By: John LoBosco, Chair, Nominating Committee, RC of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth
Now is the time of year when we begin to select future leaders for our clubs and our district.  We hope you will consider taking on a leadership role in your club and, if eligible, consider applying to become our district governor or at least help us identify individuals in the district who would be great governors!  We also can use your help in identifying an eligible person from a club in Oxford or York counties to fill an opening on our District Finance Committee.
District Governor
Our district will select a candidate to serve as our District Governor in 2026-27. The successful candidate will join a leadership team that includes District Governor Marion Cheney, District Governor-Elect Bob MacKenzie, and District Governor-Nominee Emma Bodwell.
To be eligible for consideration, the candidate needs to have served as a club president and, also, to have been a Rotarian for 7 years as of the time he or she takes office.  (If necessary, a waiver of the 7-year requirement can be requested.)
To be placed before our district’s nominating committee for consideration, the candidate should complete and submit a brief application, found here District Governor 26-27 Application, together with a recent photograph, and a resolution, Club Resolution for District Governor 26-27, adopted by the candidate’s home club.
While Rotary does not permit campaigning, we encourage you to step forward to seek the position or to encourage other worthy Rotarians to do so.  If someone would make a great District Governor, then encourage them to seek the nomination.
For further information, contact District Governor Marion Cheney or the Chair of our Nominating Committee, John LoBosco
District Finance Committee
Our district’s nominating committee also will choose a member to serve a three-year term on our district’s finance committee.  The candidate must come from a club in either Oxford County or York County as that is the opening available this year.  Preference is given to someone who has served as a club president or treasurer and/or has accounting/finance as a component of their vocation or profession.  The committee is responsible for the fiscal integrity of the district.  It meets approximately four times per year.  The links to the application and club resolution for the finance committee position are here. 
For further information, contact the Chair of our Finance Committee, Dick Hall
Club President and other Club Leadership Positions
Let your club president or the chair of your club’s nominating committee know of your interest in joining your club’s leadership track or serving on its board.  Remember, service as club president makes you eligible to serve as district governor in the future — and can open up all sorts of opportunities for service and friendship within the district and internationally!