Northeast PETS (President-Elect Training Seminar)
held March 6-8, 2014

Kudos to District 7780! We were the only district with perfect attendance at PETS.  Every PE in the district registered and attended. They were inspired by fabulous speakers, benefited from new and revised training modules, had the chance to network with PEs from all over New England and Canada and, mostly importantly, had a lot of fun.  Here is what District 7780 PEs are saying:

“A word of warning: I have just returned from NEPETS and I am a bit on fire. … (someone) may have to bring out the fire hoses and cool me down.”
“I have attended everything that Rotary has ever held over my now 14 years. I was not at all looking forward to three days at PETS.  I have far too much work, far too many professional and personal commitments. My attitude changed very shortly after arrival.  I cannot say enough good words about how very well organized and orchestrated NEPETS was!  It was all around a fabulous, fabulous event and a much needed reminder of why, 14 years ago, I joined Rotary.”

“…one awesome PETS. Wow. And…Mission Accomplished!”

We’re just beginning to LIGHT UP ROTARY!  

Click here for the PETS photo album.