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Grants Training

Welcome to the grants training page. Listed in the table below are three training videos to watch. The course notes are available for your reference. After you watch the three videos, please take the Quiz.
Submission of the quiz will be your receipt for having completed the training. Remember, at least one member of your club must take this training each year for your cub to qualify for a grant - preferably one of the people who will be involved in writing the grant.
The total time for the videos is around 30 minutes. About another 5 minutes to take the Quiz. Have fun!
Grants Training modules
Module 1: Purpose and Types of Grants Module #1
Module 2: Global Grants Module #2
Module 3: District Grants Module #3 2021 Notes Mod#3
Training Quiz 2021 Quiz  Complete Quiz after viewing Videos

District Grant Writing Training

When you are ready to write your District grant, the person writing the grant may want to view the one-hour District Grant Writing Training video listed in the left-hand menu.  This Zoom session from February 4, 2021 explains in some detail the process of district grant writing. It also provides a few suggestions from past successful grant writers to ensure your grant will be viewed in the best possible light by the selection committee.