District 7780 Short Term Youth Exchange - Summer 2020

Do Not Miss this Exciting Opportunity for Your Family to be involved in Rotary Youth Exchange!

This is a great opportunity for your family to send your high school student to France, Italy or another foreign country and host the foreign student from that country for 3-4 weeks here in New England. This is also a great opportunity for your club to get involved in exchange on a short term basis with little expense.

Short Term Youth Exchange involves two high school students, one from the US and one from another country, and their families pair up.  The US student travels to and is hosted by the foreign family for 3-4 weeks.  Then the two students travel together to the US where the foreign student is hosted for 3-4 weeks before returning home.  The students/families pay all expenses for travel, visas, insurance and spending money.  Host families provide room, food and activities. Should the families decide, the order of the visits can be reversed.

The Rotary Club reviews applications and helps select students, and hosts the students at meetings, service projects and club activities that occur during the exchange time.  They also invite the local student to participate in Rotary and Interact activities before and after the exchange.  The club provides support for the family and students.

District 7780 maintains its Essex membership, provides support for the district committee, and hosts students to a district sponsored activity if it occurs during the exchange time. The District makes an effort to involve past exchange students in planning and organizing future exchanges, as well as inviting them to participate in Rotary and Interact activities. 

Our deadline is January 15, 2020, for applications. There are exchanges available for many northern hemisphere countries and a few southern hemisphere countries.

The Essex website contains information on the Short Term Exchange, information for interested clubs Prospective Rotary Clubs link, as well as the Short Term Application. 

The program is open to both Rotary and non-Rotary students/families.  Clubs can sponsor students outside their own geographic boundaries, if the local club chooses not to participate.  Clubs can sponsor more than one student/family.

More info will come, or feel free to contact any of the committee members.

Dick Hall  (207) 749-9186

Megan Peabody  (207) 542-7829

Kathi Perkins  (207) 253-1778

Jan Chapman, (207) 408-5802

Kevin Raymond (207) 450-5082



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