There has never been a better time to share the Rotary story!! The  People of Action public image campaign makes it easier than ever to show what Rotary is to those who don’t know us. It does this by showing Rotarians as the people of action we are: leaders who work together in communities to inspire, transform, connect, and celebrate what’s possible. Individuals who get things done and have a great time working, growing, and learning together.

This campaign also motivates, engages, and inspires current and prospective members, as well as donors, partners, and supporters. Narrowing the gap between the public’s awareness and understanding of Rotary will take time and effort.

Using the People of Action campaign materials, you’ll find ways to let your community and the world know what Rotary is all about. In the left menu bar, you’ll find links to examples of the different People of Action materials that are available at Log in to My Rotary and then visit the Brand Center to access all of the People of Action assets. Many of the items are customizable to your images and club activities. Get started sharing your People of Action story today.