District 7780 has many clubs in the District involved in doing District Grants.  Many clubs start out by taking part in another club's International Grant.  Once they have taken part in a Grant, they become hooked and start getting their own Grants to do an International Project.  This year is The Rotary Foundation's 100th Anniversary which District 7780 is celebrating on November 10, 2016.  I felt it was only appropriate to have a page dedicated to what has been done in the past by District 7780 Rotarians as well as what is currently being done with our District Rotarians donations to The Rotary Foundation.  Fifty per cent of what we donate comes back to the District and the other 50% goes into the World Fund which supports the larger grants. The 50% that comes back to the District are the funds that were donated three years ago.  What we give to The Rotary Foundation during 2016-2017 will come back to the District in 2019-2020 to be used to do good through District International Grants and District Simplified Grants.
I have two videos from two prior World Understanding & Peace Dinners that I hope we can put up here.  The first one was from my second term as District Governor in 2007.  I asked my club presidents that year who they wanted as a speaker and I was asked why we couldn't showcase what they have done for Grants around the world.  So I asked then District Governor Nominee Brad Jett (who had a video business and was one of my AGs) if he would be able to help me with this and he said "yes".  So I emailed all my club presidents and asked them to provide me with pictures of their projects and what they were about. Boy, did I ever get a response! DGN Brad and Penny Jett did a fabulous video. I did up a booklet listing every one of the 41 clubs in the District then and how they were involved in an international project.  I have scanned that booklet and saved it in District History.  If you go to the menu on the left hand side and click on Grants- 2007 WPUD Projects Booklet you will be able to see all the clubs listed and what they were involved in internationally.
Brad offered the video for sale for $25 each.  Brad brought only a few with him as he was not sure if anyone would want to buy one.  They were sold out within a few minutes after the dinner!  We had one Club President whose club offered to buy one for all those clubs who did not get one. Brad made them and I mailed them out to all those clubs.  A lot of clubs made club programs out of this video.
In 2008-2009, when Brad Jett became District Governor, he decided to do something similar to what he helped me do in 2007.  His video includes interviews from Rotarians around the district telling about why they went on these trips and how it made them feel!
I can never thank PDG Brad & Penny Jett enough for all the work they did in producing these two videos.  They put in hours and hours going through the hundreds of pictures, finding the right music to be played and traveling around the district doing the interviews for his video.  Like I always say, "Rotarians are wonderful people!"  
Marie A. Williams
October 24, 2016
In our October 2016 District Newsletter, I asked Rotarians in the District to share their stories of their involvement in District Grants. I got one reply from Cathy Sullivan from the Rotary Club of Bridgton Lakes Region.  He "story" and a picture she enclosed is below.
I hope you will be willing to share your story and pictures with me and the District as well. 
From: Cathy Sullivan [mailto:cathyxom@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 12:47 PM
To: mawilliamspdg@comcast.net
Subject: Article for newsletter
Hi Marie, please find a submission for the Grant Story you requested.  I’m also enclosing a picture.
Grant for Dominican Republic
The Rotary Club of Bridgton-Lake Region has a long history of conducting service projects and providing support to the lovely people of La Romana, Dominican Republic.  So, after three members of our club joined another group of Rotarians in February, 2015 on a work trip, and another member accompanied students from the Interact Club in April, 2015, we were again energized to do more. In May, 2015 we began writing a District Grant to send a team of Rotarians and Interact students to provide new bathrooms at two schools, implement hygiene training and deliver school and personal supplies.  We were thrilled to get this grant approved and received $4,516 from the Rotary Foundation, which empowered us to complete this project.  The list of participants grew over the year and we set off on April 18, 2016 with 22 volunteers, aged 13 to 75!  The group was made up of Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Bridgton-Lake Region, students from both Lake Region High School Interact and Fryeburg Academy Interact, Molly Ockett Middle School EarlyAct, and local professionals.  On the La Romana side we partnered with the La Romana Rotaract Club, an energetic group of young professionals who handled a lot of the groundwork before we arrived.  During the week, we were able to build a new, two room bathroom at a large school, repair a two room bathroom at a smaller school, clean and level a school playground, implement hygiene training programs at both schools, and deliver 1,100 pounds of supplies to approximately 300 students and 8 teachers.  Overall, 1,000 man hours of volunteer service were invested in one week.   More importantly, many lives were touched and, in particular, the Interact students expressed a desire to return and continue service work in the future. Without the support of the Rotary Foundation we could not have completed this incredible project. 
Picture submitted by Cathy Sullivan - Grant Dominican Republic