Where do I begin when reviewing our Rotary Year 2020 - 2021.  Without question, the Coronavirus Pandemic rearranged all facets of our lives.  
What this pandemic did not do is change, or alter our continued opportunities for “Service Above Self”. D7780 Rotary Clubs adapted; discovered their ability to be flexible and creative; experimented with meeting formats; and succeeded in developing new fundraising and community service project opportunities!!  Many of our clubs, moving forward, have adopted on-line meetings as a regular component of their club meetings.
Like you, this has been a new way to experience Rotary, as a Rotarian and as a District Governor.  I’ve missed seeing you in person over the past year.   What did happen for me is that the opportunities I had to attend Club Fundraisers and Community Service Projects became all the more “special”.  Thank You for including me!
I am so very proud of the work Rotary and especially D7780 has done in addressing Food Insecurity and the rise in unemployment due to Covid-19.  Many of you have shared your experiences in working/volunteering at Vaccination locations. The distribution of 325,000 adult masks and 28,000 children’s masks throughout our communities, without a doubt, had a very positive and significant impact.  Thanks to the insight of PDG Dan Mooers, D7780 connected with other ME districts to assist 1st Responders in purchasing necessary equipment to support Vaccination sites.  These “opportunities” confirmed for me that our district, our Rotarians, were thriving.  Many clubs not only thrived during this year, but gained new members….. WOW!
There are so many people to Thank!  With a grateful heart I want to recognize the Leadership Team of DGE Richard Hall, DGN Claudia Frost, DGND Marion Cheney, and PDG’s Andy Glazier and Peter Johnson.  My sincere appreciation to our 10 Assistant Governors (AG’s).  Our district has well established, strong committees thanks to the leadership and dedication of PDG Lawrence Furbish (Foundation), PDG Dave Underhill (Finance), PDG Andy Glazier & AG Lorraine Faherty (Membership), Chief Bob MacKenzie (Recovery Initiative/Substance Use Disorder), Emma Bodwell (Int’l), Michele Lester (Public Image/PR), Carol Madsen & Skip Sullivan (Newsletter), PDG AnnLee Hussey (Polio+), PDG Mike McGovern (By-Laws & Polio+), & RYLA Team (Sam, Emily, Phil).  I want to also express my utmost thanks to Christine Johnson (Dstr. Webmaster) and Nancy Hawes (Dstr. Treasurer).  To PDG Carolyn Johnson, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your guidance, your counsel, and especially for your friendship.
I am thankful for the privilege and all the opportunities to serve you and the organization during this special year.  Like you, I have found new meaning in “Service Above Self”.  I look forward to Rotary 2021 - 2022 and the many “opportunities” to achieve greater things, and to support DG Richard Hall as we make a positive impact and change lives.  In the words of RI President, Holger Knaack, “Remember that everything we do in Rotary opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere”.
Thanks for helping me find my “Rotary Happy”.  My heart is smiling!!!
District Governor Peggy
D7780/2020 - 2021