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Objective:  Promote inter-club collaboration and act as a clearing house of ideas and best practices for clubs.  Identify, nurture and share collective expertise and talent for the good of the organization and the people we serve. The District will support and encourage Inter Club Collaboration so clubs can work together on similar projects and fundraisers, for networking and social events.
Utilizing these Strategies:
1)            Initiate a Passport Program- win by visiting other clubs or attending their activities
               during the course of the year.
2)            Create an online database for all events district wide with proven fundraising ideas and tips.
3)            Coordinate regional social activities.
4)            Implement a plan as needed for club chairs to work with a corresponding District chair. 
Rotary clubs working together -
The District promotes inter-club collaboration and acts as a clearing house of ideas and best practices for clubs to work together on similar community projects and fundraising, as well as for networking and social events:
  • Create an online database for all events District-wide that individual clubs agree to share with proven fundraising ideas and tips included.  The database will be managed and updated by a member of the technology team. 
  • Establish Private Facebook user groups to share information about annual fundraisers for clubs interested in holding a new event and looking for feedback as well as clubs currently engaged in them to share new information.  The Technology Committee will survey the clubs to determine what activities and groups exist and set up categories for sorting the information as well as determining how much information to include. The Assistant Governors will assist by promoting the site and encouraging participation by the clubs.  The technology committee will create a mechanism for adding new events and information from the clubs on a regular basis.
Coordinate regional social activities and encourage Rotarians to visit other clubs:
  • Start a “Passport Program” within the District- participants gather stamps by visiting other clubs or attending their activities during the course of the year.  The District will appoint 2-3 people with interest in club collaboration to research it, define the details and present a plan to the District Governor team.  See assistance from the Assistant Governors to publicize it.
  • Coordinate regional social activities between clubs with the Assistant Governors acting as liaisons between the clubs and helping to facilitate participation.  The District will promote and encourage connecting with other clubs and publicize our success stories.