What is planned giving?

Through a planned gift,  District 7780 Donors can provide ongoing support to Rotary programs. Donors can choose structured legacy gifts to be made after their lifetimes, and/or take advantage of financial and tax benefits, which vary by country.

The most common gift structure is a provision in an Estate Plan.  Opportunities include:

  • A provision in a will, including codicils
  • A provision in a trust
  • Insurance beneficiary designations
  • Real estate and other asset transfers
  • Gifts of retirement plan assets or other financial accounts
Gifts can be made in the form of cash, personal property, real estate, or securities.  You can even set up a Donor Advised Fund or a Named Gift. 
To learn more, or to get started, visit the Planned Giving page at rotary.org 
You may also review and complete the Planned Giving Form
Finally, always feel free to contact Ron Smith, District 7780 Rotary Foundation Committee Major Donor Chair at   rsmith.rotary@gmail.com

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To learn more, or to begin your journey, click the link below