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District Governor: Marge Barker

District 7780
May 19-21, 2016
Rockport, ME
This year’s District Conference setting at the beautiful Samoset Resort in Rockport, ME will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for all involved.  This 230 acre historic resort along the scenic rocky coast of Penobscott Bay will be host to a very informative and motivational conference with the focus being on a critical issue facing us in New England and across the United States: Heroin.  The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) calls it, “a crisis of historic proportions” as it is revealed that 44 people a DAY die in the United States from opioid overdose. 
We will have a multi-faceted panel discussion consisting of experts in the field of substance use disorders and recovery, law enforcement officials and Rotarians to speak on the current status of the crisis, available resources, and as to what clubs within our District are already working on as it relates to the prevention of substance use.  In addition we will hear what we as Rotarians can do and become a major proponent in the fight against heroin and substance use disorders.
Polio Update
I think many of you know or have heard about the "Purple Pinkie Project." In countries where polio is still a threat, when a child is given the two drops of polio vaccine, one of the polio volunteer workers paints the nail on the child’s little finger with a purple dye so that other Polio Plus workers will know that this child has already been given the vaccine. Rotary and Interact Clubs around the world have turned this into a way to raise money and awareness regarding polio and Rotary’s campaign to erase it. Has your Rotary Club or Interact Club held a Purple Pinkie Day event? It’s pretty easy. All you need is some sort of purple marking material (nail polish, a crayola washable marker, or even gentian violet). Print up some posters and flyers, set up the table, get your markers and some dollar bills for change, and most importantly while marking those pinkies talk about polio and all we are doing to eradicate it. A $1.00 donation will pay for two drops, enough to immunize one child.
On Monday, January 30 at the Mid Year Dinner in Portland, our DGN and his vice presidents, our DGE and his Presidents-elect, our DG and her presidents, PDGs, and  guests had a chance to get their pinkies marked. For $1.00 they could get the basic purple mark. But for a mere $5.00 the got a very stylish purple nail with two small white drops representing the life-saving dose of vaccine administered by Rotarians and our health worker partners. We managed to raise $156 ($468 with the Gates match) to fight polio and had lots of fun doing it.
If you haven’t done a Purple Pinkie project yet, why don’t you give it a try?
Giving in the 21st Century
Giving to The Rotary Foundation is always great, but giving electronically is even better.  Through Rotary Direct, you can determine the frequency and the amount of a gift given monthly, quarterly or annually.  (Find out how on rotary.org.) Alternatively, hitting the “donate” button on either rotary.org or 7780rotary.org is easy on you, and less expensive for the folks at Headquarters to manage.  Of course, checks are always appreciated, but managing funds transfers by paper checks is so … 20th century. Giving online is faster, less work for the Club Treasurer and the data can always be followed on-line. 
So give anyway you are most comfortable, but remember that your dollars go furthest when you give online!
Foundation Grant Training, Now Online!
The 2017 Grants Management training is now completely online.  The modules – three modules that are each about 20 minutes long—will soon be up and active on rotary.org’s Learning Center.  Take then when you like, as you like, where you like! But take them.  One of the requirements for club involvement in Rotary Foundation Grant activity in 2017-18 is for two members of your club to take the updated course.
Read Across America
MARCH 2, 2017
RYLA is one of the greatest movements in District 7780
RYLA is a movement within Rotary District 7780 that goes beyond the confines of a four-day experience.  There is a bond to service connected by increased confidence that propels the individuals that are associated with RYLA into current moments of creating positive change.  RYLA is a year long and even a lifetime endeavor.  2017 represents the 27th group of campers that will participate.
Every June camp ends with campers leaving with their parents & guardians with hope and optimism of what their lives can accomplish.  New skills of listening, team building, public speaking, bring confidence levels up.  Friendships forged in the process of extending comfort zones and reflecting in a way that allows for deeper understanding of various paradigms.   Letters are sent in from both parents and students saying that the experience has been eye-opening and transformational.
Paul P. Harris
In 2017-18, we’ll answer the question “What is Rotary?” with RI President-elect Ian H.S. Riseley’s theme, Rotary: Making a Difference. “Whether we’re building a new playground or a new school, improving medical care or sanitation, training conflict mediators or midwives, we know that the work we do will change people’s lives — in ways large and small — for the better.”
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