Community Literacy Project
Why not have your club consider this fun and
interactive project for this Rotary year.

 COORDINATOR: Michael Nazemetz
To reserve the map and Rotary wheel stencils, please contact.

This is a neat community and literacy combined project. Interact members will find it fun as well. Schools just need to have a proper surface that would be available over a weekend with no traffic. One day for cleaning (power washing) and preparation of the site and the second day for painting.

The expense is minimal, approx. $350 and even less if a local business would like to help your Rotary club sponsor it.  Both the company logo and the Rotary logo and club name can be painted near the map.

Staff will use the map to teach geography and social studies through creative play.  Parents and grandparents will be encouraged to visit the school grounds and use the huge map to trace the wanderings of family trips and play other games with their children. The map will benefit children for many years to come.

The paint (it needs to be traffic paint) can be purchased from a local paint store that carries traffic 
paint. (Benjamin Moore tends to be the best) The materials list and US Map color guide (need to print out multiple copies for workers the day of painting, so that you don't end up with e.g. 3 yellow states right next to each other.) are attached.
If you decide to proceed, you need to notify Michael Nazemetz, RC Portland Sunrise as soon as you can verify the date (please also secure a rain date), so that we are able to reserve the stencils for you and assist with delivery to you prior to the date needed. The stencils (the US map, Hawaii, Alaska and Rotary wheel) will stay in the possession of Michael Nazemetz, RC Portland Sunrise and will need to be returned promptly to him for others to use.) Please be cognizant of not applying paint to the stencils, and fold neatly replacing all into the container they arrived in. 
Here are a few things to be aware of:
  • This is a two day project. First day to prepare the area, the second day to paint.
  • The surface needs to be at least 50 degrees.
  • The surface needs to be VERY clean, preferably powerwashed. If you paint on dirt, when it washes away, so does the map.
  • This is not a project for young children, it is advised not to include them. Willing teenagers are terrific, especially Interact students.
  • ALWAYS orient the map correctly. If the space is narrow and you have to put Alaska and Hawaii in the Canada or Mexico areas, that's tolerable. But the Canadian/US border must go east to west, not north to south.
Please read and review the following documents before you begin:
Please take the time to view photos from Portland Sunrise's map project, it will help you to visualize the steps your club will need to take while painting.  Photos can be viewed here.
Have fun!