The Schooner Alert from Bailey Island
“Are you keeping busy?” This is the query from friends who knew my days of teaching over 250 students a week. I wonder if anyone asks Senator King or President Biden the same question. They are both a bit older than I am. 
Now I hear: “How does it feel to be finishing up as District Governor?” Perhaps my answer should be: “I don’t think about it. I’m too busy!”
Sitting in a club meeting in Rochester, I was struck by how much I had learned in the role of DG. Two weeks later, sitting in a room with Ukrainian and New England climate change experts, I came to terms with how little I knew about this subject. I took notes like a college freshman trying to make the dean’s list. This was a chance to learn and grow. 
As I sit here writing two months before I hand the gavel to my good friend Marion, I am feeling grateful for all I have learned, all the Rotarians I have met, and the opportunities to learn that will continue with being a Past District Governor. 
Meanwhile, I will join District 7780 Rotarians for a full schedule of events of all sizes and types. I will close out April by visiting with the Ukrainians hosted by the Saco Clubs, next week a Cinco de Mayo Dance Party in Exeter on May 5, followed by the Around the World Flight to End Polio on May 6, and a free concert in Deering park with Don Campbell and his band to raise awareness of the Fentanyl Crisis on May 7. You are all invited!
A giant shout-out to the nine Assistant Governors in District 7780. Although I have often said that AG is the best job in Rotary, I had no idea what a huge help these dedicated Rotarians are to the District Governor. Thank you, Melissa, Gregg, Maryna, Dennis, Kathi, Fran, Carolyn, Lorraine, and Michelle. 
I look forward to celebrating our year in Rotary on Bailey Island on June 10. Please register online here
We are People of Action. We follow the four-way test. We help the world. Go get ‘em!