South Berwick-Eliot is hard at work turning its Rotary Foundation Community Grant into reality! The club received a grant to create a Great Works School Reading Garden at Marshwood school -- a place for reading and quiet reflection with art, science, math and other classroom activities that will be enhanced by a natural environment for fourth and fifth grade students from the two towns.  Rotary and community members are  working to have this new space ready for use when the students return to school.  Here's another example of The Rotary Foundation making a difference in our own community!


Research has shown that natural learning environments enhance healthy development of children, help them be more focused, stimulate imaginations and creativity, and make them better problem solvers. Club members think the children will be thrilled as they pick out where they might like to sit in this new space...the chaise lounge, the alligator's tail, the ring under the shade tree, or just next to an interestingly shaped piece of granite.