Rotarians Share 
If you read the District Newsletter since I became District Historian in 2012 under PDG Marty Helman,  I have been asking for Rotarians to Share information of Projects they or their club have been involved in.  I am finally getting around to posting this information to the District History.  I will start with the most recent and work backwards from my newsletter articles.  
Deb Marsolais - Rotary Club of Hampton, New Hampshire  (District Newsletter Editor) shared a couple of things that her Rotary club does over the holidays for their community members right after she got my article for February 2020!   THANKS, DEB!
Deb shared the following:  “Every year, for as many years as I’ve been in the club anyway, the Hampton Rotary Club has delivered hundreds of poinsettia plants to the elderly and shut-ins in our community.  Each plant is wrapped in beautiful metallic paper, with a card attached wishing the recipient Happy Holidays from our club members.  Also, members of our club ring the bell for the Salvation Army for 3 shifts, every Saturday in December leading up to Christmas!!!”
Marie Williams - Rotary Club of Kittery, ME (District Historian)  No one shared any stories for the this past month for the January 2020 newsletter so…………a little bit of History from yours truly.  November and December were very busy months for all clubs.  Many clubs sell Christmas trees and or wreaths as a fundraiser before Christmas.  Many clubs, also, make a difference in their communities by giving donations of money, food, toys, clothes or even a Christmas tree to those less fortunate than they are.  They participate in Christmas parades or provide refreshments for the parade goers. They may have a special meal for those in need.  Some even have a social event for members and their partners.  This is the time of year when we are all very thankful for what we have and want to share and help those less fortunate. 
For instance, my own club (Rotary Club of Kittery) made cash contributions to the Kittery Holiday Baskets, Footprints Food Pantry and Table of Plenty.  For many years we gave a small donation to Kittery Holiday Basket plus members donated clothes, (underwear and PJs were and still are greatly appreciated) and toys.  They told us that the cash contributions come in very handy this time of year as there are always several families that are added to their list at the last minute before Christmas when most of their items have already been allocated so it allows them to purchase what is needed.  They give the children an outfit of clothes.  They have even had winter boots and/or sneakers donated so every child got a new pair of boots or sneakers, a winter coat and they even have some ladies that knit hats and mittens for the children! The Food Pantries in many towns are really very busy this time of year.  The winter months are hardest on those in need because they now need to pay for heat which is an additional strain on their budgets!  The club has provided hot chocolate and cookies to the participants and attendees after the Kittery Holiday Parade for more years than I can remember (that is a lot of years)!
Peter Kaurup - Rotary Club of Oxford Hills, Maine wrote the following on November 4, 2019:
"You asked for our input on how any program shared at the recent Rotary Rocks District Conference made an impact on us (My request in the November Newsletter).
I had the pleasure of visiting the Safe Passage/Camino Seguro table at the event.  PDG Carolyn Johnson had previously sent out an invite to District members to travel in a small group to Guatemala in late October.  The trip was to include performing volunteer work in a future school playground being built by Safe Passage in the neighborhood adjacent to the Guatemala City Dump.  After that there would be travel to the cities of Antigua and Santiago Atitlan with visits to other schools and local Rotary Clubs.  I had some personal hesitation about traveling to Guatemala due to all of the US State Department Warnings/Advisories but after sharing these concerns at the table, my doubts disappeared and I committed to the adventure.  I was part of a wonderful mixture of personalities from Rotary Clubs in Freeport, Oxford Hills, Portland Sunrise, and Yarmouth.  I can honestly say that our "gang of 7" had the trip and experience of a lifetime!  A late rainy season delayed the installation of the playground equipment so we were instead tasked with doing heavy labor of digging ditches and chipping concrete.  One of our group members was an electrician so his expertise and advice was repeatedly called upon by local construction planners.  Two of our group members also inventoried/categorized books at the school library.  During frequent afternoon rains we headed inside to separate and pack donated clothing and personal hygiene supplies for the community.  We had the opportunity to tour the neighborhoods adjacent to The Dump to see how the residents lived and coped in extreme poverty.  Although most of the scenes were heart-wrenching, it was amazing to see so many smiling faces and grateful people, especially those that that were involved in Safe Passage programs.  The trip has truly changed my life and attitude.  As I departed on the flight home, my aircraft flew right over The Dump allowing me to think about how easy I have it and how challenging it is for others simply because they were born and raised in another country in poor economic conditions.  I  can no longer whine or complain about those things that I really don't need anyway.  Thank you Rotary for this eye opening experience.  And Guatemala - I will return (and hopefully be able to understand and speak Spanish!)"  This trip took place October 26-November 2, 2019.  
Pam Gray - Rotary Club of Kittery, Maine wrote the following on November 4, 2019:
"As a direct result of Rotary Rocks, I am excited to promote and support Scott Linscott's project to get most, if not all, Rotarians' in the district to sign up to be an organ donor.  He is in the Westbrook-Gorham club and will be speaking at our club in early January.  He is a recipient of an organ that saved his life."   
Scott did talk to the Rotary Club of Kittery on January 7, 2020.  There was another guest who was a 2 organ donor recipient that morning as well.  Please consider being an organ donor!
Marie's Note: Rotary Rocks District Conference was October 5, 2019.  Talk about getting charged about a project and jumping immediately into it! THANKS, PETER & PAM!