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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise
        We were chartered June 20, 1988 as the So. Portland-Maine Mall, ME club. 
        We were sponsored by the Rotary Club of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth. 
In the Rotary year 1991-1992, we changed our name to the Rotary Club of Casco Bay Sunrise, ME.
In the Rotary year 2013-2014, we changed our name to the Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise, ME.
We have had two district Governors from our club.
District Governors:  2002-2003   Ernest "Tim" Placey
                                    2020-2011  Ann Lee Hussey
Club Presidents - *Deceased
1989-1990 Stephen Purdy
1990-1991 James A. Thibodeau
1991-1992 Francis W. Stegner
1992-1993 Elizabeth Hoermann
1993-1994 J. Jay Cooney
1994-1995 Peter Johnson
1995-1996 David W. Smith
1996-1997 Judy Bennett
1997-1998 Mark P. Currier
1998-1999  Ernest "Tim" Placey
1999-2000 J. David Parsons
2000-2001 David M. Shennan
2001-2002 David Walsh
2002-2003 Rich Emerson
2003-2004 Mike Walker
2004-2005 Liz Valliere
2005-2006 David Caron
2006-2007 Dan Smith
2007-2008 Rhonda Emerson
2008-2009 Karen M. Coffin
2009-2010 Rich Emerson
2010-2011 Bruce Coffin
2011-2012 Christine Byrne
2012-2013 Sam Heck
2013-2014 John Hennings
2014-2015 Sally Pachulski
2015-2016 Michael Nazemetz
2016-2017 Brian McCambridge
2017-2018 Sam Heck
2018-2019 Susan MacArthur
2019-2020  Christine Byrne