Aaron Hagan and wife Lindsey, sons Hudson, 10, and Kai 7
Rotarian Aaron Hagan, VP and Branch Manager at KeyBank-Bridgton, was recently interviewed by Rotarian Carol Madsen.

Madsen: Let’s hear a little background. 
Hagan: I joined the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club just before Covid-19 hit and the Club went into virtual mode.  Thank goodness we got involved in some good projects with the food pantries in our area, the Bridgton Community Kettles and some environmental cleanup work.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to get to know my fellow Rotarians. When they asked me if I would run for president, I’d only been around a year.  They said, no problem, you’ve got a year and a half to learn the ropes.  Well, that year and a half is up on July 1. 
Part of my role as President Elect was to Chair the Duck Race Fundraiser, which I did last year.  At the same time, I’ve been chairing the Community Services Committee which oversees our local projects. I do jump on board for every opportunity to serve.  I love people and want to be making an impact in the community.  I bring my boys Hudson and Kai right along with me.  They are learning the difference between service and chores. (Editors Note:  Aaron was honored by the Greater Bridgton Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce as the Volunteer of the Year in May.)

Madsen: How did you end up in Bridgton, a man from Australia?
Hagan: The short version of the long story is this. In 1999 I got a job at a camp in Waterville, Maine. After camp had finished, a mate and I bought a car and travelled around the U.S. doing over 15,000 miles. After that adventure, I moved to the UK where I worked in London, then to Scotland and eventually Ireland. It was in Ireland where I met Lindsey who had just finished college and was working abroad. We had the Maine connection, she having been brought up in the state.  She and I hit it off and, frankly, I would have followed her anywhere.  But, like many multi-national couples, we spent time going back and forth between the U.S. and Australia.  At some point we decided we had to settle down if we wanted to start a family.  So, the rest is history.  I gave in to Lindsey’s desire to be in the U.S. and I must say I’ve never regretted it. We started our family in Portland, Maine, and when Kai was ready to start school full time, Lindsey took the opportunity to restart her own career.   We found good jobs in the Bridgton area.  We are settled in and are enjoying the lakes region and having a blast raising our kids. We couldn’t be happier with the move. Lindsey is the School Counselor at Stevens Brook Elementary School.
Madsen: How is it you decided to join Rotary?
Hagan: Previous managers at KeyBank-Bridgton have belonged to the Bridgton-Lake Region Club and KeyBank encourages community involvement.  I have always been drawn to Rotary, largely due to the influence of my wife’s step dad George Crockett. George was a long time Rotarian in the Portland area, giving over 20 years of service.  I would follow the many projects he involved himself in and see the changes he was making in people’s lives both abroad and here in the US. When I took on my new role in Bridgton, it gave me the opportunity to get involved with Rotary and within the community.
Madsen: What do you hope to accomplish during your year as President of the Bridgton-Lake Region Rotary Club?
Hagan:   I just want to continue to help grow the club and the projects the leaders and members before me have in place to impact our area. As a club we had to adapt when Covid started and focused on smaller community projects, partnering with local food pantries donating health and wellness products, with the Bridgton Community Center for Community Kettles, and with other local organizations for environmental cleanups.  I’ll be looking to continue these partnerships and work with other local groups to see how else we can be of service.
As we continue to navigate the pandemic, I’d love to see us continue to move towards more in-person activities, though as a club it needs to be a safe environment.  And we need to be respectful of the concerns of all members.

Madsen: Thank you so much, Aaron.  We are so happy you and your family found your way to the Lakes Region.  We are proud to have you as a Rotarian