Bear Mountain Inn
364 Waterford Rd
Waterford, ME
United States of America

Celebration of the Life of PDG Sheila Rollins 

Bear Mountain Inn, 364 Waterford Rd., Waterford

September 22, 2021  5:00-8:00PM

Buffet and Cash Bar

Please RSVP by using this evite link


If you would like to help defray the cost of this celebration, please enter "Sheila's Celebration" on the memo line and send your check in any amount to PDG John Lobosco at 21 Fessenden Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107  OR  Venmo payment to him at user name John-LoBosco-3

To contribute to a commemorative fundraiser to benefit the Rotary Foundation, go to https://raise.rotary.org/frostyc/ memorial 

Visit this page to learm more about Sheila: Remembering Sheila