited members of our Club to attend the Gem Theater 22 Cross Street - Bethel, Maine 6:00pm on October 24, 2019 to watch the Film called “Breath.” Also to and listen to famous guest speaker and International Chairperson of the Rotary Polio Foundation - Anne Lee HUSSEY, a Polio survivor herself!

Pictured above: Bethel Rotarian Michel Cole and current River Valley Rotary Club President Greg Trundy
The Rotary Club of Sebago Lake

The Sebago Lake Club recently hosted another in their series of Speakers Forums. They hosted a training on Active Assailant for their local business community. The program was taught by Officer Matt Cyr of the Windham Police Dept. The two hour course provided strategies on prevention and safety techniques in the event of an Active Assailant in a business, school or home event. Due to the positive feedback from the attendees, a second training may take place in the evening at a later date. One business shared that the course made them re-evaluate the layout for their new location for their business.
The Sebago Lake Club joins local businesses and organizations at the Windham Middle School and handed out treats to over 600 children at the Trunk or Treat Event on Saturday, Oct. 26th. President of the club Ingo Hartig, his wife Pam and Cyndy Bell helped with the festivities.
The Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth
David Bagdasarian, DDS, affectionately known as “Bags” to many in the South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Rotary Club, recently received his Paul Harris Fellow +7. He is pictured with Foundation co-chairs Nancy Hawes and Anne Swift-Kayatta.
Dave lives in Cape Elizabeth with his wife Fran, the SPCE Club’s immediate past president. 
The Rotary Club of Yarmouth
Yarmouth Rotarians David Kitchen, left, and Dan Ostrye, right, and a community volunteer, center, build a boardwalk on the Yarmouth West Side Trail on September 29, 2019. The boardwalk is largely funded by a District grant.
The Brunswick Coast Rotary Club
Brunswick Coastal Rotary Club, along with several area clubs, has partnered with Habitat for Humanity. We are involved with building a Habitat home and are hosting this fundraiser to assist with that effort. There is no charge for attending this fun-filled event, however registration is requested by the Frontier Restaurant which, is graciously providing the space and food. There will be a silent auction of artwork, as well as a live auction, during which attendees will bid to provide various materials for the home.
The Rotary Club of Wells
The Wells Rotary Club will be presenting an “Italian” Murder Mystery Dinner on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at Varano’s Italian Restaurant, 60 Mile Road in Wells, ME.
Cost is $35.00, and includes Spaghetti & Meatballs, Salad, Garlic Bread and Dessert.
There will be a cash bar, prizes, and a 50/50 raffle.
The proceeds will benefit the family of 7 year-old Leah, granddaughter of a Wells EMS/Firefighter, who is recovering from Stevens-Johnson T.E.N. Syndrome.
The Rotary Club of Oxford Hills
DEADLINES ARE 11/13/19 AND 12/11/19
It's time for the annual Rotary Club of Oxford Hills Cheese Wheel Sales! The wheels are 2 pounds of Cabot Sharp Cheese and are $18.00 each. They come in a decorative box and make GREAT gifts! The first order deadline is 11/13/19, for delivery before Thanksgiving. The second order deadline is 12/11/19, for delivery before Christmas. We also can ship the wheels, and will add the postage cost to your order. FMI contact Patty Rice 207-890-2332.
The Rotary Club of Exeter
Exeter Rotary will be holding its 10th Annual Holiday Auction at The Exeter Inn on December 6th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Anyone wishing to attend can contact the Club at to register for the event.
In Memoriam
Frank Stevenson Burton - Rotary Club or Damariscotta-Newcastle
Frank Stevenson Burton, 86, of Damariscotta, ME, passed away peacefully after a long illness on Wednesday morning, October 9th. His beloved wife Nancy was at his side.
Steve was born in Hartford, CT to Frank H. and Marion (Giddings) Burton and had four siblings. He grew up in Worcester, MA, graduating from Classical High School and Clark University, ’56.
Following college, he pursued Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI where he was commissioned Ensign, U.S. Navy. His first assignment was on a refrigerator ship, the USS Karin (AF-33), carrying provisions to Bikini and Enewetak Atolls to supply food for Operation Hardtack in the Pacific. A subsequent assignment on the ammunition ship USS Katmai (AE-16) brought Steve to tour Hong Kong and Japan. After his active duty service, he became a Commissioned Officer in the United States Naval Reserve and retired as Captain.
