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District Grants Criteria

There are often more good ideas for District Grants than there is money available. These grants are competitive, and will therefore be evaluated on the following:

  • Projects must adhere to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants as established by the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.

  • The proposing club must be qualified to receive Grants (see Club Qualifications page)

  • The quality of the project, its positive impact on a local or international community and the number of people benefitting from the project need to be effectively demonstrated in the application.

  • The projects must be new to the club, lead to sustainability, and be meaningful to the community that the grant is intended to benefit.

  • The project must demonstrate active Rotarian involvement (i.e., not just deliver a check).

  • It must be a Rotary-led project (i.e., your Rotary Club must be driving the project, not another organization).

  • Each club may submit only ONE District Grant application, which is due by June 1. If all the funding is not expended in the first round, the opportunity to submit another District Grant application may occur by September 1 of the same Rotary year.

  • Application must include a detailed promotional/PR plan for the project.

  • Project must be consistent with one of Rotary’s six Areas of Focus..

  • The Club must contribute a minimum of $500 in club funds to the project. (“Small club” special grant - $100 minimum required. “Small club” is defined as one with less than 20 members as reported to Rotary International on January 1, 2015. Check with Marty Helman if in doubt.)

  • The Club’s financial commitment to the project is one factor that will be considered.

  • The Club’s past level of contributions to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Giving may also be considered.

  • Special Consideration for International Projects: Travel costs may be included in the grant application, provided that:

    • The traveler has professional expertise directly related to the targeted Area of Focus.

    • Travel is permitted by the current travel policies of The Rotary Foundation (see Rotary International Travel Ban List).

    • Tickets are purchased through Rotary International Travel Service (RITS) guidelines.

  • Application must be complete, signed, contain budget detail sufficient for the Screening Committee to understand how the funds are to be spent, and received by the District Grants Coordinator by June 1, 2015.