District 7780


Grants Training

Welcome to the District 7780 grants training page.  Two Club members must take this training each year as part of the Club Qualification process for District and Global Grants.
The first LIVE via Zoom grants training session was held on Monday, March 20, with over 40 Rotarians attending live.
We recorded the event.  As soon as we can edit and post the materials, you will be able to complete the training through this website.  We expect that will be ready no later than March 31.
We also will to do a second LIVE-live-and-in-person session at the District Training Assembly on April 15, 2023.  You may attend in any of those ways.  
If you have any questions in the meantime, please email district foundation chair Dave Underhill (dave.underhill.nh@gmail.com)
Updated: March 21, 2023
If you were not able to attend, the video of that live Zoom training is posted on this page.  You can watch the entire session with the full Q&A after each module, or you can watch the individual training modules which cover Grants Overview, District Grants, and Global Grants.  Then, take the Quiz  and you will get credit for the training.  Please note that the individual modules do not include the Q&A. 
Remember: TWO Club members must take the Grant Training before May 15, 2023 to qualify for a District Grant.  For Global Grants filings, the training must be complete before the Grant Application can be submitted for approval.
Grants Training Modules
Module 1: District Grants Module 1
Module 2: Global Grants Module 2
Module 3: Connecting the Dots Module 3 Connecting the Dots - 2023 Module 3
Training Quiz -  Quiz 2023 (coming soon))