Andrew Glazier
Andy has been a Rotarian in his heart since he started hanging around the Rotary Club of Kittery in 1991. After accompanying his significant other of twenty nine years to more Club and District functions than he can count, including Rotary’s 100th birthday party at the 2005 RI Convention in Chicago, he finally became a legitimate dues paying member in 2012.
Andy and Pam are Multiple Paul Harris Fellows, Major Donors, and members of The Rotary Foundation Bequest Society. Two of Andy’s significant “Rotary aha moments” were the 2013 District trip to Guatemala and the 2016 District trip to Cuba, where he and Pam experienced beautiful people living in extreme poverty – families who, in spite of their dire circumstances, exuded determination, cheerfulness and optimism. They were very grounding, value restructuring experiences. Andy urges all Rotarians to take advantage of Rotary opportunities to travel to and participate in service projects in developing nations.

Two of Andy’s Rotary “hot buttons” are membership growth “we must relentlessly recruit” and increasing support for Rotary from non-Rotarians “let’s spread the word on the good that we do and solicit our communities to help us, so we can do even more.”

Professionally, Andy has served as an active and reserve officer in the Army Corps of Engineers and has had a successful career managing building construction. Although he is weaning himself away from the big building projects, he finds he is as busy as ever, helping Pam with her real estate business, managing real estate, and with rehabbing/recycling work force housing.

Andy is a graduate of New Hampshire’s Leadership Seacoast Program and he serves on the faculty of the Rotary Leadership Institute Northeast America. A long time believer in service, Andy has actively served with and provided leadership assistance for several other non-profit organizations.

Pam and Andy have three adult sons and three grandchildren, dispersed about the country, which provides a perfect excuse to travel.