Former (2011-2012) District 7780 District Governor and member of the Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle, Gary Speers of North Ft. Myers Florida died on February 18, 2023 at age 77.  His wife Judy (Past President of Damariscotta-Newcastle and District Secretary) was with him.

Gary spent much of his law enforcement career working with youth. He started by working with elementary school students as "Officer Friendly," and then worked with high school students as a Police School Counselor. As a supervisor, he headed up a Community Service Division, started programs for mentoring at-risk youth, and founded the Police Cadet Program.        

He directed Juvenile and DARE officers and School Resource Officers and developed training for one of the country's first Public School Crisis Response Teams. Additionally, he served with local university staff on the Illinois State University Student Crisis Response Team. Gary initiated and developed the department's Citizen Police Academy, which included young people aged 15 and older. He also supervised the department's University Internship Program.

As a group leader for International Law Enforcement Educational Exchanges with the Norfolk Constabulary (England) and the Russian Interior Ministry (Vladimir, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia), he conducted law enforcement training in Community Policing at Police Training facilities in the Kent Constabulary, England; Vladimir, Moscow; and St. Petersburg, Russia. He continued to serve as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice.

First joining the Normal (Illinois) Rotary Club in 2002, Gary retired to Maine in 2003 and joined the Rotary Club of Damariscotta-Newcastle. At district assemblies and conferences, he and the past Rotary club president Dr. Judy Speers were frequent presenters on the Family of Rotary, Membership, and Fun Fundraisers. The couple served as District Conference CoChairs in 2010. Gary was also a Paul Harris Fellow.

Gary and Judy started wintering in North Ft. Myers, Florida, several years ago, and in 2020, purchased a year-round home there. However, they remained Honorary Members of the Damariscotta-Newcastle Rotary.