Rotary Showcase is Rotary International’s newest social media tool that helps Rotarians share service initiatives with the Rotary family and beyond. Users can add their club’s service projects, exchange ideas with other Rotarians, and explore the wide variety of activities that Rotary clubs are undertaking worldwide. Toot your own horn! Include your club’s service projects on Rotary Showcase right now! Visit for more.

Go to, click on the "Member Access" button (top right of the home page).  If you aren't familiar with Member Access, now's a good time to get started ... follow the prompts for your password.  Scroll down to the last item on the Member Access menu, and you will discover Rotary Showcase.  Showcase users can upload project pictures, create discussions about their initiatives, and even join projects that other Rotarians have created. The application connects directly to Facebook to broadcast club accomplishments globally with the simple click of a button.