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Join 200 Rotarians and friends from around New England to root for our hometown heroes – our Boston Red Sox, when they play the Oakland Athletics at historic Fenway Park. 200 seats in the left field grandstand, in Sections 29-31, have been blocked out for us. This event will sell out, so call your friends and purchase your tickets today. Meet new friends; chat about baseball and Rotary; have a wonderful time; and cheer on our beloved Red Sox. Hopefully they will still be in first place, on their way to the playoffs and on their way to another World Series banner!

Game date:     September 13, 2017 @ 7:10 PM EDT

Deadline to purchase:     August 18, 2017 @ 11:59 EDT

Seat block location:     left field grandstand, Sections 29-31

Purchase at:     https://groupmatics.events/event/Rotaryinternational

After you purchase your tickets, please send a quick note to DGN Andy Glazier at andyglzr@gmail.com. Based on the level of interest and response to this offer, we will then explore transportation options. Thank you!

(from Phil Giordano - RYLA Chair and Camp Director)
RYLA is a MOVEMENT, not an event.   Camp RYLA in District 7780 is held the end of June every year. However, the values of RYLA, along with preparation are in constant motion making RYLA an actual movement that brings about lasting positive behavioral change in our youth.   Clubs in District 7780 collaborate in funding and supporting each other to fill the 144 student openings and the 48 on site staff positions that make RYLA Summer Camp a reality.
Collaboration is fundamental and happens at so many levels.  Over the past two years, 95% of clubs in the District have funded either students or staff or both.  Rotary Clubs join together to find and support students.  School Communities represented by various Rotary Clubs collaborate on helping students, and often clubs will help support students in communities that are beyond the boundaries of their club.   Rotary clubs also financially support our volunteer staff by providing scholarships for them to attend camp, along with trainings that continue the development as facilitators and leaders.  A year in review shows the commitment and positive impact of RYLA creating a ripple effect.
(Please take the time to read the rest of Phil's article about this terrific program in the READ MORE area)

Almost $40,000 Awarded for Club Projects!

The District Foundation Committee approved almost $40,000 in District Foundation grants to 12 clubs, the grants ranging in size from $1000 to $5000.   This money is available for our clubs because Rotarians in our District have given generously in the past to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  Because giving across our District is increasing, so is the amount of money available for these awards!

The clubs are doing projects both here at home and also across the developing world.  A list of the projects and financial awards is available here

Polio cases thus far this year are still down but with one new case since my last report: year-to-date, four cases in Afghanistan and two cases in Pakistan. That is compared to 17 at this time last year. There have also been 15 new cases of vaccine-derived (VDPV) polio in Syria. This is a rare occurrence when the virus in oral vaccine reverts to virulence. It does not mean that the wild polio virus is present. It is the reason health authorities are in the process of switching from the oral to the injectable vaccine, which does not cause VDPV. 

As a District, we had a goal this year of raising $44,060 and as of June 26 we have raised $64,350 with still a week to go. When you add in the $17,616 of our Foundation District Designated Funds that have been donated we, as a district, have donated $81,967. If you discount a year when there was a special bequest of $100,000 for Polio Plus, this is largest amount donated by our district. And, perhaps even more importantly, every club donated to Polio Plus this year. Again, I think this is the first time ever. 

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