Recurring Giving (Rotary Direct)
Many Rotarians find it easiest to give by arranging for automatic donations. You choose how often and how much you want to giveā€”it's a simple and secure way to make a big impact.  A monthly, quarterly, or annual gift option is available for all online contributions. 
You can set up Rotary Direct on line at   After you choose the fund, area of focus or global grant you would like to support, simply choose to make your donation recurring.  You can set up this option with a credit card or have the donation taken directly from your bank account by using a Visa or MC branded debit card.
You can also enroll by phone by calling The Rotary Foundation during business hours at +1-866-976-8279.
To update your existing Rotary Direct contributions, please email or phone +1-866-976-8279.