Friday June 4, 2021
      Watch the complete Friday session of the conference (except 4-Way Test) at
      Selected Content from Friday: 
        The Four Way Test Song by Oyster Bay RC
        Everyday People - Playing for Change
        Family of Rotary - Presentation by Kath Hall  Family of Rotary
Saturday June 5, 2021
     Watch the complete Saturday session of the conference (except Happy) at
     Selected Content from Saturday: 
       We Are People of Action
       Seasons of Love - from Rent  
       What the World Needs Now - 7780 DGN Claudia & DG Peggy Duet -
       Afghanistan & Pakistan Polio Leaders - interview by Mike McGovern
       Memorial Presentation - find the slides at 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 Memorial Page
        Walter Foundation - Peace Center Gift Presentation by PDG Marty Helman  Walter Foundation
       Happy - Pharrell Williams