This year, 13 clubs from our District used Rotary Foundation grants to support projects important to their local communities  or an international community where they have a special interest.  Six Rotarians from our District traveled to Uganda on a cultural exchange - all supported by our previous support of the Foundation.  Every Global Grant includes a bit of our individual contributions - dams to provide clean water in India, hearing aids and prosthetic hands in the Dominican, books and teacher training in Guatemala, medical equipment in Mongolia - and so many other projects developed and managed by Rotarians to improve and change lives for the better.    The dollar amount isn't important, what is important is that we each support our Foundation on a continuing basis because it is our contributions today that determine the resources available for service projects that we determine in the future.  


So go to, sign into "My Rotary," click on the Rotary Foundation button, and then "GIVE."  You'll be paying it forward, making a difference, and you'll get to choose how the money is spent!