The Rotary Club of  Portland is planning a trip to the Dominican Republic in January to deliver and fit prosthetic hands through the Give Hope, Give a Hand Project. These prosthetics, known as LN-4 hands, cost only $50 apiece, and give confidence, freedom, and an ability to work to those who have suffered a loss of a portion of their arm and hand.  The hands have been successfully distributed in many countries aiding victims of violence, accidents and land mines.  More information can be found at If you are interested in participating in the January trip, contact George Crockett at 
George Crockett was on the November humanitarian mission to Mali that also distributed some of these hands.  So as of now, he is an "old hand" when it comes to fitting prosthetic hands -- as this photo demonstrates. So also are Rotaplast volunteers Ellie Andrews and Jim Price, who fitted the hands and also trained volunteers in their use during their recent Rotaplast trip to Togo, West Africa.