Have you ever wanted to learn about different parts of the world? Or have a life changing experience? Let me tell you that the Rotary Youth Exchange program IS the program for you! We're looking for Rotary host families willing to open their homes and their hearts to an impressionable young person having the great adventure of their life, as well as Rotary volunteer and club involvement at all levels.  Read on ...

The District Youth Exchange Committee is looking for three objectives we are trying to meet:

 1. Host Families to host Inbound students.
One of the greatest challenges to the program is finding families for Inbound students. Do you know a good family that would love to make a difference in a student's life?

2. Rotary volunteer participation.
Vocational Service is one of five avenues Rotary was built upon.
Are you good at planning socials, managing paperwork or good at talking with people?
If so, contact Dru Laduke to discuss how you can bring new life to the program ( druladuke@gmail.com ).

3. Club involvement at ALL levels.
What do you know about Youth Exchange? It's not scary, it's actually a lot of fun!
This is the "Rotary" Fountain of Youth for anyone who participates. Let's see where we can best leverage your service to others.

Excited?  Reach out to Dru Laduke druladuke@gmail.com for more!