Public Image and Awareness
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Objective:  Create and Implement a Public Image and Awareness Plan, which improves visibility and recognition by the general public, to make clubs well known for the good work they do. 
Utilizing these Strategies:
1)            Provide PR templates and articles for clubs to access and use which better tell what Rotary is.
2)            The District will pick a theme or cause each year that clubs within the District can choose to participate in if they would like the opportunity to collaborate with other clubs. The District will provide PR support and templates for the theme so that multiple clubs can unite and create a regional presence for our local community service efforts.
3)            Act as a social media engine utilizing multiple channels and advertising the Rotary story.
4)            Develop a PR handbook.
5)            Create a strategic plan for marketing, updated yearly and including RI’s new branding tools. 
Telling the Rotary story-
Improve our visibility and recognition by the general public:
  • The District, using resources from Rotary International and resources they create, will give the clubs training and access to PR templates, articles and videos they can utilize locally that will help tell the Rotary story.   
  • The District will encourage clubs to partner with business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce so that local business leaders will be more aware of what Rotary is and what we can do in the community. 
  • The District will consider setting aside funds in the future to help clubs with PR and advertising. One idea worthy of further consideration: pick a theme each year that clubs within the district can choose to participate in, with the District PR Committee providing public image and awareness support via a “PR-in-a-Box” centered on the chosen theme.  With multiple clubs participating and marketing efforts streamlined and consistent, it would create a greater impact and a regional presence for our local community service efforts.
Sharing best practices:
  • The Public Image and Awareness committee will develop a PR handbook with detailed instructions on “how to” on a variety of PR topics, links to Rotary International resources, and guidance for club PR chairs to utilize including basics of setting up a website, and how to make it interesting. 
  • The District will include strategic planning for marketing in its yearly updated strategic plan and utilize Rotary International’s new branding tools. 
Who:  DG, District Public Image and Awareness Committee with help from Technology Committee
When:  By July 2019