The Rotary 7780 District Recovery team presented a live forum: 
Rotary 7780 progress report - Community responses to ACEs
January 14 at 6:30 PM via Zoom
Video is now available at this link:
Preparatory materials (background about ACEs) at this link:
Featured speakers included Governor Peggy Belanger, District Recovery Chair Bob MacKenzie, Pinetree Institute Executive Director Larry McCullough, along with three Rotarians who have completed the initial training on ACEs awareness.  Brittany LaShier of Kennebunk, Cate Rafferty of Dover, and Moe Sullivan of Portsmouth briefed us  on the training and how they are "paying it forward" by training others in their disciplines.  Thirty people participated in the master-trainer education, which was funded by the district committee along with seven of our Clubs.  Matching funds were provided by Kennebunk Savings Bank Spotlight Fund and the Maine Community Foundation.
Learn more about next steps for your Rotary Club on addressing adverse childhood experiences (indexed as an ACE score, often referred to as "ACEs").  Get new information about how positive community responses can help those with childhood trauma experiences.  You are welcome to use this video for a Club program or to invite any of the panelists to speak at your Rotary Club.