Club Leadership Plan

The Club Leadership Plan is the recommended administrative structure for Rotary clubs. It is based on the best practices of effective Rotary clubs. Because each Rotary club is unique, the Club Leadership Plan is flexible enough to support the individual needs of clubs around the world. Although it isn't mandatory for any club to adopt the Club Leadership Plan, every Rotary club, new and old, can benefit from standardizing its administrative procedures based on these best practices:

  • Develop long-range goals that address the elements of an effective club.
  • Set annual goals that support long-range goals.
  • Make sure that all club members feel involved and in-formed.
  • Keep the lines of communication open, both in the club and with the district
  • Ensure continuity in leadership from year to year.
  • Customize the bylaws to reflect club operations.
  • Provide regular fellowship opportunities.
  • Actively involve all club members.
  • Offer regular, consistent training

The Avenues of Service are the foundation for an effective club. Effective clubs are able to achieve the Object of Rotary by:

  • Sustaining or increasing their membership base
  • Implementing successful service projects that address the needs of its community and communities in other countries
  • Supporting The Rotary Foundation through both financial contributions and program participation

Developing leaders capable of serving in Rotary beyond the club level