Community Grants
District Grants are small grants, management by the District, using funds from The Rotary Foundation.  Your club may apply for one of these grants (which usually involve a grant award of $1000 to $4000) to do a project either in your home community or perhaps in a community across the globe. In so doing, you will be making a difference to people in need and taking advantage of the matching opportunities of The Rotary Foundation.
The project described in your Grant application must align with one of Rotary's Areas of Focus, and it must be new to the club.  Other criteria, as well as the application, are set forth in these pages.  Remember, these grants are competitive:  Your Club MUST apply for the grant by June 1, and  your club MUST be "qualified" in order to apply. So check out the "Club Qualifications" and Criteria described here.
  1. Projects adhere to the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants as established by the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation.
  2. The proposing club(s) must be qualified to receive grants. See separate Club Qualification terms.
  3. Applications are reviewed on a "Best Use of Funds" basis. The quality of the project and its positive impact on a local or international community and the number of people benefiting from the project are all considered.
  4. Project is new to the club, leads to sustainability and is meaningful to the community it is intended to benefit. 
  5. Project demonstrates active Rotarian involvement.
  6. Project is Rotary led. (i.e. the Rotary club/clubs are the driving force behind the project)
  7. Each club may request one district grant in June; an additional request may be submitted if applications are reopened.
  8. Application will include details of promotional/PR plan for the project.
  9. Projects are consistent with the Seven Areas of Focus (peace and conflict prevention or resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education, literacy, economic and community development and supporting the environment.
  10. Club will contribute a minimum of $500.00 of club funds to the project. ($100 minimum contribution if applying for the small grant award of $1,000.00; only clubs with under 20 members as of Jan 1 are eligible for this grant)
  11. Committee may consider club historical monetary support to The Rotary Foundation.
  12. Applications must be complete, signed, contain budget detail sufficient for the screening committee to understand how the funds are to be spent, and received by the district grants coordinator no later than the advertised deadline.
  13. Special considerations for International Projects:
  • Clubs are strongly encouraged to contact the District Global Grant Coordinator prior to submission of application to coordinate any possible overlap with other existing projects.
  • Travel costs may be considered as part of the grant application; Provided that the traveler has professional expertise directly related to the targeted Area of Focus and/or personal knowledge of the targeted project site. Provided that the travel is permitted by the current travel policies of The Rotary Foundation and tickets are purchased through Rotary International Travel Service.