Let’s say you are in a District 7780 Rotary Club (we’ll call it the Rotary Club of the Piscataqua River).  You want to apply for a Global Grant.  You have a great project for a clinic in Thailand, and a Rotary Club in Thailand is interested in being the local host for the effort.  You have some Club fundraising dollars, and your partner club down the river (the equally hypothetical Rotary Club Isle of Shoals) does too.  
The Project Budget is $35,000 and the RC/Thailand can raise $7,000, so you are trying to come up with the remaining $28,000.  Here’s how it might work.
RC/Thailand funds:     $7,000
Local Club funds:                          
     RC Piscataqua River    $5,000
     RC Isle of Shoals           5,000
District 7780 DDF          $10,000
TRF World Fund match to DDF (80%)     $8,000
Total raised: $35,000