By:  Jud Knox, Team Leader RIPC, York RC
The Rotary Indigenous Partnership Committee, RIPC, remains diligent in its efforts to forge positive relationships with Maine’s Indigenous Communities.  An outgrowth of the outreach team formed in 2020 under the leadership of then DG Peggy Belanger, RIPC remained active during the pandemic but was unable to travel. 
Understanding that the opportunity to forge positive relations with indigenous communities requires time, trust, and patience, the Team is continuing to explore specific projects. 
Currently, RIPC is supporting the Wabanaki Youth Science program, WaYS, which provides educational experiences for high school and college students integrating Indigenous and current science approaches to environmental education. RIPC hopes to raise $12,000 from District Clubs this year. 
The RIPC Team is preparing to offer presentations to Clubs that have an interest in understanding the nature of historic and current relationships with Maine’s Indigenous Communities and the role Rotarians can play in building cultural understanding. Continued dialogue with the Tribal Communities will likely result in additional opportunities for Rotarian participation.
Members and clubs interested in learning more or becoming actively involved with RIPC are asked to contact Team member Jud Knox via email