Rotary World Peace Fellowships

Program Overview:

Up to 50 Rotary World Peace Fellowships for master's degree study and up to 50 Rotary World Peace Fellowships for professional development certificate study are offered annually on a world-competitive basis for study at the six Rotary Centers. Rotary World Peace Fellows obtain a master's degree in international relations, peace studies, conflict resolution, and related areas or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies. Through their unique and diverse interdisciplinary programs, the six Rotary Centers provide academic and practical training to better equip peace fellows for leadership roles in solving the many problems that contribute to conflict around the world.

Fellowship Types:

Master's degree

Professional development certificate

Five centers, six universities

One center, one university

15- to 24-month course

3-month course

Study time lines differ according to each university's schedule

Two sessions per year (January-April and June-August)

Up to 10 new fellows at each center each year; up to 60 fellows per year

Up to 25 new fellows in each session; up to 50 fellows per year

Two- to three-month practical internship during summer break

Two to three weeks of field study incorporated into curriculum

Building the leaders of tomorrow

Strengthening the leaders of today


How does one apply?

Application must be made through a local Rotary club in the applicant's legal or permanent residence or place of full-time study or employment. People with disabilities and members of Rotaract clubs are eligible and encouraged to apply. The scholarship selection process consists of three levels: club, district, and world. After receiving applications, Rotary clubs forward their candidates to the Rotary district level for competition.

Club deadlines:

Clubs must allow enough time for a district interview and selection process to meet the deadline for submission of the nominee to The Rotary Foundation.

  • Mid December to January: Materials and applications will be mailed from Rotary International to the Districts.

  • January 2011: Materials will be available to the Clubs and they can begin accepting applications and interviewing candidates.

  • April 20: Applications for Club endorsed candidates must be received by the District.

  • May and June: District interviews of finalists will be conducted and nominees forwarded to RI no later than July 1.

Several Clubs in our District have participated in this program.

This is a Rotary Foundation Program. There is no direct cost to your Club or the District.

Stay tuned to the district website for more information regarding this wonderful opportunity.

Contact Frank Butterworth



2011-12 District 7780 Scholarships

Rotary Club Sponsor Guide


Historically, a number of requests about our Rotary Foundation scholarship programs are received via the lnternet and every attempt is made to route those inquiries to the club with the closest connection.

Each scholarship candidate is expected to have a club level interview and to be recommended by a "sponsor"club. Candidates that come before the final District selection committee without a sponsor are not on a level playing field with other candidates.


What are the requirements of a "sponsor"?


The sponsor club should interview each candidate and forward the top candidate for each scholarship if, and only if, they feel that top candidate rises to a level worthy of further review. Club interviews, in an ideal world, are conducted by a committee of about three Rotarians.


As a sponsor you should support your candidate(s). lt has been found that candidates who do best in final scholarship selection interviews had the chance to spend some time with Rotarians, attended a meeting or two and likely talked to Rotarians about what service means to them and their clubs.


Once your candidate is selected it is expected that the club will pay for the scholar to attend Northeast Link, the Rotary Foundation mandated orientation for all Foundation scholars. This usually is in the $150 - $200 range. lt is further hoped that your club will encourage and financially support your scholar to attend district events such as the Foundation dinner and District Assembly. lt is also required that your club will have the scholar as a speaker in your own club and encourage their opportunities to speak in other Rotary clubs through your Assistant Governor and other Rotary contacts. lt is recommended but not required that the club sponsor member also attend Northeast Link and that the club pay for that attendance.


Finally, it is your responsibility as a sponsor Rotarian and sponsor club to stay in contact with the scholar and to help the scholar stay connected to Rotary before, during and after their fellowship.


Sponsor clubs are advised to study the criteria guidelines of all available scholarships to determine which scholarship might be best suited for their candidate. Application forms may be downloaded from the Rotary International Website ( 


Please feel free to contact Frank Butterworth at or (C) 207-831-2470 or (B) 207-780-1677 if you need any additional information or have further questions.