District 7780 currently has 40 Rotary clubs and 1627 members in southern Maine and coastal New Hampshire.
Over the past seven years, the District has embraced the visioning process at the club level with a very active and committed Vision and Planning Committee and District-facilitated vision and "vision to plan" events. The process of club visioning and implementing strategic plans has allowed a number of clubs to set and realize multi-year goals and some have succeeded in reversing troubling trends observed in membership retention, engagement and development. Looking to bring their successful experiences to the next level, members often raised the question: "When will the District undergo visioning and develop its own strategic plan?"
This strategic plan is divided into four sections. 
The first section details the opportunities and challenges and our approach to the vision and strategic planning process.
The second section identifies our goals, which we define as broad statements of our aspirations for our District. 
The third section contains our objectives, as well as specific strategies identified during our visioning and planning, that should help us achieve those objectives. While a goal is an aspirational statement, our objectives are measurable and quantifiable steps that will help us reach our goal.  The Strategic Planning Team will consider and evaluate the strategies identified during visioning and will determine which are viable options.
Finally, the fourth section, implementation, contains specific action steps that the District and Clubs will take to ensure we put the strategies chosen into actions needed to achieve our objectives.  Implementation will specify who will be accountable for each action item, when it will occur, and how we will define success.