On October 18, 1958 he married Nancy Abbott in Portland, ME, and they enjoyed 61 years of marriage. They are parents of two sons, Jonathan and Andrew.
In 1960, Steve joined The Travelers Insurance Companies’ Portland office in the Casualty/Property Department. He was promoted and transferred to The Travelers’ Worcester, MA office from 1966 to 1972. In 1972 he joined Chapman & Chapman Insurance Agency in Damariscotta. Steve earned his Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designations. Steve is a Past President of the Independent Insurance Agents Association of Maine (IIAAM) and Past President of the Maine Chapter Society of Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters.
Steve demonstrated a commitment to community service and enjoyed volunteer opportunities. He was a Rotarian in three clubs, eventually serving as president of the Rotary Clubs in Scarborough and Damariscotta. He was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow and was honored for 50 years of perfect attendance.
Steve was an active parishioner at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, serving several terms as Junior Warden overseeing the Buildings & Grounds Committee, spearheading an annual fall clean-up day, and helping with the annual church auction and fair.
When he was not volunteering, Steve enjoyed gardening and yard work.
Neighborhood strolls were a daily ritual, which he nicknamed “walks of a thousand paces”. He also enjoyed reading historical novels and listening to classical music, especially organ music. Steve had an easy-going nature, a great sense of humor, and an affinity for making social connections.
Nancy (pictured above with Steve at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration) said “he was a good person, a good husband and a good father.”
Paul Jones - The River Valley Rotary Club
Paul A. Jones, 86, of North Street, Dixfield, died Sunday Oct. 20, 2019, at the Rumford Hospital, Rumford, Maine.Paul was born in Rumford on Sept. 11, 1933, the son of Arthur and Evelyn (Leach) Jones. He graduated from Stephens High School in Rumford, class of 1952. He was an active member of the ATO fraternity at the University of Maine at Orono, where he graduated class of 1956 with a major in chemical engineering. In 1957 he received a Master of Science degree in Pulp and Paper Technologies. Paul returned home to design, build and manage paper machines in the Rumford mill. Along the way he became a registered professional engineer.Paul was active in a variety of community programs in Rumford, Roxbury Pond and Dixfield. An Eagle Scout, he supported scouting his entire life and served for a time as Snowshoe District Chairman. He provided leadership and years of service in the Paper Industry Managers Association, Lion’s Club, Dixfield School Board, Dixfield Congregational Church, Chisholm Ski Club, Black Mountain of Maine, Adaptive Skiing, and Rotary Club. He has been recognized for distinguished service by the Town of Dixfield and by the Rotary Club.When not introducing his grandchildren to the joys of the family camp or skiing, Paul cherished the shared work of boiling sap for maple syrup, charting and running Nordic races with the Chisholm Ski Club, and organizing volunteer efforts for local causes. A prolific baker and reader, he kept the donation tables loaded with pans of baked goods and bags of donated page-turners. Paul married his childhood sweetheart, Patricia (Damour) on Sept. 10, 1955, and they were married for 58 years until her death in September 2013.He is survived by sons, Scot Jones of North Kingstown, R.I., Russ and wife, Ronda of Fremont, Calif.; grandchildren, Bryce Jones of Fremont, Calif., Melissa Panzica and husband, Lenny of Pawtucket, R.I., Vanessa Coppola and husband, Robert of Grantham, N.H., Lizi Jones of Anchorage, Alaska, Maddy Jones of Denver, Scout Jones of Carmel, N.Y.; great-grandchildren, Callan, Amelia, and Boden; sister-in-law, Dian Jones; and many beloved nieces and nephews.Friends and family are invited to sign the online guest book and share memories with the family at www.meaderandson.comCelebration of Paul’s life Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019 at 11 a.m. at Black Mountain Lodge. Attire will be a favorite Fall sweater or flannel shirt. A walk and buffet will follow.Arrangements are under the direction of the Meader & Son Funeral Home, Cremation and Monument Services, 3 Franklin St., P.O. Box 537, Rumford, ME 04276 Those who desire are invited to contribute to theChisholm Ski Club for Gate House ImprovementP.O. Box 616Rumford, ME 04276in his memory
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