Greetings Rotarians! 
Starting every July 1, Rotary International begins a new year, so Happy Rotary New Year to you all!  It is a cause for excitement and a renewal to continue the great service projects that have existed or perhaps start new ones. It is a time when we can wipe the slate clean and begin attracting new members and also think about how to engage our existing members more fully. 
As the new District Governor, I am truly looking forward to serving all 41 Rotary Clubs, 3 Rotaract Clubs, 1620 members, and several Interact clubs.  I am thankful for the year that has just passed, and for the great support, encouragement, and advice I have received from Peggy Belanger’s team, who did an incredible job leading us in 2020/2021.
I have been in Rotary since 1984 with the Worcester, MA, Lewiston-Auburn and now Portland, ME Rotary Clubs, so I have seen many Rotary New Years, and transitions from one District Governor to the next. Some have been smooth and continuous, but some have been truncated with little regard for what preceded the new Governor.  The culture in the District 7780 leadership is a strong team centered, continuous leadership style, where projects and programs will be maintained from year to year and a leadership succession is planned well for Governors, Assistant Governors, and Committee Chairs.
This year, the Rotary international theme is "Serve to Change Lives" and the need for Rotarians to serve could not be greater.  An important focus of the year will be to GROW ROTARY throughout the District by attracting new members through service projects, fund raisers, listening to and engaging existing members, and coming up with innovative ways to retain members through different meeting times or a less expensive meeting alternative.  Rotary has embraced a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) model which will help bring new people to Rotary, and allow them to stay for a lifetime.
In any event, we will DO GOOD and HAVE FUN in our communities and abroad as we serve those in need. By adding a 7th Area of Focus, the Environment, The Rotary Foundation has given us another opportunity to open even more service projects. Please take advantage of this opportunity in your community and around the world.
I truly look forward to leading and serving our Clubs and members. After all, the District leadership only exists to serve all the clubs and all the Rotarians. Please reach out to me or anyone on the District Leadership team with any questions or comments!