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 Categories for Governor's Embracing Humanity Awards

International Service.  Minimum 1; Maximum 3

  •  Be involved in Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution programs such as Youth Exchange, Group Study Exchange, or by sponsoring a World Peace Fellow.
  • Support a Disease Prevention and Treatment project such as Polio, AIDS, and Malaria.
  • Support an international Water and Sanitation project such as wells or water filters.
  • Support a Maternal and Child Health project such as well-baby clinics, nutritional counseling and prenatal care.
  • Support Basic Education and Literacy projects such as Guatemala Literacy, Safe Passage, vocational training.
  • Support an Economic and Community Development project such as microloans, providing solar panels.
Community Service.  Minimum 1; Maximum 3 
  • Support local youth programs such as mentoring, or drop-in centers.
  • Participate in a local youth anti-bullying program
  • Support Disease Prevention and Treatment such as an elder-care program, blood drive, and nutrition programs for combating obesity, et cetera, supporting Food Pantries/Banks.  
  • Support Maternal and Child Health Programs such as mother and well-baby care, immunization clinics.
  • Support Basic Education and Literacy such as books for local and school libraries, dictionary libraries, student scholarships.
  • Support Economic and Community Development by developing opportunities for decent and productive work for youth through programs such as job shadowing, internships, and career mentoring.
  • Submit and receive a District Simplified Grant for a community youth-related project.
  • Partner with at least one other local service organization in a community service project. 
Family of Rotary.  Minimum 1, Maximum 3
  •  Involved "extended family of Rotary" in service and fellowship activities.
  • Sponsor a "bring your partner to Rotary" meeting.
  • Host a new member and their partner event.
  • Bring in a partner (spouse) as a new Rotarian club member
  • Recognize spouses of "dearly departed) Rotarians by making them an honorary Rotarian.
Points: ________
Enhance Public Image.  Minimum 1, Maximum 3
  • Produce a club Newsletter
  • Maintain a club Website
  • Provide coverage of club events and fundraisers to local media outlets, newspapers, TV and radio
  • Utilize social networking sites to publicize club activities
Strengthen Clubs.  Minimum 1, Maximum 3
  • Show a net increase of one new member.
  • Conduct a Club Vision Facilitation Program.
  • Encourage members to attend District events such as the District Assembly, District membership and Foundation seminars, and the District conference.  
  • Support New Generations participation by involvement with International Youth Exchange, Interact, Rotaract, and RYLA.
Have Fun.  25 points.
  • Support the "Moose on the Loose" year-long project by submitting photos by email for the District newsletter and webs tie of the club "moose" at your service projects, social events and fundraisers.  
Governor's Challenge Award:
  1. Clubs must complete a minimum of one activity from each of the Areas of Service Categories (other than the "Have Fun" category)
  2. Clubs may count up to a maximum of three activities in any one Category.
  3. Each activity is worth ten points.
  4. Participation in the "Have Fun" ategory is worth 25 points.
  5. Clubs must score a total of 125 points to qualify for the Governor's Challenge Award.
Moose on the Loose Award
  1. Clubs must commit to a member attending and bringing their "Moose" to the 2012 District Conference and participating in the Foundation fundraising competition for "Best-dressed moose," "Moose attending most Rotary events," "Moose traveling the greatest distance for a Rotary event," "Moose involved in the most fun Rotary project," et cetera.  Clubs will be provided display space to show off their moose and documentation (4-Way Test applies).