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Global Grant Criteria
Global Grants are the way in which Rotary clubs participate in sizeable humanitarian projects, typically (but not always) in developing nations.  Global Grant terms and conditions are set by policy of The Rotary Foundation and, unlike District Grants, the grant award is subject to TRF approval in Evanston, IL.
Global Grants require the following:
  • That the club has met the Club Qualification process (see related page)
  • That the project be a partnership between two Rotary Clubs/Districts; one in the District and country where the project will be implemented (Host Club); and one in the developed world (International Club).  Typically, the Host Club provides local assistance/expertise, and the International Club provides the majority of the funding.
  • A humanitarian goal that falls within Rotary's Areas of Focus (see related page).  A needs assessment is required and the project must be sustainable and have a measurable outcome.
  • That the project have a minimum budget of $30,000, with a minimum of $15,000 requested from The Rotary Foundation.
The Basics:
  • Club Qualification requirements and current-year District matching policies (see related page) should be reviewed.
  • Securing a minimum of three contact people in the Host Club is a must.  Our District has strong personal and program experience in, among other nations, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Poland, Uganda South Africa and India.  Go to "Rotary Showcase" on for more country contacts.
  • All things take place electronically via the "My Rotary" section of  Once in, look for "The Rotary Foundation" and then, "Apply for Grants." The actual grant application is available under "Grant Application Tool." 
  • Hint:  "Grant Application Tool" is the online application form.  It is NOT downloadable, and requires data entry in a certain order.  It is best to get your details lined up ahead of time before starting to fill out the form.  The best way to do this is to start with a conversation with our District Global Grants Coordinator.
2014-2017 Global Grants Coordinator: Dalit Wolfe, Brunswick Coastal,
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